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How to Unlock your Samsung Screen Lock with Dr.Fone: Android Screen Lock Removal

Screen locks have become a relatively important thing for most android phones and for Samsung, the situation is no different. It keeps it safe whether you are keeping it in your pocket or between the sheets; there is no fear of the phone dialling itself to some random number or opening applications on its own because of the sensitive touch screen.


Moreover it also acts as a protection against all those hands which intentionally want to take a look into your personal phone and view your private data. With initiation of password providing system, you can keep your phone safely without having to think of any troubles.

Various lock screen mechanisms

Now there are several types of lock screens that you can provide. Providing passwords is the most common of all apart from creating patterns. Now number lock is quite possibly for those who keep on forgetting and need a simple code to open up. Patterns are complex and that is what makes them interesting and a safe option.

Common password providers have been going on a very long time and majority still prefer the same. Finger print touch is by far the most sophisticated of the lot. All you need is to set your finger print as a recognised lock screen medium. You can use any finger, preferably providing the one that you may frequently use to open or handle the phone. Hence once you have created the finger print system, there is no looking back.

No one and not even you will be able to open the phone, if you are using the wrong finger. Such lock screen systems are safe, reliable but definitely complex and quite scary at times if you actually fail to remember the lock code.

Forgetting passwords

You obviously need a pretty strong memory in order to remember the list of passwords you have for your several devices. Whether it is a pattern or a numeric code or anything else, being unable to memorize the combination will hit you hard because as long as the lock screen of the phone does not open, you will be unable to do anything with your precious device.

Similarly if you own an android device and your Samsung lock screen does not seem to recognise you as the owner, then hard times are to follow. You may try a number of methods but most are going to fail. Moreover if you are trying some untested methods it may even end up ruining your phone all together. The best way is to take help from some reliable application that can effectively deal with the issue without damaging anything.

Dr. Fone assistance

Wondershare Dr. Fone is an effective software application that will efficiently unlock samsung screen lock without compromising with the device and the information stored in it. All four kinds of screen lock, i.e. patterns, finger print, password and PIN can be removed.


It is so simple and easy to operate that no extra technological wisdom is required to handle it. Moreover it works with the Samsung series of Galaxy S, Tab and Note as well. It is completely secure and 100% effective. Therefore whether you forgot your password, bought a second-hand device with an already locked screen, or situations where your kids have mistakenly changed the key or broken the screen or any kind of technical issues, everything can be dealt with smoothly.

Operating Dr. Fone

The procedure to handle the software and retrieve back your device is pretty simple. Go through the recommended measures precisely and carefully to successfully unwind the locked screen.


Following are the steps provided:

  • Initiate the launch of Dr. Fone Android Lock Screen Removal in your Windows 10 pc.
  • Once the user interface appears, select the ‘More Tools’ option.
  • Choose the option of ‘Android Lock Screen Removal’ from the three options provided under ‘More Tools.’ This will allow you to remove password, PIN, finger print and pattern from your Samsung phone.
  • Connect your android Samsung phone and click on the ‘Start’ button.
  • ‘Download Mode’ needs to be initiated. This can be done by switching off the phone. Have three fingers ready to be pressed on the Volume down button, home button and power button at the same time. Then press volume up button to enter into Downloading mode.
  • The recovery package will be downloading automatically and immediately after.
  • Once the download process is done, the screen removal will begin.
  • After completing these methods, you can now open up your phone without any password, pattern or similar.

If you have followed these procedures, you are bound to recover back your Samsung phone effectively without having to go through any of the phone lock mechanisms. Hence there is no need to worry if you are unable to get through the phone. Use Wondershare Dr. Fone and gain your phone system back and running. It is completely safe and effective. Go ahead and own your android phone once again using the application you trust.

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