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How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

A portable storage device acts as the other half of your equipment that acts as your entertainment cum storage system for those enjoyable moments. Although we may already be surrounded with Wi-Fi hotspots and cloud technology, but it is the SD card inside your phone that actually runs the business. As such they even come with password protection and folder lockers to prevent any breach of security.

But these methods cannot always dominate what’s coming, and your SD card ends up catching ‘the common cold of storage devices’, i.e. write protection mode. This mode signifies that no data can be added to or extracted from your memory card.

Changing the card in your mobile’s slot at an unusual frequency, USB connection with a contagious device and many other factors sum up to stop you from accessing all those memorable pics and precious melodies that you managed to collect. In this article, I have concentrated on some of the most sorted methods on how to remove write protection from SD card and they can be implemented with the step-by-step guidance provided alongside.

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How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card?

Physical lock

Humans are bound to make a mistake and some of them may really sound silly. Nowadays, physical locks are being provided on the SD card to secure it from any kind of data transfer, if required. The lock appears as a slidable button, mostly with a white or silver finishing for a distinct appearance.

In most cases, the directions to lock or unlock are also provided for eliminating the guesswork and saving the card from being re-inserted back and forth into the system. You just need to slide the lock in opposite direction and your card will be ready for any kind of overwriting.

However, if you are using a micro or mini SD card, then the chances are that they may need an SD card adaptor to fit into your system. These card reading adaptors work on similar principles of locking and can be managed in the same way stated above.

lock How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

Scanning through Anti-virus

It might sound surprising to many, but that heavy anti-virus which has been guarding you against all kinds of virus trouble may also be the key to unlocking your SD card’s write protection. An inference that all the fuss behind your locked card is an act of a concealed virus actually makes sense. Under various circumstances, especially when you plug the card with some unknown system, a virus may attack to jam all the active connections that would otherwise make your card editable.

Insert the card into your system and right-click on its icon to generate scanning options from the installed anti-virus. If your software is capable of handling the level of virus present within the card, then it will be purified of all the contaminants and will resume working normally.

How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

System registry fix

Another great way to get the job done for your memory card is through this unconventional method of manipulating ‘Registry’ system. The registry is actually a database of all the installed programs, settings, and other important data, that composes the brain of your hardware. With a little browsing, you can have the storage device fixed right from the origin.

Since, it is a Microsoft’s brainchild; you can stay rest assured about the secured protocols that it follows. Type ‘Regedit’ in the run command and press enter. After clicking on ‘Yes’ for the program to bring essential modifications to your PC, the registry appears with some core options.

Click on the arrow left to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, present within the panel. This shows all the hidden subcategories, of which one of them will be ‘System’ option. This way, the chain of subcategories will continue to generate, so follow the route directly through ‘System’>‘Currentcontrolset’> Control> StoragedevicePolicies.

In here you will find the write protection option, where you can edit the provided value to zero. This will set your SD card free of any write protection and relieve you of all the visual locks hanging around.

registry How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

Command Prompt

I have found Command Prompt to be quite an amazing accomplishment of its creators. CMD single-handedly manages your Wi-Fi, creates shortcuts, finds IP address, and now even fixes memory card issues. Find CMD, right-click and choose ‘Run as administrator’ from the options generated.

Run the command prompt as an administrator and follow these steps to fix your SD card. Type ‘diskpart’ in the command line and press enter. The results will introduce the software with the version that it runs on and is followed by a fresh line of command inside the diskpart. Type in ‘list disk’ and press enter to receive all info on the connected disks, their sizes and availability of free space.

Further, write ‘select disk 1’ and push enter in order to run operations on the SD card or Pendrive. Now, to remove the write protection you need to write ‘attributes disk clear readonly’ and press enter. To execute the process and exit, write ‘exit command’ and press enter. This should probably do the job for you and fix the issue from its root. Still, if you are trapped in one of those situations where nothing seems to work on your ill SD card, then formatting may be the final option available for a trial.

cmd How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

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Format the card

Formatting may not be the best thing to do, but it often proves to be the last resort, so that at least there will be a good possibility of you owning a functional SD card or Pendrive. The process clears the storage device off every data, including that of the virus or anything which is causing the hindrance. Insert the card into an SD card reader and position it correctly inside the provided slot.

The system will read this recent activity and display the card as a new folder in ‘My Computer’, queued along with other drives. Right-click on the icon to generate the command list. Select the format option and a pop-up window will appear to confirm your action. Check the ‘quick format’ option and the entire process will be completed in a few moments.

Depending on the storage size of the memory card and the density of data contained within, the time taken for formatting fluctuates. The other way around is to right click on ‘My Computer’ and select ‘Manage’ option. Then the computer management window will appear along with a set of locations on the left. Click on the ‘Disk Management’, which is present right below the ‘Storage’ section. This will produce a list of all the connected storage devices, including your SD card. Right-click on it and choose ‘Format’ option.

format file How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

However, if you are a Mac user with OS X platform, then the steps to format the memory card changes abruptly. After inserting the SD card in the slot of your Macbook, open the ‘Applications folder’ and then follow on to ‘Utilities’. Here, select ‘Disk Utility’ and you will be redirected to its new window.

The inserted SD card will appear along with other devices, in the left panel. Once you have selected the SD card, an ‘Erase’ option will become available for use and can be pinpointed on top of the Disk Utility Window. You will have to select ‘MS-DOS file system’ if your memory card is less than or equal to 32GB of space, else choose ‘exFAT’ from the drop-down menu for a 64GB memory card and click on ‘Erase’. The system will format the card and remove all forms of write protection.

mac How to Remove Write Protection from SD Card

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