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How to Get the Most Out of Your CRM Software

Building rapport with customers is one of the best ways to ensure they keep coming back. Doing this used to be hard because you had to manually keep track of customer information and try to remember everything about a customer the next time they came to your business.

Now, with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, it is very easy. CRM software helps keep contact information organized and can help you analyze buying patterns and preferences, so you can streamline your customer interactions. With all the benefits CRM software affords you, it is not enough to simply have it running and leave it there because you will not see any benefits if you do this. You need to be up to date on how to make your CRM software work for you so you can get the most out of it.

Automating Basic Tasks

Many business owners say they are not able to automate some tasks because they do not have the time to do it. What they do not know is that making sales and completing purchases is a small percentage of what businesses do and gaining leeway with customers is a very important aspect of running a business.

Task automation is a very useful CRM feature that is sadly not utilized enough. When guiding your customers through their purchase journey, you might need to call them, email them or communicate with them in some way. Scheduling calls and sending emails manually is tedious and time-consuming, and this is where you can take advantage of your CRM’s features.

Besides these direct interactions with customers, you can also use automation to direct them to the information they need and direct them to where they can get help should they need it.

Keeping Information Accurate and up to Date

One of the biggest challenges for any business is keeping customer information accurate and up to date. This is because you may be collecting customer data from lots of different sources, which might lead to duplicates or incomplete data. A CRM should sync information between all your business apps and devices so you have all this information wherever you need it. PieSync, for instance, lets you sync customer data across different apps and devices.

Say you want your Google Contacts to be available in your Mailchimp account, PieSync can do that for you and more. They allow you to connect over 200 different apps, including email marketing, other CRMs, and customer care software and apps easily so you can leverage all of them the best way possible for your marketing, outreach or any other purpose.

Streamlining Through Analytics

Data is a very valuable commodity to any business, but that data is worthless if it cannot be used to understand customer trends and behavior and help a business grow. A good CRM should be able to analyze customer data so that you can use it in business operations in the future. For example, if a certain email campaign was more successful than the rest, a CRM can help you understand why this is so, and help you replicate those results in the future.

CRM software can also help you streamline your sales and marketing tactics. Since you can collect and categorize customer information using the CRM, your salespeople can deliver targeted sales pitches, which helps close more deals and increases sales.

Using Data to Upsell

Almost every business owner knows that it is easier and cheaper to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Using data from your CRM software, you can design events, promotions, and sales that are targeted towards certain customers because you already have data on their purchase history. For example, if they purchased a computer from your online store, you could recommend a better keyboard or mouse. This makes it easier for your customers to find and purchase related products and promotes repeat business, thereby increasing your profit margins.

Integrating With Other Business Software

You probably have a whole suite of business apps, helping you streamline your business processes. Integrating all of them makes them even more powerful. For example, integrating with accounting software helps you see customer and financial data in one place, which eliminates redundant data entries in addition to giving you accurate and detailed reports. If you have a VoIP system, integrating it with your CRM displays all information you have about a customer on the screen so that your staff can have it on hand before they call them.

Besides business tools, your CRM should also be connected to your social media profiles. Social listening, the ability to listen to what people are saying about your business or brand on social media, is very important. Listening to conversations on the major social media websites gives an in-depth idea of what people think about your business, brand, products, and services, so you can know what to tweak to make their experiences and interactions with your business and brand much better.

Social listening can also be used to find out what your customers need and what products and services they wished your business provided. This, therefore, becomes a potent source of new products and services ideas.

Create Problem-Solving Portfolios

With all the information you have about different customers and how you have interacted with them over the years, it is possible to investigate particular interactions and see how the issues in those cases were dealt with. This makes it easy to predict what future customers, especially new ones, would need if they called, emailed or got in touch with similar issues.

Because you have these predictions, you can create service guidelines and problem-solving playbooks. Both of these will help you deal with similar issues in the future, which helps give your customers consistent services. Once customers know their issues will be taken care of satisfactorily, they know what to expect when they get in touch and become more satisfied with your services.

CRM software is a very important tool that, if used correctly, can transform your business. You just need to leverage its hidden functionalities and powers. Doing this will ensure you are making the most use of it and it is providing your business maximum benefit.

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