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How to Practice Responsible Gambling On Your Smartphone?

Our smartphones go everywhere with us, giving instant access to a wide range of services on the go. A pocket boredom buster, they allow us to play music, watch videos, play games, shop and even gamble. Gambling is fun, but it can be addictive, so here is how to practice responsible gambling on your mobile phone.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Gambling is a fun activity, activating the brain’s reward centre; it gives us a dopamine hit. This dopamine hit is what can become addictive. It can lead to people spending more than they can afford in the quest to keep that dopamine high. Responsible gambling is enjoying the experience but not exposing yourself or others to harm.

What’s the Harm in Gambling?

When you play responsibly, there is no harm in gambling; it’s a fun experience. The difficulties come when people don’t set their limits. That can lead to financial difficulties, mental health problems and relationship issues.

How Can I Gamble Responsibly?

The good news is that most reputable gambling sites will help to keep you safe with a range of safety measured. One example of such a site is who provide a range of measures to help their players set limits. These include:

  • Deposit Limits
  • Loss Limits
  • Session Limits
  • Wagering Limits.

These limits enable you to restrict the amount of time or money you can spend when playing. Below we list some key assistance Leovegas provides, so that you to set limits and maintain control.

Deposit Limit

This option can prevent you from adding too much money within a specific time frame. You can choose whether this is daily, weekly or monthly on a reputable site.

Loss Limit

The loss limit allows you to set a limit on the amount of money you can lose. This can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Session Limit

The session limit allows you to choose how long you can play for. A notification will appear before your time is up. You will be logged out of your account once the limit has been reached.

Wagering Limit

This option allows you to limit the amount of money you can wager. Once again, this can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Set your limits

The limits that gambling websites and apps allow you to set are there for a reason. You can limit time spent playing and the amount of money you deposit, lose or wager. These are all available to help you, the player, maintain control.

Setting Limits When Gambling on a Smartphone

Playing from a smartphone is easy and convenient. We carry our phones around everywhere. When boredom hits, we can take out our device and enjoy a gaming experience.

RGood, reputable gambling apps and websites will also offer the option to pause or delete your account. They will also allow you to monitor your player usage. This should show things like play duration, results, deposits, wagers and withdrawals.

As a player, you should always be in control. Opting to play with a licenced and reputable site that takes players safety seriously keeps you safe.

Gambling from your smartphone can be a fun experience. Just remember to always set your limits and keep within your budget. Setting your limits before play is good practice that will keep the experience enjoyable. Now you know what to do, all that’s left is enjoying the game by playing responsibly.

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