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Getlinked Review 2022: Best Performance Marketing Software

Getlinked is one of the best solutions for advertisers, networks, e-commerce businesses and start-ups. Basically, it is a performance marketing platform that can set up customized solutions for their users. The solutions will be based on the needs of the vertical and industry. It is an ideal platform for Media Agencies, Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, and Marketers.

Getlinked Review

Getlinked is a one-stop shop solution for white label traffic and affiliate networks. It uses the most versatile and diverse technology, due to which the team will be able to deliver the customized solutions as per the requirement of clients. It is a pharaonic platform where businesses can grow, build and manage traffic sources, affiliates, and media partnerships in an easy and convenient way.

👊 Getlinked Review: Complete Guide

Getlinked develops the most innovative Software-as-a-Service interface capable of overseeing multiple partnerships through web and mobile applications.

The company is able to manage the important partnerships with advertisers, influencers, agencies, affiliates, and networks from the versatile platform while optimizing ROI via the in-house marketing and remarketing tools, reports, and live-stats. The team are expert and capable in developing the solutions and new features as per the client’s requirement.

😍 Why Choose Getlinked? Best Affiliate Software

Getlinked brings the most advanced and latest dynamic solutions which are geared towards taking clients’ business to the next level.

The company possesses all the essential components to deliver the most robust and high-performance marketing platforms on the web and mobile platforms that include monetization, marketing analytics, traffic management, hosting, integration, security, network, back-office and finance management solutions.

Getlinked Marketing Solutions

The additional factor that attracts the customers towards Getlinked is that the cost of hosting by the company is nothing for the clients because the team will always provide their customers with real-time backup and disaster recovery in a scalable environment that is ideal for your growth.

Cores values and the motto of Getlinked also plays a vital role in the growth of the Company.  Certain core values that are crucial for the company are Integrity, Client Centricity and Agility. They have passion to perform for their customers with a team spirit.

Getlinked motto is damn precise and clear. They quote it as “What you need, we have it! If we don’t, we’ll develop it for you.” The culture and motto of Getlinked are to assist clients from inception to unwavering success.

Strategic Technology Partners Getlinked

👍 Getlinked Features & Tools

  • Traffic Management: Getlinked builds, cultivates, and manages all traffic sources and affiliates under one roof. It manages complete Affiliate Management System, Affiliate Partners, Capping, Budgets, Scheduling, and Balances. It has a Virtual Balance Account System for Partners and Advertisers. It also keeps Tracking Links, Parallel Tracking, Smart API Systems, Post backs & Pixels, Dynamic Split Testing.
  • Traffic Monetization: It manages and controls the leads, advertisers, offers, payments, balance, and more to maximize ROI. The leads distribution, campaign scheduling and targeting are done by them. They have dynamic offers and creative catalogues which provide flexibility towards the location management. They also offer conditional and multi-tier commission systems.
  • Remarketing: Omni-messaging system is administered by the Company while performing remarketing. Event-driven & messages are scheduled and 3rd party integrations are conducted by the Company.
  • Network, Back-Office & Finance Management: It creates and manages users’ groups for the enhancement of the Company. Ultra-Flexible Permission System, Omni-Messaging System and Complete Invoicing System are closely monitored by the employees. They have a high-end technology alert system and full network log.
  • Security & In-frustration: This feature helps in managing real-time backup, real-time monitoring and disaster recovery. They have advanced secured servers and unique data encryption solutions.

😛 Getlinked Solutions

Getlinked Performance Network

Learn about the solutions which are accessible and beneficial for:

  • Advertisers – Getlinked simplifies the management and scalability of your growing enterprise through custom-built management and performance monitoring systems. Leverage vast expertise while exploiting our advanced marketing and analytical tools, real-time performance reports, and comprehensive in-house Virtual Balancing System with invoice capabilities.
  • Networks – With Getlinked, the clients will be able to manage a network of any scale effectively, from a one-man show to industry-leading networks with hundreds of employees.
  • Ecommerce – Getlinked offers for best affiliate network technology that can be used now by shop owners to build a robust affiliate program for their shops to promote business based on performance that are fixed, revenue-share, and even hybrid.
  • Start-ups – Getlinked believes in the core values of the idea, venture and business. It acts as an all-in-one Marketing Development Team. If a user is looking for something and Getlinked doesn’t have it, then no need to worry, they will develop the solution or feature which will meet the user’s needs.

Become Getlinked Agent

Innovate Your Affiliate Network & Brand Experience

Getlinked offers a valuable option to the people. They invite the application to become an agent with them. As an agent, if you manage to bring a deal that will be closed then the Company will pay you up to 10% revenue-share from that deal.

Submit Application to become an Agent

  1. Visit
  2. Enter details in the form that includes your name, email address, contact number, country and Skype ID.
  3. Click on the ‘Submit’ button to submit the application.

🤔 Who are The Targeted Companies?

The Company will provide thorough knowledge about the platforms to agents, so they can identify who is the targeted audience.

  • Any company which has a marketing solution but is obsolete and old and they need to upgrade.
  • Any company which needs a performance marketing solution as a part of the business.
  • The companies that belong to different industries like iGaming, Finance, Media Buyers, Affiliate Networks, and more.

🔥 How is Getlinked Different From Competitors?

First-Hand Look of Getlinked

  • Getlinked has an in-house development team with 360 tech solutions, which means if the client needs certain developments, solutions, or features, they do it.
  • Clients can easily reach out to the development team or representative to get the solution.
  • They are trusted by top companies who outsource the technology to the advantage.
  • The Company delivers the next generation technology which is unmatched and unparalleled by the competitors.
  • Getlinked works on robust technology to provide the insight and advice which are required to help the clients to achieve the next level of success.

❣️ Getlinked Pricing

Getlinked does not offer the free trial, and if you want the quote-based plan, you have to contact the team.

The company doesn’t charge any monthly fees too as they work on a revenue-share or performance-based model that means, if the client is earning, then a company is earning. The interest of Getlinked’s team is always like the client’s interest.

💥 Getlinked Customer Support

Getlinked customer support is available 24*7 to their clients. Even the dedicated team of Getlinked can also provide assistance on the weekend if a client is having an urgent issue. There are different ways to reach out to the team, either you can write an email and send it to [email protected]. If you want to be updated about the latest enhancement or new features by Getlinked, you can get connected via Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

🤠 Final Verdict On Getlinked Review

With Getlinked, the clients will be assured that their data is 100% secure and private through the company’s powerful data encryption. The Company offers the best affiliate software solution that enables the clients to take their business to the next level with effective targeting and managing the hard to reach niches.

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