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In very simple terms. GoAnimate is an online cartoon/animated video editor. It’s the most user-friendly web-based software program that was specifically designed to enable a variety of users to create professional animated videos and cartoons using the simplest steps possible without ever requiring professional help or additional tools. This ability is facilitated by its drag and drop user interface that will give you exactly what you see. So apart from being incredibly easy, it is also fun and exciting. GoAnimate does not utilize any computer applications or setups. You will get to edit your videos and complete your work directly from a web-based platform using any web browser. As long as you have a seamless internet connection and a mobile device or PC that you can use, you are ready to go.

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GoAnimate Overview:

Animated videos are very appealing. Apart from immediately attracting and maintaining a customer’s attention, animated videos will also enable you to showcase your story and tell it out loud. Animations will allow you to;

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  • Represent diversity. You can customize your characters into hundreds of shades and colors without having to cast a specific race or background. This facilitates diversity.
  • Bend the laws of nature. Animated videos will give you the ability to do anything, even jumping in front of trains. This flexibility will help you to bring out your product’s features and portray them in any manner you like.
  • Contextualize your visualized ideas. Animated videos can help you to bring together all your concepts into one systematic perspective.
  • Explore diversity. With animations, you are never constrained. You can switch your backgrounds, move characters and create different props so as to find the most effective ways to communicate your message.
  • Quickly change your thoughts into visuals. Animations make up the best methods of demonstrating the sequential steps of any process. With animations, you can strike a wide range of tones and emotions that will all be geared to reaping the maximum benefits.

With all these abilities, it is only right that you select the best tool to facilitate your work. GoAnimate is your ultimate partner when it comes to creating perfect animations. The following GoAnimate review highlights some of the reasons why this web-based application is the best option for both armatures and professional animators.

Before we dive into the details, let us look at exactly who this application is meant for; When we consider its usability and functionality, this application is actually meant for everyone. As long as you have a need to create animated videos, this application is right for you. You will require no skills, not even computer skills.

GoAnimate is an application that makes creating animated videos as easy as playing a computer video game, so any ordinary person can create very cool animations for their resumes, teachers, and instructors can create short but highly informative animated videos for their students, small businesses can design animated infographics with eye-catching colors and attention-grabbing aspects and very large organizations and international companies can develop very effective video adverts within minutes of conceptualizing and finalizing their designs. As long as there is a story to tell, GoAnimate will provide all the tools required to bring it to life.

Features of GoAnimate:

