A Guide for iPhone System Recovery Mode

If you want to update your iPhone or sort out any issue, then you will have to put it into recovery mode. This can be a complex and risky procedure. Therefore, we are giving you the following guide to help you stay out of trouble.


When Do You Need Recovery Mode?

You need to use the iOS System Recovery Mode in the following cases:

  • Installing an iOS update and having your device stuck in a restart loop. It often happens if something goes wrong with an update or when your battery gets low during installation 
  • Updating the system or restoring your device from a previous backup. However, the process fails, and iTunes is unable to read your device
  • You see the Apple logo or Connect to iTunes icon onscreen for a while, but it doesn’t change anything

Restore Your Device Using Recover mode deletes your data. So, before you do it. Make sure you have a previous backup in iCloud. If not, then you will lose the data you collected since the last backup. 

How to Put an iPhone in Recovery Mode?

Turn the device off by holding the sleep/wake button (this button is placed on top of the latest releases).  Hold this button until you see a slider on top and swipe this slider. If your device doesn’t respond to this command, you have to hold the sleep button and home button together until the screen goes black

Connect the device to a computer; this is the only way you can perform a hard reset on your device. You have to hold down the sleep/wake button and home button at the same time. You better hold it for 10 seconds. Don’t stop even if the Apple Logo appears on Screen

Release the button when you see Connect to iTunes screen, it means your phone has entered recovery mode 

A window will pop up in iTunes; it will offer you two options, Update and Restore. You need to click update and see if you can fix the device without losing any of your data or settings

If the update fails and your device goes back in recovery mode, then you can try the Restore option. If you are not confident, then use a professional tool. iSkySoft is a premium suite of tools designed for iOS users. It offers several benefits instead of only recovering your data if you lost it somehow. The tool also offers advanced features like creating a backup for your data and aiding with mobile data transfer. 

Get Out of Recovery Mode

If your device restores successfully, it will automatically exit recovery mode when it restarts. But you can also exit recovery mode even before you restore. Just follow these steps:

  • Unplug Your Device from USB Cable
  • Hold Down Sleep/wake button until you turn off iPhone
  • Hold it till you see Apple Logo
  • Release the Button, and your device will reboot

Things You Should Know

If you can’t get out of the recovery mode, or your iPhone won’t turn on, then you need to get professional help. Contact the Apple Support, if you don’t have access to a computer, go to the Apple retail store to visit an Apple Authorized service provider, they will help you out. You can also resort to a third-party solution if you want. It’s a cheap yet effective solution. 

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