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i2i Funding Review: Best Peer to Peer Lending Platform In India

We all know the hassles involved in getting a loan from banks. It’s a long, tedious process with no guarantee of receiving the loan. On the other hand, investments involve a lot of risk as well. The borrowers are never sure of getting money easily as well as the interest rates are skyrocketing. Even the investors are unsure of their investments. To solve both of these problems in the best way, i2i funding has created a plausible solution that is very convenient.

i2i Funding

What Does i2i Funding Does?

i2i funding is one of the leading peer to peer lending platforms in India. P2P lending has become one of the best ways for investors to invest their money without much risk as well as improve the facility of lending for them. The borrowers have a huge pool of investors from where they can seek loans at minimum interest rates.

All of the process happens online and is completely hassle free. You would never have to worry about anything as i2i funding takes care of it. P2P form of lending is one of the most growing financial innovations throughout the world and it is spreading at a rapid rate.

Major Benefits for Those Seeking Loans (Borrowers)

Normally, the interest rates for loans are around 14% in some of the leading banks in India. However, at i2i funding, you can get a personal loan with an interest rate of just 12% which is phenomenal and something which no one else provides. The only thing you would need as a borrower is to pass all the parameters set by i2i funding which is relatively more lenient than the banks.

The payment gateway of the company is highly secure and all the transactions that take place on the platform are completely secure.

One of the major advantages for all the borrowers is that there is no kind of extra fee in case you fail to pay the interest on time. Usually banks levy a charge for this and you can be completely free of it through i2i funding. There are various investors looking to invest their money and you can borrow money through them anytime you want.

Major Benefits for Those Looking To Invest (Investors)

The biggest dilemma that every investor faces is to invest his money with the lowest risk factor. This is the opportunity that i2i funding provides. The interest rates which the investors can charge from their borrowers range from 12% to 30% which is exceptionally well.

This is an amount of interest which hardly any mode of investment provides with complete safety and assurance with almost zero risk factor. I2i funding ensures that you receive your money along with the interest on the desired time.

Before lending your money to the borrower, i2i makes a thorough background check on them to make sure that they are capable of giving your money back. All the loans that are transacted through i2i funding go through a deep level of analysis so that no one loses the money. Also, it is an amazing way to invest for those who are looking for different modes to invest their money in. You can help someone in need through the money you have and in return get a good amount of interest too.

Final Words

As we have seen, i2i funding is great for both, borrowers as well as investors. The number of advantages it has beats all the other ways to either borrow or invest money. Borrowers have some added benefits which no other bank provides and investors have the assurance that they will have a huge return on their investments.

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