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GetResponse vs iContact: Who is better at Email marketing?


If you are reading this article then you must be looking for an autoresponder which can help you with your Email Marketing needs. Autoresponders are automated tools which save you time and money. They help you retain your visitors, increase rate of conversion and ensures continuous marketing without hiring any expert.


They not only help in increasing traffic on your website but also help you create a fan base. But out of tons of autoresponders which one should you use? This is why I am writing this review GetResponse vs. iContact
GetResponse and iContact are two leading autoresponders. While these two are ideal for your email marketing needs, which one is best for your next campaign?


This GetResponse vs iContact review will give you details about various features of the two tools. 

GetResponse vs iContact: Who is better at Email marketing?

Ease of Use

getresponse email features

When it comes to ease of use,iContact wins. It has a very user friendly interface. Once you login successfully there is a list of tabs at the top of screen which will let you create an E-mail campaign very easily.All you have to do is select the correspondent and iContact will help you step by step. Developers of iContact have made it so easy to use, that any tech noob can use it.You don’t have to be a tech expert to work with iContact.

GetResponse’s interface is fairly simple too but you need a learning curve to get a full grasp. Most of the features are easy to use but you need some knowledge to use some of the features optimally.It is not so good if you don’t have the knowledge of coding.

Design Service

Design service of iContact is very easy. There are around 500 templates available in iContact. You can choose any of the templates and modify and personalize the template.  It has drag-and-drop functions which make editing very easy. If you wish to design something from scratch then a team of designers will help you to create templates, custom footers, sign up forms and much more.  Sounds pretty amazing, right?

icontacts features list

GetResponse wins over iContact when it comes to creating newsletters. It has more than 300 templates using which you can create your own email or newsletter. Drop and drag option makes customizing and personalizing a very easy process. iContact’s drag and drop function is slow when compared to GetResponse.One of the best features of GetResponseis that all their templates are mobile-responsive. You can check how your newsletter will look on different operating devices and browsers.

GetResponse has one more feature called time travel which no other autoresponder has. You can schedule the newsletter to be sent according to the local time of the receiver. This will increase your success rate remarkably.

Social Media Marketing Tool

icontact features
iContact definitely is a better social media marketing tool. You can share your campaigns on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Your friends and followers can share your campaigns with their friends. You can even add subscriber sign up form to your facebook page and website.  It has social media tracking tools, using which you can analyse the performance and amplify the reach of your campaigns on social networks.

icontact list  features
icontact list features

GetResponse has similar functions but when it comes to sharing your campaign on different social networking websites, the process is bit more complex and time taking. iContact on the other hand is fairly easy and simple.  GetResponse lacks the social media tracking tool.


Customer Support

For me customer support is one of the most important factors. Especially if it is a tech product. GetResponse is badass when it comes to customer support. They offer phone support, email support and 24 hours live chat support. Yeah, you read it right! If you are stuck somewhere or not able to understand something, do not worry, just go to their website and start typing your problem; there will be someone to help you out.

You can also pick up the phone and start dialling but the service isn’t available 24*7.IContact is however two steps behind when it comes to customer support. They don’t have 24 hour live customer support. However you can message your problems or email them and they will get back to you next day.

Liked what you learned so far? Keep reading to learn more.


Pricing is one of the most influential factors when it comes to selecting online marketing tools. Our decision is majorly influenced by the product’s price. Frankly, GetResponse is cheaper than iContact.  They both offer discounts if you opt for annual subscription. Here is the list of different pricing plans depending on the number of subscribers.



0-250 contacts $10/month 
251-500 contacts $14/month 
501-1000 contacts $19/month
1001-2500 contacts $29/month
2501-5000 contacts $47/month
5001-10000 contacts $74/month
10001-15000 contacts $109/month 


Up to 1,000 subscribers – $15/month

Up to 2,500 subscribers – $25/month

Up to 5,000 subscribers – $45/month

Up to 10,000 subscribers – $65/month

Up to 25,000 subscribers – $145/month

Up to 50,000 subscribers – $250/month

Up to 100,000 subscribers – $450/month

Free Trial

The good thing about both tools is that they are offering free trials. None of them need your credit card details to sign up. The only difference is that GetResponse offers a 30 day free trial and iContact offers only 15 days of free trial. Which is not much of a difference as 15 days are enough to decide whether the tool fulfils your needs or not.


I am pretty sure lot of eyebrows will be raised when I say that according to me iContact won the GetResponse vs. iContact war. I know majority of tech gurus say that GetResponse is one of the best Email Marketing tool present also the cheapest. But you also need to have knowledge of coding if you want to use GetResponse.

It makes no sense in buying a tool because of all the hype and also because it is cheap and then not being able to use it as you don’t have the required skill. Then it is nothing more than trash for you.

You can opt for GetResponse if you have knowledge of coding or have few hundred dollars to hire a Coder. Then it is the best option hands down!

This is why I strongly and confidently recommend iContact because of its easy, simple interface and control panel.  You can download it right now and start designing campaigns and newsletters. You don’t need any coding or expert to use this tool. You will have full support from the iContact team. They will also create campaigns and newsletters for you. No other tool offers such help.

And if you still have second thoughts than you can go to their website and download their 15 days free trial today. Give it a try; I am sure you will love it.

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