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Google Play vs Apple App Store: Which is Best ?

Though  the apple store was not the first store of apps, but it has given a very tough competition to its competitors in the very first week. According to Steve Jobs, CEO of the Apple, it is tough to catch up with apple store for others.

In the starting week apple store generated more revenue than google play. In a very less time google play narrowed down this revenue gap. The main reason behind it was the growth of use of smartphones, also the growth of middle class population. The U.S. and U.K. markets were the most important market for its growth.

Below are some comparison between Apple App store and Google play, which would help to take buying decision.

 Google Play vs Apple App Store


A) Apple App Store:

  • Better quality. Better sale. 60% more profit.
  • Less database compares to google.
  • Affordable only by rich person.
  • Most of the softwares are payable.
  • Only iphone is being used for this application.
  • Less % of games.
  • Both have there own app store to get downloaded.
  • Wide range of prices.
  • It have a hold on premium market. It can be used from cheapest smartphones to high price devices.
  • Scarcity of developers leads to decline somewhere.

B) Google Play

  • Poor quality.
  • Larger database.
  • Easily affordable, cheaper feature.
  • It is the common part of developing markets.
  • More free applications and thus highly downloaded.
  • More numbers of workers and users are available.
  • The Market is large.
  • It have better search features.
  • It is mostly used for fun purpose, as it have lots of games.
  • Low range of prices.
  • Number of apps used by by google play is more than apple.
  • Its operating system holds good position in US market.
  • US and Canada are bigger consumer for this product. Also India and Brazil is emerging market.
  • Its growth sreflects the growth of middle class and 3G as well as 4G connectivity.
  • Growth of facebook initiates its growth.
  • They also came with security protocols.
  • Most of the purchase are came from younger generation.
  • Easily available for techsavvy people.
  • 75% of revenue generation Credits goes to games and youth changing mindset.

Thus on the basis of end user we can decide for the market. As stated above the resons for revenue gap would depend on number of factors. Economic condition and area of interest. Whether one needs it for games or business purposes. The better datas of growth can get from advance payment receipts for this applications. The increase in the use of these products due to increase in social networking sites.

Also due to introduction of cheaper iphone in the market. Google play hold a dominent position in the market. It also add value in economic growth of the country. Duplication reduces the growth. Its better to avoid to buy duplicate materials.



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