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InterServer Review: Should You Buy Hosting ? Read here


An ideal online marketplace should have enough of sales funnel features to tap into the potentials of their respective services/ products. But, what can one make out of these monetization solutions if the website faces downtime at regular intervals. Switch to web hosting plans from InterServer and watch your issues fade away.

InterServer hosting review

Let’s take a ride around the various website management tools that InterServer holds for its customers.

Web Hosting

InterServer is the modern-day hybrid of allocated web hosting resources and an affordable price tag. With its services starting at $5 a month, InterServer accounts are capable of managing an unlimited amount of storage space, data transfer, website management and emails.

For maintaining the promised uptime, InterServer deploys top of the line hardware and smartly loads it with only 50% of the server’s capacity. This leaves a broad window for buffering and promotes a quicker upload. An ample lot of space also provides for a host of features and a quick response interface.

Every InterServer account is incorporated with cPanel as its standard control panel while it prefers using Plesk for Windows OS. On the inside, you will find over 381 scripts waiting to get in business with you. The humongous list for plug-in and installation includes brands like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento and Mambo.

Irrespective of the number of files, permissions, embedded codes, or externally introduced tweaks; your original website can always be transferred to InterServer’s web hosting facility. The migration process is free, simple and requires minimal/ no downtime. A team of experts make it seamless when going live with InterServer.

Interserver Dedicated Servers

Whether you are about to start a website or already own one, users can register their website or have it transferred to InterServer for less than $2. InterServer also takes into account of the already running plug-in scripts and replicates the original version in the newly transferred account.


Yes, your account’s potential security issues are covered with InterServer. By deploying the advanced digital signature technology, an InterServer account literally scans every incoming email for malicious contents. The refining process is concluded on the grounds of unusual message volume, recipient validation error, and other signals which are closely observed on the statistical scales.

If you ever get hooked by a professional spammer, then InterServer will look into the history of domains and IP addresses to verify the same. No matter if the spammer is a person or an already installed script, a poor credit is met with several blocking and rate limiting measures.

However, if it is you, who is unable to send genuine emailers, then InterServer will brief you with a non-delivery report (NDR). These NDRs are easy to understand and are further detailed with relevant links to the Insight page. Here, you can view the sent mail history and the corresponding activity on the receiver’s end.

VPS & Cloud

The Virtual Private Servers (VPS) from InterServer are high on performance and low on excuses. These servers are backed by SSD hard drives which are claimed to be 20x faster than the standard SATA disk drives. Instead of asking for a few hours or days, InterServer’s VPS services are up and running from the instant you sign up.

These servers are supported by a multitude of server languages, for further improvisation. You can choose to run from many of the pre-installed versions of PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python etc. Further customization of the server is also possible with Linux-based applications, server software, and other OS components.

Starting at $6 a month for Linux cloud VPS and $10 for Windows VPS subscription, your account can request backup or extract screenshots for business purposes. Also, you get a full root access for installing and customizing any software that can optimize your overall hosting experience.

Just like its other services, InterServer backs your VPS account with a 24/7 customer support and resolves queries in real time.

InterServer Managed WordPress Web Hosting plans

Dedicated Servers

InterServer’s Custom Intel-based server configures your business with up to 128 GB RAM and attends to the sole needs of your online application. Starting at just $59 per month, you can look for dedicated servers with a 100MB port and a whopping 10k TB worth of allowed data transfer.

Besides a lightning fast speed, a dedicated account is entitled to all the features included in the shared package. On top of it, you can change the plans as per the business needs and use the configure button for altering aspects such as memory, hard drive, bandwidth, OS, or even the control panel.


Interserver awards

InterServer has definitely been a great surprise to go through, especially with so much to serve the customers, at a very basic price. Its services are abundant and take care of essential phase like web hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, shared/ dedicated servers, and even co-location of your machinery. Follow this link to find the right plan for your business with InterServer.


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