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How to Access Blocked Websites? Unblock Restricted Sites?

This is the most searched term for about a month in India. Guess why? Over eight- hundred pornographic websites were banned. 😉

Is this the only reason you want to know the methods to access blocked websites? Maybe it is. But let me tell you one thing. Not only are the sites with explicit content in the block list. Some torrent sites and free download providing sites are also there. Last year, the government blocked some music downloading websites.

Did the above- mentioned types of websites do anything illegally? What they did seems legal to us, of course, helpful too. But they provided paid tools and files for free to the public, thereby causing massive loss to the developer or producer.

Most probably your computer has at least two pirated or cracked software. Maybe your OS also is a patched one. Cracks and patches may seem simple to you. But it is illegal.

According to you, providing songs of a newly released movie is a helpful task. But actual music files have a price.

Anyway, what if you want to access a blocked website? Without any tricks, you can’t do nothing but stare blankly at the ‘not found’ screen.

Access Blocked Websites


Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. For whatever be the reason, you can access blocked websites using the following methods.

Test each one until you find what works for you.

#1. Alter the URL a bit

This is a simple way. Don’t underestimate because of the simplicity. It really can do wonders. As an internet user, you know what Uniform Resource Locator or URL is, right? For this site, (or is the URL.

You probably noticed that for every URL, there will be http://. It would get added to what you types. Let us add an extra ‘s’ to provide access to a blocked website.


Suppose, is the blocked website you want to get access. While entering the address, type instead of, That’s all.

You may be asked to confirm. Choose ‘Proceed Anyway’ in Chrome and add exception certificate in Firefox.

#2. Use Internet Protocol Address

Every website has an internet protocol or IP. No two websites can have the same IP address. Hence, we can use it to visit a website.

This trick will not work every time. But there is no wrong in giving it a try, isn’t it?

It is very easy to find an IP address of a website. Open Command Prompt if you are a Windows user (Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Command Prompt). Then type ping, where is the website you need to get unblocked. Press enter.


You will get a result like this in which the IP is shown four times.

#3. Way Back Machine Archive

Way Back Machine is an awesome internet archive. An internet archive is a historical directory of websites. That means you can see how websites looked like on a particular date.

This is an awesome tool to explore the past appearance of websites. But it is not the only use of waybackmachine. Most of the blocked websites are available in WayBack Machine. Why because it fetches that particular site within

Have a look at it.

#4. Download Zenmate


Zenmate is a popular Google Chrome extension that automates the alteration of proxies. It can be effectively used to access blocked websites. Just follow this link and add Zenmate to your Chrome. That’s all. Activate the extension and enjoy the freedom online.

Zenmate is also available for Firefox and Opera. So, don’t worry if your browser is not Chrome.

#5. Change DNS

DNS stands for domain name server. A DNS address is a unique identity that has all the information about every domain. For most of the cases, someone blocks a domain for their DNS only. In that case, changing the DNS address helps. There are many open addresses are available. Or you can use Google’s DNS.

If you are using Windows 7, click on start button and open Control Panel. From a list of options, choose Network and Internet and then Network and Sharing Center. On the left sidebar, you can see Change Adapter Settings. Click on it.

Now you can see the internet connections you have ever used. Select on one you are currently using. Right, click and select Properties. You will be shown something like the below image.

Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/ IP). Choose ‘Use the following DNS server address’. Then, you will be asked to enter a couple of DNS addresses. Type and (Google DNS) respectively in those fields. You can also use and which are open DNSs.

#6. Use Proxies

Using proxies is a famous trick to unblock restricted sites. Proxy acts as an intermediary between the browser and the internet.

Using fake proxies help you solving the issue of blocked websites. Many free proxy providing websites are available like newipnow, hidemyass, and kproxy. Visit one of them and access the blocked website by entering the URL into the field given.

If this will not help, you can use a Proxy IP and Port with the browser. Hidemyass has a list of Proxy IP and Port combinations. Select one with a decent speed. Copy the IP and Port.

Now, we have to insert these settings into the browser.

For Chrome users:-

Open the browser and click on the small three stripes on the top right corner to get the Chrome Menu. Choose Settings from the upcoming menu.

Scroll down and click on Advanced Settings to get more options. Locate Change Proxy Settings button under Network. You will be shown a popup. Click on LAN settings. Tick ‘Use proxy server for your LAN’. Paste both Proxy IP and Port into the field given just below the checkbox.

Also, check ‘Bypass proxy server for local addresses’. Click OK.

For Firefox users:-

Open the browser and click on options. Select the last tab that says ‘Advanced’. Then choose ‘Network’.

Click on the Settings button under Connection. Now, you will get a popup. Select the last radio button that says ‘Manual Proxy Configuration’. Enter the copied Proxy IP and Port here. Click OK.

#7. Get Websites to Your Inbox

Yeah, you can get the entire website right into your inbox. This way, we can safely access every blocked site. As you are viewing as a mail, don’t expect as much interactiveness as the usual website has. The one you get is the miniature version.

If all the tricks gave above fail, use this one. You don’t really do any hardship. Just, send mail to with the URL of the website you want to access as the Subject line. That’s all. You will soon get that particular web page via email.

#8. Use Virtual Private Network


Virtual Private Network aka VPN will not going to let you down. This trick works for everyone irrespective of the country, platform or device they are using.

There are many free VPN servers are available. VPNgate is one such website offering free VPN. We are not sure that every free VPN works well.

If you want to access many blocked websites in a row, better purchase a paid VPN. Torguard is a brilliant choice which costs you not more than $10 per month.

Ready to Access Blocked Websites?

I have done my job.

Try any of the methods you like. If it doesn’t work, try with another one. VPN trick is universal. Proxies also work well for anyone, so is the Zenmate.

Everything else depends upon your location and luck.

Do comment below if you have any doubt. And share this with your friends. They would be happy and may give you a party (you know the reason). 😉

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