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How To Find Your Stolen Camera / Lost Digital Camera within Minutes?

The unbelievable development of smartphone cameras didn’t diminish the popularity of cameras. Can you point out a professional photographer with a smartphone camera? No, you can’t. People who see photography as a profession or a serious business use digital or DSLR cameras.

Cameras range from cheap to expensive based on its quality. It will be impossible to determine the value after we start using a camera because of the pictures we take. Human beings give significance to precious moments. In that way, the photos are costlier than the camera itself.

What if your camera is stolen or lost? It sucks.

I had a similar experience of losing our photos after a school tour. But camera or SD card was never stolen. I couldn’t do anything than cursing myself or bang my head on the wall.

You will be in a similar situation when your camera is found stolen or lost. If your camera is an expensive one, losing it will add your worries.

Are you thinking of a way to find your stolen camera? Or a way to protect your camera from being stolen? This post is specially written for you.

How to Find your Stolen Camera?


I will be explaining a method to find your lost camera also. So, don’t worry about that.

At first, let me tell you some precautions which help you find your camera if it is lost. This will not work if your gadget was already stolen or lost.

Precautions to Get Your Camera Back if It will be stolen

1. Capture a picture of your camera with another gadget and keep its documents safe. You can show this proof to anyone if the camera is lost.

2. Find a blank space without any function keys or settings in your camera. Stick a label there with your name, address and phone number. In case space is limited, include name, email id and phone number only.

3. The camera manufacturer sold that same model to not only you. There are many people who bought the same camera model as yours. So, an identification sign is mandatory for you to recognize your device from others. Make a simple mark with nail polish. Believe me, it works.

4. Take a black or white board in your hand. Write your name, phone number and address (or email id) on it. Then, hold it just below your shoulder. Ask anyone to take a picture with your camera. This will help others to know the owner thereby letting them give the camera back. (You can also add a note like ‘This is my camera. Please give it back’).

Not everyone is generous. Most of them try to sell or own if they find something expensive. In that scenario, you need to sweat a bit. Follow the methods given below to find your stolen camera. It can also be used to get your lost camera back if you haven’t taken any precaution.

How To Find Your Stolen Camera / Lost Camera?

People take items with an intention. They know how to fulfill that. We have no idea about who the thief is or who owns our camera now. So our possibilities are limited. Within the limitations, we can do a lot more.

1. The very first thing you should do is not technical. File a complaint in your nearby police station. I can’t say it will be fruitful soon. But who knows what works?

2. Usually, stolen items are sold via Craigslist. How can you find a single item from a large marketplace? Just search for it. If you can download IFTTT and Craigslist app, it will be awesome.

It is possible to create an alert when an ad with an appropriate keyword is published on the platform. You can choose any notification like email or SMS. No matter, how many months after the thief posts the ad, you will be notified without any delay.

3. Stolen Camera Finder is a cool tool to help you locate your stolen/ lost camera. Click here to visit the homepage. You will be provided with a space to select a photo. Just browse the photo or drag- and- drop to space. No Sing up is required.


The tool will extract the EXIF data of the given image and show you the pics with same serial number. No same model cameras can have the same serial number. So, it will help you to locate the photos taken with your camera.

If you can help others, install their Chrome extension. It analyses the EXIF data of the images on the websites you visit. And displays it to the users when a match found.

4. Camera Trace is another favourite utility. You need to Signup first before using. Both free and paid versions are available. A Lost and Found tag is provided for their customers. It is a simple metallic sticker that allows anyone to identify the owner and give back any lost cameras.


This tool was featured in New York Times, The Economist, Tech Crunch, The Washington Post and Gizmodo.

They offer a broad range of features like Active Image Monitoring, Recovery Maintenance, Lost& Found Tags and Copyright Protection.

Ready to Find Your Stolen Camera?

That’s all I have to say. I have shared four practically possible methods. You know, prevention is better than cure. So, don’t place your camera (or anything expensive) unsafely in a public space. You will have to cry for it.

No one likes to waste their hard earned money. And also, no money can buy precious moments with our loved ones. Losing a camera means wasting money and forgetting our awesome times.

Don’t forget to file the complaint when your camera is lost. Every technology has its limitation. Some cameras can be traced within seconds or minutes and some can’t.

Visit nearby stores as you want to buy a second- hand camera. If you find yours there, handle the situation wisely. Seek the help of police in case the shopkeeper never cooperates with you.

Use the comment box given below to ask your doubts if you have any. And, don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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