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How to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Each one of us is fascinated by the different lives that we see on TV and in movies. One such inspiration was Pirates of Caribbean which imprinted a timeless persona of a vagabond meant to sail the seas. The life of pirate is that of adventure, mysteries and political plots. But a pirate knows no rules. He sails where he fancies, plunders as he likes and sails as he sees fit. Today I will take you one such adventure with a game called Assassin’s Creed Pirates.

 Download Assassin's Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

In this post I will tell you how to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Hear the stories of the seas and crown yourself as the seeker of limitless riches. Before the infamous pirates rose to glory, a fierce French captain came to be known as La Buse the buzzard. He was a merciless pirate who raided the ships of their riches and crashed them to the ocean bed. Throughout the golden age, he forged his legend from ship to ship, prize to prize and from plunder to plunder. And the bounty he took became a myth.

When he was finally caught, he left behind a message that would puzzle the world for centuries about the treasure he hid in farthest corner of the earth. This series of the game is about the birth of a pirate, where you are Alonzo Batilla who knew La Buse before he became a legend. As you play the game, you will turn history into reality and continue your online adventures in chapters. You were a prisoner to the ship which was attacked by La Buse, but as he learns of your story and spirit he offered you your own ship.
Download Assassin's Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8 8.1 PC and MAC

The controls are easy but with multiple kinds of indulgence, they change for different options. Swiping through the steering will help with the directions while there are buttons that will raise the mast to accelerate with the wind speed. A separate button has been provided to lower the sail mast to decelerate during turbulent winds The vessel can also make sudden stops by dropping anchor. The fun part is that it also has re loadable cannons that will blaze volleys on enemy’s vessel and wreck it to pieces.

I found the sudden drift with which the vessel catches up speed to be quite realistic,it adds a touch of reality to the controls and the ship. The real fun begins when you are in a face off with ships and your controls are redirected to cannons. A virtual path is created to show if the opponent’s ship is within shooting range. An overview also appears if your ship is within their range. The challenge is to shoot with surety, as the cannons take time to reload and leave you vulnerable to enemy. You can also shoot a spider volley in case if there is a live fire approaching your ship

A lot of research seems to have been done for Assassin’s Creed Pirates, as every move and story is very thought of. You get to dodge your vessel from incoming attacks by quickly sweeping your ship left or right and also earn extra credits for near misses. The dodging buttons appear when you are in a position to do so or else good luck with spider volleys. As the game advances you can unlock even stronger and well equipped ships.

Download Assassin's Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8 8.1 PC and MAC

Assassin’s Creed Pirates is meant to induce pirate like feeling during the game. With advanced camera options you can pinch in and out on the screen to adjust the zoom. You get a complete view around and above you to monitor any ship under radar. A navigation map on the side will help you with course correction and monitor distance from your next destination.

You can access the main menu through Animus symbol and read maps for regions surrounding you. It will also allow you to monitor the next destination and your level in the game. Chasing your target and manoeuvring around their ship, you will find yourself shooting ships of all size and looting them for money, ration and stock of wood.

The first chapter of Assassin’s Creed Pirates finishes with your extraordinary clash with The Sea Lord, Ben Hornigold. In spite of constant reminder by your friend La Buse, you attack the Royal Navy ship and take over it in a fierce battle. By this time you have already crossed some good levels, so your vessel has been upgraded to a schooner and a Swivel gun. It is this gun which can make the final attack possible and mark the end of the final chapter; A Legend is Born.

What if I told you that you can Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC?
Download Assassin's Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8 8.1 PC and MAC

I am sure that you would enjoy the game a lot and its gameplay will fill your mind to the brim. Your dream for adventure on the unknown terrains of water will finally take shape. The story, thrill and the related feelings are so soaking that it can attract any age group.  Assassin’s Creed Pirates plays great on tablets, but I had to try it on full screen of a laptop to grasp every inch of its fun while hearing it out loud on speakers. Moreover, the relatively small screens of a tablet begin to ache my eyes and puncture my fingers.

I have however found myself an ease from such problems. The mobile gaming industry is turning up with great new ideas everyday and I don’t always feel like playing them on my tablet, so I turn to my laptop. You can as well enjoy any mobile or tablet game on your personal system by using Android and iOs emulators. What these emulators do is, create favourable digital environment within your machine and make it apt to play any such game on the system. I mostly use emulators like Andyroid and BlueStacks to get the job done on my laptop. After all, great games deserve wide screens and high grade speakers to create the gaming ambiance

Here is how to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC using BlueStacks
Download Assassin's Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

Just follow the below steps and you can fly through Assassin’s Creed Pirates game in no time.

    • Download BlueStacks Emulator. The installation is fast and simple with a fairly good Internet connection.
    • Launch the BlueStacks You will see a search bar!
    • Enter the name of the Game i.e., Assassin’s Creed Pirates and hit search.
    • You will see that the game pops up in the search results.
      Just download the game. The installation process will begin and complete even before you know it.
  • Launch the Game and start playing.

Here is how to Download Assassin’s Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC using Andyroid
Download Assassin's Creed Pirates Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

  • Download Andyroid Emulator. The installation is simple and pretty fast with a fair Internet connection.
    • Launch the emulator.
    • You will see a search bar. Search for Assassin’s Creed Pirates.
    • Click on the install button to begin download.
    • After complete installation the game will appear in the Games menu.
  • Launch the Assassin’s Creed Pirates game and seek your adventure.

Check out this awesome video by TouchgamePlay

This is where the Assassin’s Creed Pirates game begins. You are to gain control of the vessel as an acting captain and set sail from devil’s cave to the scorpion reefs. Although you are riding an ancient vessel but the controls and display will make this virtual experience even more fun. Steering your way through the untamed waves of the sea you will come across tempting target ships to loot and drown.

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