5 Signs Your Internet is Slowing Down Your Business

Good internet service is crucial to the success of the modern business, and if your business doesn’t have a good provider, you could be held back from your true potential. As technology continues to change, internet becomes faster, more reliable, and less expensive, and businesses everywhere are scrambling to get their hands on better internet services. Here are five signs that your internet is slowing down your business.

1. Your Employees are Frustrated With It

When you’re starting to receive multiple complaints from your employees about the internet service you’re providing, it’s time to pay attention to their concerns. Slow, unreliable internet connections can make the day’s productivity drop significantly. This can lead to frustrated and unfocused employees, and no business can afford to have such a workforce for long.

Your employees know better than anyone what they need to do their jobs correctly. You’ll want to make sure your service is providing enough bandwidth to support the entire business, and high enough speeds to make downloads and uploads quicker. You’ll also want a reliable connection that won’t fade in and out as the day goes on. Imagine trying to complete a number of tasks with internet that never stays connected for long; it would be nearly impossible.

2. Other Businesses Are Surpassing Yours

A good measure of your success in your industry is the success of your competitors. If the competition has excellent internet and is surpassing you in sales and customer service, there’s a good chance that the two are connected. Good internet service makes connecting with customers simpler and more efficient and improves the efficiency of every daily task in the business. A more efficient business functions at a lower cost and can yield greater profits overall.

What ISPs is the competition using? How do the services, speed, and prices of these ISPs compare to your own? Are you using the same ISP, but getting different services? It might be a good time to look for local options in order to get better service and prices. You can compare ISPs by zipcode on Internet Advisor for the best local options available to you.

3. Your Customers Are Noticing

Your purpose as a business is to serve the customer, but without the right internet service, that task can become difficult at best. If your services depend largely on your internet connection, you’ll start to feel the pinch from your customers when the services aren’t functioning properly. Your customers will want to know why your internet connection is faulty, and will likely go elsewhere if the problem persists.

Don’t let your internet service slow down your business, or scare away your customers. How you connect with them is a vital component to properly serving them, and if you’re an internet-based service, you can’t function well without good internet. The business that ignores the complaints and concerns of its customers is more likely to go out of business than to thrive, so make this a top priority at all times.

4. You’re Paying Far Too Much

The price of your internet service can hold your business back by allocating precious financial resources to a service that shouldn’t be all that costly. While fast, reliable internet will certainly cost more than its slower counterparts, your business shouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg for good internet service. A business’s budget is usually iron-clad and non-negotiable, and internet companies have a bad habit of hiking prices or adding hidden fees to their services.

If you find that your ISP is constantly changing prices, adding fees, or charging your business for all manner of extra features, you might want to look elsewhere for your service. A business that isn’t transparent with its pricing is probably up to no good, and you certainly don’t want to overpay for a faulty service!

5. The Company Isn’t Staying Updated

Whether it’s with the modern technology, pricing structures, or terms of service, if your ISP isn’t keeping up with the times, you’ll end up paying for it in the long run. Outdated equipment and few price options can make your ISP fall behind as the digital world continues to press forward into the future. Your competition will certainly make note of this and see it as advantageous to their own efforts, so be sure you’re not signed on with a company that’s stuck in the past.

Fiber optic cables and faster connections are the way of the future, so you’ll want to be sure your ISP at least has a plan to keep up with the new demand when it arrives. If not, you’ll fall behind, your business can suffer, and you won’t be able to keep up with the rest of the business world.

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