Latest Working Free Airtel 3G Internet Trick

How about if I told you that you could get some Airtel 3G Internet for free? That would be cool isn’t it?

Free 3G Internet Tricks for Airtel 2015 Android Mobile PC

Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication service providers in India and Asia. Consequently it is one the largest providers if broadband and cellular based internet. It currently offers a wide range of 3rd generation or 3G internet services in the country. This post concentrates on Free Airtel 3G internet.

Here I along with other team members of this tech blog have discovered a hack through which you can get some free internet.

Here is how to get some Free Airtel 3G Internet

The trick is based on VPN book servers. It will work in most of the states like Gujarat, Rajasthan, NCR, UP and Maharashtra. You may incur some problems in the other states. You can use this trick for both your android smartphones and your PC. You will require the following:

  1. An Airtel SIM card with 3G internet enabled
  2. For getting optimum speed, get it recharged with a small dose of 3G pack
  3. Go to the internet setting >> Find APN or Access Point Name
  4. Once you find it set it to – com
  5. You can get speeds up to 7.2 Mbps
  6. Check Your speed from

Note that the speed is 7.2 Mbps and not MBPS which means Mega Bits and not Mega Bytes. So do not get confused if the sites and surfing is not superfast.

Now here is the trick for Mobile

  1. Download some configuration files from here
  2. Extract these files to your phone’s SD card
  3. Download and install Droid VPN on your phone
  4. Add the downloaded configuration files to the VPN folder
  5. Run Droid VPN
  6. You will be automatically connected to the internet

Now here is the trick for PC

  1. Download the configuration files as above
  2. Now you need to download NMD VPN by clicking here.
  3. Install the VPN software on your system
  4. Move the downloaded files to the VPN config folder — …….. NMD VPN\Config
  5. Open the NMD VPN tool as the administrator (you can become the admin easily by going to control panel and then windows and selecting to run as administrator)
  6. Connect the configuration files. You will automatically connect to the net.

Sometimes it may happen that your SIM card may be blocked when you use this trick. It is understandable because after all the trick is unofficial. Just keep a few of these things in mind to avoid SIM blockage.

  • Do not use too much data in one session: Try to be more frequent and disconnect and connect more often. Disconnect after each 350 MB usage
  • Use with a small 3G plan: Just get a small 3G recharge done.
  • Avoid Large Downloads

So use the trick and enjoy the free internet.

Will you use the free internet? Discuss your thoughts in the comments

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