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Host1Plus Review: Should You Really Buy it?


Hosting is the residence of a website. Without a good hosting, even Google can’t stand up to satisfy people. Hence, choosing a good hosting provider plays a vital role in building a popular website.We know many hosting providers. There are an unlimited number of names to mention. But only a few of them are cheap and among those almost nothing provides quality.But as an exception for this argument, I have found a hosting provider called Host1Plus.

What really is Host1Plus?

  Host1Plus VPS Hosting Web Hosting Dedicated Servers

It is an inexpensive quality hosting provider based in The UK. Host1Plus was launched in 2008. Within such a short span of time, they have managed to get over 33100 of customers.They have data centers all over the world including UK, US, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany etc.

They promised to give you the best hosting on board. The company has formed from the recognition of bad hosting providers and the need to have a reliable web host.

That’s all about them. Now, let me give you an overview of their features.

Various Types of Hosting to Choose From

They are keen in providing diversified types of hosting such as regular shared hosting, VPS, dedicated and reseller hosting. Host1Plus is best known for their VPS hosting.

In shared hosting, we share space with other people to host websites. Usually, this one comes as the cheapest. VPS means Virtual Private Server. In this type of hosting, you are not sharing space but the hardware. And in Dedicated Servers, you share nothing with others. This is something which is most expensive.

Watch this video by Host1Plus to know how you can order shared hosting

Reseller hosting is one in which I purchase it and allow others to use on a fee. By this type of hosting, you can make a good amount of money.

Host1Plus offers these four types. Apart from those, there is new type of hosting called SEO hosting in which your website will be hosted on different dedicated IPs. This change in IP can be turned into more exposure via search engines. They are classified into two. SEO VPS and SEO dedicated hosting.

 Affordable Pricing

HOST1PLUS SSL Certificates

HOST1PLUS SSL Certificates

Host1plus SEO Hosting

Host1plus SEO Hosting

Host1Plus  VPS Hosting

Host1Plus VPS Hosting

Host1Plus  Reseller Hosting

Host1Plus Reseller Hosting

Host1Plus  business hosting

Host1Plus business hosting

In the sea of hosting providers, you are looking for a quality one with cheap price, right?

Then, you should not go anywhere and Host1Plus is here for you. As you can see, even the VPS hosting is priced at very low cost.

Host1Plus Hosting Coupon Code Promo code Discount code  2015

 WEB50OFF – Web hosting -50% for up to 1-6 months billing cycle. For new clients. Can be used once.
VPS30OFF – VPS -30% for 1-3 month billing cycles. For new clients. Can be used once.
DED30OFF – Dedicated -30% for 1-3 month billing cycles. For new clients. Can be used once.
RESELL35OFF – Reseller hosting -35% for 1-3 month billing cycles. For new clients. Can be used once.


24x 7 Support

Web- hosting is a very sensitive field for every website. Any issue in it will result in challenging the existence of your dream projects. So a support team is necessary for all web hosting providers. But Host1Plus’s support team is not the usual one.You have to wait hours after hours (may be days) to get your issue solved on most of the hosting providers’ site. Maybe you will not get a response also.

But, there is no scope to worry with Host1Plus. Their support team consists of programmers, designers, and developers. Any issue with hosting and designing can be solved at once.Live- chat feature is available. If you are not satisfied with that, a support center is also available. There, you can submit a support ticket to get your query solved.

Data Centres All Over the World

Host1Plus data servers

The location of data centers plays a vital role in loading the website. Suppose, I am visiting two websites from India, first one is hosted in India itself and the second one in Germany. If both of them have same specifications, the first one will be loaded faster than the latter. Why because the location matters.

Host1Plus has data centers in 8 different countries (5 various continents). If you are from India, you can choose the server from Asian continent or you are an American native, US servers are there for you.

Hence, select servers carefully. Everyone prefers speed.

Impeccable Hardware

Every hosting plan makes use of a server. You have to know which type of hardware your hosting provider is using. From plan to plan, the configuration differs.With all the VPS hosting package, you will get SSD. The CPUs varies in a number of cores. Higher the plan more is the number of cores. With Host1Plus, you will get Celeron, Atom, core i3, i5, i7 and Xeon processors.

It is possible to mix the configuration of two different plans. If you have no money for a higher plan, start with a lower one. Upgrade when you get enough bucks. Check another Host1Plus review here

Easy to Use Control Panel

host1plus cpanel

From WP installation to backups, you have to enter the control panel. The uncluttered interface is a must for it. Host1Plus has many options in its control panel. The way in which all of them are organized will take your breath. It’s easier to pick a specific option among all.

Right from the installation itself, you will find no difficulties.

ATTENTION: Best WordPress Hosting

One- Click- Script Installer

The traditional method of installing WP (or any script) may confuse you. It includes downloading zipped files and uploading it using FTP method after the extraction. Many chances are there for a corrupted installation.

One- click- installer comes to your rescue now. Host1Plus has two types of script installer, Softaculous, and Installatron. They allow you to install WP, Joomla, Prestashop and all other major platforms. After doing so, you can update its version also.

Sponsorship Program

This is what I like most about them. It shows they are interested not only in making the profit but in spending it to help others also. If you are running a project under any of the following categories, you can expect a helping hand from Host1Plus. Follow Host1Plus on social media:

And here are the categories.

  • Arts and Culture
  • Sports
  • Environment
  • Health and Wellness
  • Social Communities
  • Education
  • Non-Profit/Charity
  • Science and Research
  • Open Source Projects

Affiliate Program to Earn Recurring Commissions

Yeah, this hosting provider too has an affiliate program. You know how difficult it is to get a sale valid in most of the affiliate programs. And after all, you will get very low price than promised.

But not a single Host1Plus affiliate can relate to this. Business needs to be done by professionals. And professionalism should be reflected on every aspect. That’s how this hosting provider approaches everything they are up to.

Sign Up for Host1Plus Affiliate

Watch this video by Host1Plus regarding there affiliate program.

So whether in treating affiliates or giving service, Host1Plus outclasses all its competitors.

My verdict: Over to  You

When I review a product, I personally use it and check for its features. Host1plus is definitely the best VPS service provider that provides value for money. This is a very good hosting company with amazing live chat appliances with different languages available, and the servers are half decent too, maybe lower the prices all in all they offer brilliant support.


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