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Hide My IP Review: Best Tool For Hiding IP Address


Have you ever given an ounce of thought to your privacy on the internet? These days most of us are internet users and much of our personal information revolves somewhere online.

We are using the internet increasingly for carrying out banking transactions, connect with close ones and colleagues, and indulge in important and sensitive information exchange and what not. Therefore, we are increasingly becoming vulnerable to all sorts of cyber threats, especially hacking.

In such times a tool which can guarantee online anonymity from a basic level is a very useful tool to have! Therefore I began the search for finding the right tool which protects my online assets.

That is when I found Hide My IP and decided to give it a try

It is a downloadable (but paid) software application which lets you surf the internet with complete anonymity. It stops hackers from gaining access to any kind of sensitive personal information like your IP address and more.

There is a trial version which you can avail for 14 days. That is what I opted for. After 14 days of trying it… I decided to purchase it. Because this tool helps genuinely and if you are a digital marketer then it will help you all the more when you are trying to find clients and customers.

Let us see how Hide My IP works

When you normally surf the net, there is a direct connection between your computer and the websites you visit.  When this tool will run, an anonymous proxy server is set. It will relay information between you and your websites.

What will happen is that the websites will see the fake relay IP and not your original IP. You must be wondering where the fake IP comes from. Hide my IP selects a random IP from a list of hundreds of anonymous fake IPs from the world over. These are installed in your web browser, email client etc.

Hide My IP 2

You can also sync other applications with Hide My IP.

I believe the entire working is for your benefit. Not only do you get anonymity but also, you get protected from hackers and phishers. This is because the fake IP address which the websites see is the one which these attackers will see. Therefore, they will be unable to gain access to vital and sensitive information.

The process is just a simple click on the Hide My IP button which will appear on your browser after the software is installed. The best part is that is compatible with almost all browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Netscape, Firefox and all others available.

If you want to surf the net normally anytime then you can just click again on the button to disable the function.

Hide My IP 5

There are other cool features with Hide My IP

You can change your visible location: Firstly check your IP after that you can alter your fake IP and show different locations like Brazil, Australia, Singapore and England etc. This can be useful when you have a reputation to protect but still can’t ignore some online operations. It helps you conceal your identity.

Change your IP every 10 seconds: The advanced settings enable you to do that. The cool thing about this software is that it is exceedingly easy to use? Even a child can use it. The newer version has considerable upgrades from the previous ones. You can access more IP addresses and locations and the interface is also pepped up.

In the end I believe that Hide My IP is an excellent tool for online enthusiasts and digital marketers. It is very easy to use and allows for complete anonymity. You can change your IP every 10 minutes and leave many background applications like deleting cookies for it to do automatically.

The one thing which you should know is that during the trial version you get access to a limit number of IPs and the browsing speed is a tad slow.

In the end I say it is a must have tool!

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