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Download and Stream Videos Online with KeepVid Pro

Streaming videos online has become a popular hobby among most internet savvy people. With increased internet accessibility and speed in recent years, the scope for pursuing such interest has also widened. Offering advanced and multi channel technology, people have been facilitated with much convenience while they indulge in web activities.

For those who wish to enjoy such facilities with the least disruption, such active streaming video channels are said to offer functionality with innovation. By overcoming rich media barriers, several video channels have also been provided with active video downloader.


Such download managers are regarded to download files and data from the internet and is said to have ultimate capacity. KeepVid is one such effective download manager that offers specialised functions in music and video downloads and updates programs with much success. Regarded to be a free web application, it enables people to download videos from popular sites like YouTube. All people are required to do is get the URL page that has their preferred video and enter it in the textbox present on the website.

Gain quick access and streaming live videos anytime

KeepVid Pro is efficient enough to fetch the download link in possible formats and provide the desired video for service users. With the help of a quick and easy access, users are able to KeepVid Pro from more than 10,000 sites and maximise their music and video streaming needs in the best possible way. It is due to such reasons that they are regarded to be the ultimate video downloader manager on your desktop. If required, most online entertainment seekers are also able to record videos and audios from several streaming sites online.

Offering active video and audio grabbing from popular sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Adobe TV and more, this commercial downloader is said to have the best speed as well. For those who want to make the most of their overall video streaming experience are highly recommended to avail the services of KeepVid online. With a better scope for live streams on social media platforms and receiving an enhanced search experience, the download manager has made necessary efforts to provide the best features.

KeepVid Pro has an automated downloading system and saves videos in the “Finished” library. They also save the converted videos in the “Converted” library with the least hassles. Hence your video library is more organised and updated.

Meets requirements of an ideal video downloading manager

An ideal and responsive video and audio downloading manager must have:

    • Ease of use and convenience
    • Effortless downloading facilities
  • Zero presence of spyware and adware

KeepVid online is said to meet all the requirements, both online and in desktop. With the help of their inbuilt system, the downloading speed gets accelerated. Suiting your pc needs and requirements, they are said to support and be compatible with other systems as well.


KeepVid manager is regarded to be support and function in most operating systems. For people who use latest version of Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP are able to access such facilities without much hassle. Mac users should not be able to face any problem either as such active internet downloader manages download videos on Intel-based Mac (32-bit or 64-bit) 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite & 10.11 EI Captian. It has been said that they are also compatible with Firefox 15.0, Chrome 22.0 and others.

Avail easy downloading facilities

Hence, once interested service users are aware of the overall system requirement, availing such facilities can be easier. Be it file sharing peer to peer application or stream recorders, KeepVid can be effective and meet the needs for effortless and swift downloads. The downloading process of KeepVid Pro is regarded to be very simple effective. It is for such reasons that KeepVid Pro is considered to be different than the conventional download managers online. People are now able to download videos in three convenient ways in terms of their individual needs and preferences.

  • First and foremost, they can watch videos online and click on the ‘Download’ option in right top corner of their browser.
  • Secondly, they can select the conventional way and copy and paste the URL page of the video on the ‘Enter URL’ section of the website.
  • Lastly, for a faster download, they can click on the ‘Record Video’ on the download manager page to get the current playing video.

For those who are interested to access such amazing features can easily opt for the free trial period where they can enjoy the facilities offered by the video download manager and also be aware of the exact functions and operations attached to KeepVid Pro. If satisfied, they can purchase KeepVid Pro with either business or personal license. For personal license, there are three packages that can be chosen by service users.

    • One Year License – It is valid for one year in one pc. The package costs $ 19.
    • Lifetime License – Valid for lifetime in one pc. The package costs $ 29.
  • Family License – They are also valid for lifetime. They are applicable in two to five pcs. The package costs $ 72.50.

For those who want to opt for KeepVid Pro with a business license, can get a one year period or free update as well. The price packages are said to be determined in accordance with the number of pcs that are being used. For buyers, KeepVid Pro offers free lifetime updates and hence overall hassles for setting timely updates individually also gets lessened to a great extent. Another advantage of KeepVid Pro is that they offer a specialised feature that enables you to download 1080P HD videos or convert video to HD video. People get to enjoy high-quality graphics on any device with the support of such amazing and functional services.

Superior and fast customer services

Valid key code will be send to people who are purchasing such active download managers in recent times. The only thing that interested buyers are required to do is sign in with their account and state necessary contact details and information. The service providers will surely get in touch with their clients within 24 hours.


They are secured and facilitate security and protection of personal information. With easy updates and key code facility, they ensure superior service to their clients in the best possible manner. What adds to the overall advantage is that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all products, Hence the scope for scams and frauds remains less and people have been offered with ultimate facilities.

Therefore, in order to expand your video collection, KeepVid Pro is said to provide services both online and in desktop. For an update video library on desktop, KeepVid Pro is regarded to be the better and smart choice for most internet users these days.

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