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How To Make Online Bill Payment Using SBI Online Banking?

There was a time when people waited hours in long queues to pay the electricity bill and telephone bill. Even you can relate to this, right? I stood desperately in queues to pay the bill many a times.

But after the invention of the internet, everything was changed. World Wide Web increased the pace of this change. Communication has crossed the limitation of boundaries. We don’t have to wait for days or weeks to get a reply. With the new communication technologies, it has become real- time.

The internet is now a global market. You can purchase even vegetables through e- commerce platforms. Most of us use internet banking facility for making payments online.

It is not an unknown fact that bills can also be paid via the internet. No more waiting, queue and not any irritation. Electricity board, BSNL, and all service providers support electronic payment system. They give the option to pay bills using our debit/ credit card and internet banking facility on their sites. Their system redirects us to our bank’s site to input the credentials. You may find this a little bit lagging.

Don’t worry. If you are an SBI customer, you don’t have to face that discomfort anymore. SBI has a facility to pay bills within their internet banking website (


Today, I am showing you how to make online bill payment using SBI online banking.

Follow the steps given below.

How To Make Online Bill Payment Using SBI online Banking?

#1. You must login to your SBI online banking account. Every bill will be paid through internet banking. Be careful not to save username and password on any public computer. You can see an option to display a virtual keyboard there. Use it if you find any difficulty with your physical keyboard.

How To Make Online Bill Payment Using SBI Online Banking

#2. You will be brought to the home page of SBI internet banking. As always, you can see many options there. Net banking is mainly meant to transfer funds without going to the branch. So, there are options to transfer money, see your balance and some other fundamental needs. Also, there is an option called Bill Payments. Click on that link.

#3. Then you can see ‘Manage biller’ feature on the left side of the page. Here is where you have to add the details about your billers.

#4. At first select a biller. You have to choose from All India Billers and City/ State. After that, choose biller name (see the image). We chose City/ State and Airtel.

How To Make Online Bill Payment Using SBI Online Banking

#5. The next details are related to the bill. First one (nickname) is not very relevant. Enter whatever you like in the field. It is an option to help you recognize for what you pay. The second field is Account Number. Check in the physical bill or the document you got with the connection to get it. Don’t enter your bank account number in that field. For gas and electricity bill, you should have a consumer/ customer number. Type it in the field.

#6. The final section is an additional feature. Entering those details are not mandatory. As you can see in the above image, it is ‘Auto Pay’. This one is very useful for everyone who forgets to pay their bill occasionally. If you don’t need this feature, check No radio button. Enter a threshold or limit if you prefer going with Auto Pay option. This will give more control to you. Bills higher than the Auto Pay Limit will not get paid. In that case, you should take a manual action.

#7. That’s all. You have registered that specific biller. Add more if you want to. Then, choose Auto Pay option and enjoy the automation without any worries. Usually, it will take almost two days to complete the process. After that, you can pay the bill soon after it is generated.

Additional Info

  1. There are three types of billers for which you can pay through They are view and pay, pay and payment only. For the first category, you will get an electronic bill too. (It will not cease the delivery of physical bills periodically). So, you get more details.And for pay-type bills, you get bills physically but not electronically. No matter what they accept online payments. Though the last category doesn’t raise bills, you can pay to them through online methods.
  1. It is possible to schedule your payments. If your account lacks enough balance, and you are sure about an upcoming payment, don’t hesitate to use this feature.
  2. What if you have canceled your land phone or LPG connection? Just login to your net banking dashboard and go to manage biller. There is an option to delete the biller. Use that. Re- register if you want to use the same biller after deleting.
  3. Do you have a habit of totaling the debits and credits at the end of the month? Click on ‘View Payments Made’. This will give you an overview about the payments you made till date.

Which Billers Support SBI e- Pay?

Most of the billers support e- Pay system of State Bank of India. So, you don’t have to worry about.
Click here to get a city based list of billers.
Visit here for the category based list of billers.

Are You Ready to pay Your Bills via SBI Net Banking?

I have explained all about paying your bills online via SBI net banking. The basic requirement is that you should have an SBI net banking account. If you don’t have one, and you are an SBI account holder, it will not be a tough task to get the internet banking facility. Consult with your branch office and submit an application. Within some days, you will get user id and password.

That’s all. You don’t have to visit merchant’s website and pass through different payment gateways. Just login to your account, set up the payment system. If you set up Auto Pay, you won’t even need to remember about the billing.

I think you now have a clear idea on how to make online bill payment using SBI online banking.

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