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Top 9 Funniest Android Apps for your Smartphone

Laughter is the best medicine. What is more fun is that today we do not have to open up our TVs and look for something funny to be entertained. The era of internet, laptops and smartphones has given way to numerous interesting applications and games which can tickle our belly.

There are some applications available on android which you can access through your stores of your smartphones which provide you with all the laughter you need every day. These are the funniest android apps available. So:

9 Funniest android apps

Here are the 9 funniest Android Apps for your smartphone

  1. Crack Your Screen

Crack Your Screen

Now if you’re mobile screen really cracked then it would not be funny at all. But, if you want to play a prank on let’s say anyone by showing them an illusion of a cracked screen then you can do it with this app and cater a few laughs. You have to turn it one, shake your mobile device like a phone or tablet and lo, you’re scree will appear as if cracked.

You can easily download the app from here.

  1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Who doesn’t know this game? It has been the rage since its launch a few years back. Irritated little hens, firing away themselves to take on a bunch of annoying pigs, that has to funny! At least, it is it for me.

Five minutes on this game and I believe you will experience some stress release and laughter too! Download it easily from here.


  1. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Another very addictive and funny game which has an extremely simple interface, Flappy Bird is definitely one my top funniest android apps.

There is a bird which you have to keep flying by tapping the screen continuously. Wait, it is not that easy. There are numerous obstacles in the path in the form of pillars. You never know when you will bump into one. When you do, I am sure you will laugh!

Get the game here.

  1. 9GAG


9GAG is hugely popular on the internet. Therefore, it has launched an app for its readers too which is free! It has a large collection of memes, funny images, videos, gifs and what not to cheer you up on your worst days. It is one of the funniest android apps rated from the beginning of its launch. Download it from here.

  1. CheezBurger


Another free app which is an extension of a popular website, CheezBurger is a very popular humour platform which generates over 10 million visitors per month. You can browse gifs, videos, jokes, comics, images and other funny content. It comes free with in-app purchases. You can easily create your own posts too! Thus, if you’re feeling a little artistic yourself then this is one top app for you. You can get it from here.

  1. Food Battle

Food Battle

Cutesy and fun, these are two words which describe Food Battle, another worthy entrant on our list of funniest android apps. It comes for free and allows you play a giant parody game which aims to tickle your bellies all the time. It is also a cool game for mature audience as it can sometimes involve mature language and adult humour. You can download it easily from here.

  1. Funny Jokes

Funny Jokes

This is another free app which comes with the aim to launch you into perennial laughter. It contains an archive of really funny jokes which are also divided into funny categories like Rajnikanta jokes for Indians and Chuck Norris jokes for the westerns! SO take your pick according to your mood. The interface is very simple and allows you to comment and rate different jokes which you see.

You can download it from here.

  1. LOL Pic

LOl Pics

Similar to funny jokes, LOL Pics is another one of our funniest android apps. It has more in common with CheezBurger and 9GAG. It has a huge collection of funny pictures to browse from. The database is updated every day with new categories like FMLs, Fails, puns and more. It is a good app if you are looking for simple humour coupled with easy browsing. They could work on their interface though. Download the app from here. 

  1. Pivi and Co Booth Series

Pivi and Co Booth Series

The last entrant on our list of the top funniest android apps has a complex name and may sound boring but is very interesting and useful if you want to irritate and play pranks on your friends. The app is an image modifier which can help you with making your friends look fat or aged or ugly if you want to.

Please remember how sensitive your friends are before doing such stuff because the app does work perfectly and gives smooth transitioned images which look authentic.

This is one of those apps which just takes the space on your memory and only comes up during parties and hang-outs. Use it wisely. Download it from here.

What app will you download from our list? Is there some other funny app we missed? Be sure to discuss in the comments!

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