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Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review 2015: Best Antivirus Software

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have already started thinking that why this man is posting about antiviruses only. The fact is that I want you to know about every antivirus tools and choose the best one for you.

Anyway, the virus is a nightmare for both humans and computers. Now it has been giving insomnia to smartphones and tablets also. An intelligently coded malware can give you hell lots of issues including financial also. So it is important to keep your computer safe.

There are tons of antivirus apps available on the internet. Today’s world provides freedom to anyone and anything. So, you too can create an antivirus and make it popular by smart marketing strategies.

But, here I am sharing with you is a fantabulous antivirus with considerable years of existence. You might have read it already in the title. Yeah, it’s nothing but Kaspersky Antivirus.


  • Includes anti- phishing and virtual keyboard
  • Relatively cheap pricing
  • Easily Available


  • Technical support is not available 24 hours.
  • May overload your RAM sometimes

Introducing Kaspersky Antivirus


No computer user asks an introduction for Kaspersky antivirus. It’s such a popular security solution. Haven’t you heard about this earlier? (Then where are you living really?) Kaspersky is an antivirus developed by Kaspersky Labs. It is formerly known as AntiViral Toolkit Pro. You can use it on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. Check the Wikipedia page here to have further basic details about the company and program as well.

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Now let’s jump straight into the specs of Kaspersky Antivirus.

Features of Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review 2015: Best Antivirus Software

Kaspersky is a king of security tools for years now. Everyone who is willing to pay some pennies to protect their computer often chooses Kaspersky more than any other soft. What is so special about it to be the classy choice?

Let’s just find out by analyzing some of the significant features.

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#1. Elegant User Interface

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review 2015 Best Antivirus Software

Every bit of Kaspersky antivirus ranging from design to function is spellbound. You will not sigh cursing the moment you spent the money for it.

I liked the interface of Kaspersky antivirus. The homepage itself is interestingly awesome. You can see a computer status on top. If the status is error- free, you do get a message with a ticked computer icon.

Underneath the status bar, four options are displayed. The four big icons that enable you to Scan, Check for Updates, Get Activity Reports and Activate a Virtual Keyboard. And below this panel, a small link is given to access additional tools.

Check the screenshot given above to feel the simplicity. Thanks to their UI designers for keeping it unbelievably modest.

#2. Feature-rich Scanner

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review 2015 Best Antivirus Software

Every antivirus possesses a scanner, and so does Kaspersky. The happy fact is that both paid and free version of Kaspersky antivirus use the same malware engine. So the malware detection ability is not sacrificed even a bit with the free version.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review 2015 Best Antivirus Software

As majority of the antiviruses, this software also uses a virus database to compare files with it. If it finds any match, then that particular file will be shown as a potential threat. The virus definitions have been changing from time to time. So, Kaspersky antivirus updates the virus definitions several times a day.

Four different scanning patterns are included in the software. Quick Scan, Custom Scan, Full System Scan and Removable Media Scan. I found a unique scan that is the second one itself. You can drag a particular file or folder to scan it. Cool, right?

#3. Extra Security Features

Many extra features are included in Kaspersky Antivirus to provide you best in class security. As I already mentioned, a virtual keyboard is one among them.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review 2015 Best Antivirus Software

There are many Trojans and keyloggers available on the web to trace each and every keystroke you make. So it’s important to have an on screen or virtual keyboard. Now you may think that I am unaware of the built- in keyboard on the operating system. Indeed, I know it. It isn’t secure either. But, Kaspersky offers the best security with their virtual keyboard.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review 2015 Best Antivirus Software

If you are an e-commerce savvy who use your bank’s app and website more than the branch, then Safe Money is the perfect choice for you.

I have read about an incident of a hacked web camera. Yeah, really!! Web cameras are also being hacked. Kaspersky Antivirus gives you an option to prevent every website from using your web camera. Or you can set the option to ‘Show notification’.

#4. Performance Options

Kaspersky Antivirus will not make your computer a snail. The software does not affect your machine in any way.You can’t find this as an alternative to a PC tune up utility. But this one comes with performance options as well. The notification can be turned off not to distract to you when you are watching a movie. And the scanning process will not start in low power if you set that option.

There is a Windows troubleshooting option available. It searches for errors in Windows components and settings. I like this one.


If you are not a fan of Windows recovery software, you will love the back- up and restore feature on Kaspersky Antivirus. A full system scan took not more than 1 hour and 11 minutes (fair enough, I would say). Follow Kaspersky on Facebook , Twitter, Google+ & Youtube.

#5. Availability of Free Trial

Kaspersky Antivirus is a paid software. But you can use it for free!! No need to download any crack or patch. The comp[any itself is giving a 30- day trial to experience all of their features.

Click here to download the trial version. You have to enter your email id to download the software.


Here is a video about installing the software by Kaspersky Lab


Kaspersky is an old name among antiviruses. The service it offers is impeccable and unchallengeable. Have a look at the image given below for its price.

Kaspersky-antivirus multi device total security 

kaspersky-antivirus multi device total security

Kaspersky Lab Home Security for Android

Kaspersky Lab Home Security for Android


Kaspersky Lab Home Security for MAC


Kaspersky Lab Home Security for MAC


Kaspersky Lab Home Security



Kaspersky Lab Home Security


Kaspersky Customers Testimonials

Erik Devine, challenges of protecting Personal Healthcare Information

Andrew Rose: why security should be a ‘Board Level’ discussion

Are You Ready to Use Kaspersky Antivirus?

Kaspersky Security Scan

I have given you a brief review of Kaspersky antivirus. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best antivirus tools ever you can get. The scanning options are impressive, the design is breathtaking, additional tools are useful, security features are unbreakable. What else do you need with an antivirus? Kaspersky Antivirus is a complete package to gift you the maximum protection.

Let me know what you think about the software. If you are a user already, don’t forget to jot down your feedback as comments.

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