iPhone vs. Android: How to Choose your next Smartphone?

If you are a hard core fan of Samsung in terms of Android or Apple fan, then choosing your next high tech gadget like smartphone would be a no-brainer task for you. But if you are getting tired and weary of the virtual space shortage in Apple, or waiting too long for the next Android update, then it is high time that you understand that you need to change your device.

Because 99.6% of the US Smartphone users deal with either Android or Apple, let us focus majorly on these OS only. We will discuss various hardware issues in both the OS along with other technical specifications viz. Camera and lot more. Additionally, there are various Mobile Phone Direct Offers available so you won’t feel that you are breaking your bank to fulfill the demand of a smart gadget.

Also, we will get a deeper insight about the software features that defines the parameters for each OS and would help you decide for the next time smartphone.

  • Convenience at Hands

We live in an era that helps up to stay connected with our loved ones by ever means, sans the exploding ones. Both the OS have popped up as the smooth and fast yet intuitive devices that would give you an extra boost of confidence.

Verdict: If you are in search for convenience, then you will get the predictive links of Android along with the weather, recipes, and traffic updates which are just awesome and unbeatable.

Watch Out: If you have the opinion for cobbling of the search and browsing history, then you need to turn off the Android Phone feed functionality.

  • Personalization at your service

When you feel that you want a device that is indubitable to use, the go for iPhone. Download the app and drag wherever you want it to use. You can also drag the same and put it in folder to organize the apps effectively.

Additionally, there are many Android devices that let you customize your phone looks viz. Different icons and wallpapers along with the change in the color of notification LED as well.

Verdict: Android has always emerged as the clear winner for the people who always want to customize your phone device.

Watch Out: The toolbar of Android can get too clumsy. This is because the apps are allowed to push the notifications. If you want a tidier one, then go to the Settings > Notifications > “Start Customizing”.

  • Siri vs. Google Assistant

It is being estimated that that 40% of the mobile users in the UK, the US, and China can now use Siri at least once a day. The stats remain the same for the Google Assistant as well. It is expected by the experts in the field that all the users would be using voice assistants for one-fifth of the features of smartphone, barring the alarm setting and Google queries.

The real battle for supremacy starts when Google Assistant uses its Home Speaker to control the smart home gadgets, while Apple is yet to launch the same. Although, through Siri, your device can control lights and other smart equipments.

Verdict: For those wanting a smart home and its assistants, Android is on the greener side.

Watch Out: The voice assistants are always surrounded by some or the other controversies as well for the privacy concerns.

  • Software updates

One major gripe for the Android users is the frequency of the software updates. Because Android is an open-source software, there is a fluctuation and variation regarding the device manufacturers adapting for the same. On the other hand, iOS updates are already tested and verified on the iPhones and iPads.

Verdict: iOS has the guarantee that the device will get the updates as soon as it rolls out.

Watch Out: As a part of hygiene of your smartphone, Software updates are very vital. Both of the iOS and Android updates would either boost up or roost up your device. So it is important that you store a separate backup for your smart device.

Now when, you know about all the factors for choosing a smartphone according to your requirements, the ball is again in your court. Get your needs and requirements cleared. Remember! There is a hairline difference that exists between needs and requirements. And now go for your device.

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