4 Ways to Increase Your Used Phone’s Trade-In Value

If you’re the type of person who simply loves owning the latest version of your favorite smartphone brand, then you’ve likely found yourself wondering what to do with your old handset.

Yes, there’s the option to repurpose them as MP4 players, gaming consoles, or even small-screen televisions, but you can definitely get a better ROI by trading them in.

Most of the current flagships can easily fetch a good price once they’re sold, but when you’re stuck with an old design or model, getting a reasonable price for what it is worth requires you to maximize its appeal for potential traders. To that end, here are some tips:

  1. Make Sure it’s Well-Maintained

Without a doubt, your used device’s value will rise in proportion to its physical condition. Cracks, scratches, and missing parts will decrease its trade-in value, perhaps forcing you to pay more for a new device when you go to trade-in with a retailer.

But if you’ve taken good care of it by, among other things, placing it in a protective case, you’ll be able to maximize its worth. The best iPhone 8 plus cases, Samsung Galaxy S9 cases, and cases of other brands incorporate advanced impact protection along rigid, transparent material to secure the device against dents and scratches. In addition, they’re sleek, lightweight and ultra-stylish, so you can even match them with your wallet/handbag.

  1. Unlock It

Many handsets are locked to specific carriers, which implies that buyers of locked devices face the prospect of perhaps having to clear carrier dues to use a handset with their preferred carrier.

You can increase the odds of trading-in at a good value by removing the carrier-lock. By unlocking your device so that it can be immediately used with any carrier whose SIM the buyer puts in, you’ll easily increase the number of retailers who’re ready to trade it in. Sites like unlockboot.com specialize in removing carrier locks for a variety of smartphone brands and models.

  1. Wipe the Device Clean (Remove Your Personal Data)

When people purchase used devices, they usually don’t want to deal with the personal data of the previous owners. The last thing they’d want to do is delete the large number of images, songs, etc. stored on the handset.

So, remember to digitally remove the files so that it’s it goes back into its default state, i.e. the state it was when you first purchased it. Consider performing a factory reset as it allows you to remove apps, photos, emails, and several other things. Of course, this measure will also protect you from the chances of ID theft and several other consequences that can stem from spoofing of personal credentials.

  1. Consider Getting it Certified

No one wants to invest in a used mobile phone only to discover that it’s not functioning correctly. You can ease retailers’ and consumers’ concerns over such scenarios by buying mobile device certification. When you get a certification from a reputable vendor like PhoneCheck, you can communicate to potential traders that your phone is fully functional and is in 100% working condition. That means a pre-sale trust that your device is valuable and no unforeseen surprises.

If you think it’s time to say goodbye to your used handset before it loses its trade-in value, take the measures mentioned above right away to increase your chances of getting the best bang for your buck.

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