  • GoAnimate is intuitive and it is very easy to learn and use when you choose GoAnimate, you will not need any skills or certifications so that you can start editing your videos. As soon as you begin your first project, you will receive interactive tutorials and guide pop-ups that will guide you through the very easy steps. Its intuitive processes are also very advantageous. After your first and second scenes, the editor will fix them together as you require them so you will not have to recreate scenes thus saving you a lot of time.
  • The process of creating videos has been simplified and incorporated in a systematic manner that flows from one step to another. After setting up your background, you will select your characters than their actions and movements and finally, the props and text. This systematic flow will allow you to easily break down your design and follow through as you go to avoid any confusion and moving back and forth.
  • Automatic lip syncing. When you assign a voice to any of your characters on this program, the lip syncing is done automatically which is a very impressive feature. This ability will save you a lot of time and energy that you would have spent straining on perfect lip syncing. With this feature, every other process is a walkover.
  • A variety of visual setups to choose from With GoAnimate, you can choose your layout from a variety of scenes that can represent various occupations, activities, organizations, industries, and concepts. More scenes are continuously and constantly being developed and added to these so it is only set to get better.
  • You will have the ability to create and recreate your own characters. You can opt to recreate yourself, your management team, your president and anyone else for that matter using the GoAnimates simple character creator. This character creator is the only tool that might consume your time and this is not because it is a difficult task, it is because it is extremely easy to use and incredibly fun, you can never imagine the endless character types you can come up with.
  • It incorporates very simple tools to use GoAnimate boasts of the most versatile setup and the simplest tools to facilitate its processes. These simple tools will enable you to easily develop the best videos by selecting perfect characters, choosing from a variety of templates and even importing your own customized innovations from your computer which can include sounds, images, logos, templates, backgrounds, and characters. No matter what ideas you may have, you will be a few clicks away from making them a reality.
  • You can easily incorporate your customized imported content. One of the most useful tools from GoAnimate is the ability to import and customize and utilize personal content in the application system. This feature makes it exceptionally easy to use specialized images and other objects for specialized functions which further increases your limitless diversity.
  • It uses a cloud-based system. GoAnimate is a cloud-based application. It can be used in a notebook or any other device with a low memory because it does not take up any space on a computer hard drive. As long as you have an internet connection, you can complete your projects without downloading it or using any set-ups. When you are done, you can save all your progress and settings in the cloud. Apart from efficiency, this facilitates convenience and mobility since you can do your work anywhere, at any place and at any time as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • The ability to work in teams. Thanks to the Go-team plan, you can collaboratively work with any other member of your team or all your team members on a specific project or a set of videos with very clear communication channels. This feature is very advantageous for any business since it facilitates unlimited possibilities and a greater flow of ideas from a variety of sources.
  • Text to speech feature. Apart from importing your pre-recorded sounds and audios, you will also have the ability to input text and it will be immediately and automatically be converted into speech. This feature will save you a lot of time and hustle and it will enable you to diversify on your video effects.
  • Ability to add and amplify motions. GoAnimate has a collection of pre-programmed motions for numerous characters and elements that you can select to include in your videos. When an animated phone ring, it will vibrate in an exaggerated motion and a manner which will fully bring out the perfect effects for animated videos.
  • It has a school program for teachers and students. GoAnimate for schools is a specialized plan that was made available for teachers and students. This plan allows scholars to make their videos in a secure and private environment where they can customize their work and come up with the correct concepts. This plan starts for as low as $59 in a year and it has no commercial license but otherwise, it is a perfect technique for improving student and content interaction and enhancing better understanding using animated displays With this vast compilation of features, Go-Animate is without a shadow of doubt, the ultimate solution to any animation needs.

GoAnimate Plan & Pricing:

GoAnimate has three premium plans which are all designed to produce the best results for any end user. These plans include:
Go-Publish Plan: This is the most basic plan which goes at $30 in a month and $299 in a year With this plan, you will be able to;

  • Download videos up to 720 Pixeal.
  • Produce unlimited videos.
  • Directly export your videos to YouTube and other sites.
  • Unlimited downloads and exports.
  • Import audio, images, and video files.
  • Commercial licensing.
  • GoAnimate logo only.
  • Security and privacy. 40 premium music tracks.

Go-Premium Plan: Is the second plan that can be as low as $79 in a month and $599 yearly. This plan comes with all the features of the Go-Plus with additional features which include;

  • The ability to download videos up to 1080P.
  • Remove or replace the GoAnimate logo.
  • Live chats.
  • 70 premium music tracks.

Go-Team Plan: It is the final plan that goes for a monthly price of $159 and a yearly price of $999 for a single seat. The Go-Team plan offers all the features of the Go-Premium plan plus:

  • A multi-seat ability which will allow you to work in teams.
  • Priority service queue.
  • You can download animated GIF.
  • You can import fonts.
  • 100 premium music tracks.
  • Shared library/video collaboration.


  • It has a 14-day trial period with no credit cards required which will enable you to adequately test the functionality of the program.
  • It has a cloud interface which ensures data security and privacy.
  • It loads very fast and responds in a timely manner.
  • It includes a library of numerous characters, hosting, props and backgrounds which help to diversify designs.
  • It has a variety of plans to choose from – It is very easy to learn and use to produce the highest quality and professional animation videos.


It is quite difficult to identify cons with the GoAnimate but some individuals prefer that it would have rather been a computer-based application or a downloadable program. Even though this system is cloud-based and it uses an internet connection, the fact that you can create your videos in a couple of minutes means that you will require very little online time, having this set up on a cloud also facilitates a lot of functionality issues though they might not be a problem with a large computer memory.

Final Thoughts:

Cartoons never seem to fade and as they remain relevant in the society, it is only right to use them to the uttermost advantage. With GoAnimate, you can create any animation that you can think of in the shortest time possible and customize it to portray a specific message that will promote your brand. The versatility and diversity of this program can enable anyone to come up with a very appealing and professional video. You can easily sign up for this system and get your 14 day trial for free. Sign up and experience unlimited animation possibilities.