The Impact of Mobile Platforms on Gambling

The Impact of Mobile Platforms on Gambling

If we talk about gambling games, there is a long list, but slots and card games tend to be the main games found in a land-based casino.

From a Metal Box to Mobile Virtual Reels

Gamble machines changed a lot from decade to decade. It started with a modest device and now, we can play them from a smartphone. Moreover, the gambling industry is so strong, that we get to choose from hundreds of mobile gamble games. Bellow you will find a brief history of slots and how they developed from a metal box to todays virtual reels.

Gambling machines have a long legacy. They started somewhere in 1890, in California. At first, they were just simple machines having poorly made reels and a long metal lever to spin them. In fact, the first slot was originally made to be played as poker. It was a device that had 5 reels with poker symbols. It didn’t have success, but another try was made by a German mechanic. This machine was more practical. It had just 3 reels and a classic design that can be seen in many casino advertorials. The iconic horseshoe and the golden bell are still living and they represent the beginning of slot machines.

About 50 years later, the first one armed bandit to use a fruit theme was born. The machine was called Money Honey and used fruit symbols. Because of this machine we have the term fruit machine. Moving the time 20 years further, the history continues with the first virtual reel. This futuristic machine debuted in Hilton Hotel, Las Vegas. Futuristic, yet strange looking. I’m saying this mainly because of the 19 Sony TV that was used to display the reels.

With the beginning of the 21st century, desktop platforms were the new hit. If 70% of European Union people were computer users, by the end of 2015 this percentage moved up to 80%. Even though the grow was strong, the new mobile industry wants the whole attention from us. Yes, the desktop owners grew, but it was a slow growth. On the other hand, smartphone users have a more aggressive increase. According to a study made by statista, in 2014 there were just 1.57 billions users. If this number is not already high enough, by the end of 2017 were 2.32 billions and it is expected to reach 2.87 billions by the end of 2020.

The Impact of VR

Alternatively, one of the new ideas that is more and more present is the VR headset. Sounds cool, and they promise a new experience, but it does not really go hand in hand with the gamble world. This futuristic form of entertainment is more likely to be used in a military training simulator or flight simulators.

Of course, there are some strong people behind VR development, but is hard to see this device having success among gamble games. Speaking about solid people, Facebook has over 400 employees that their main task is VR development. Furthermore, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Apple and 200 more companies spend time and effort in the VR development.

VR is surely something that will become better over time, but for now, they will move slower than the expansion of mobile technology. Slow but steady, the chief scientist at Oculus, Micheal Abrash, said that the following new technologies will be added by the end of 2022: Face-tracking, Eye-tracking, Inside-out tracking, Hand-tracking, External Body-tracking, 4k display resolution per eye and 140 degrees field of view.

Like I said, the VR has impressive technology but it can’t have much success when it comes to number of users. Today, everybody wants something fast and simple to use. Also, this statement sounds like the definition of smartphones.

On the other hand, it might be cool to sit on a virtual table and play poker using the Face-tracking and Eye-tracking features of the VR. This way, the poker-face will again be an important aspect of the game. With all this online poker recently, the game has lost some of its  fascination. While the online word made us be more separated, the VR might have a chance to reunite people in the multiplayer games.

One more thing that has to be mentioned, making a game for mobile use is fairly easy, while creating something for VR use, well, this is a totally different story. Therefore, is easy to find free slots with a quick google search. In other words, the VR fans will have to wait at least a couple of years.


To conclude, this is the era of mobile devices. A quick peek at massive companies like Trivago, we will see how they also understood this phenomenon. Their marketing team is now focusing all their power on creating mobile apps and so far, they are doing great. Is the VR going to be that big as they promise? We will see, but until then, enjoy your mobile device.

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