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How to Find the IMEI Number of your Lost Android Smartphone

Each one of us will agree to the point that mobile phones are the invention of the century. Motorola started it with some basic features and with other companies pouring into the idea; soon mobiles became the face of technology and luxury. It is indeed luxury because sometimes it’s painstaking to get the money to buy your dream phone. But what if you lose it, wouldn’t it break your heart?

Find the IMEI Number of your Lost Android Smartphone
Don’t worry I am here to help you find the IMEI Number of your Lost Android Smartphone

Find the IMEI Number of your Lost Android Smartphone

A phone is an asset only in the hands of its rightful owner but in wrong hands it can cost you as harsh as a lost credit card. Realizing the scope of this dreadful event, IMEI numbers are provided for individual sets. IMEI is a unique 15 digit International Mobile Equipment Identity number meant to track down cell phones. It has so far also helped with curbing crimes and locating missing people.

Some of the methods to find the IMEI code for your phone include:

  1. Looking into your mobile purchase receipt,
  2. On the cover box of your phone and another secret print behind the battery of your phone.
  3. But there are also phones like Sony xperia and iPhones which come with an integrated battery. In such cases you can look on the back panel of your phone or even on the SIM card tray.
  4. If you have your phone nearby, you can dial *#06# and get to know the IMEI of your phone.

Find the IMEI Number of your Lost Android Smartphone

I will rather suggest that you write down your phone’s IMEI alongside in case if you ever lose it.

Find the IMEI Number of your Lost Android Smartphone

However, if you have managed to lose your phone in recent past then as an owner to Android phone I can suggest you the following steps that can even help retrieve your device.

How to locate your lost phone

Android is Google’s legacy and Google has ensured that you do not miss out on any of its features. If you have ever signed in to your Gmail account through your phone then you are not completely lost if your phone is gone. Your Gmail account holds the information of every device that you have used to log in, including your android phone.
You can easily extract the IMEI code from your Google account by logging into Google Dashboard. When you scroll through the browser to the section of Android devices you will see your phone and there select ‘More data stored about this device’ to get your IMEI.

Usually a phone generates two sets of number when looking for IMEI, the other number is MEID. Your phone may or may not tell that which is which and that’s where you gotta act smart. If your service provider uses a GSM network then the displayed number may be MEID, otherwise if it’s a CDMA network then the 15 digit number can be IMEI.

Find the IMEI Number of your Lost Android Smartphone

After you know the most important digits in your phone, you can quickly go ahead and launch an FIR in concern with the police authorities. The FIR papers along with the generated IMEI number will help your service provider to blacklist your phone.

A blacklisted phone stays non functional even if the SIM card has been changed and can later be white listed after you have successfully retrieved your phone. The global positioning systems available with network providers will help pinpoint the location of your phone and next time you can stay more careful.

Here is a video on how to find your lost phone’s IMEI Number by mobotalks (video ) Channel

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