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Google Will Now Help To Find Your Missing Smartphone

Technology presents limitless dimensions. Google, the biggest name in Internet technology and android software has launched a new feature which can ease the life of many.

Now you can find your missing smartphone using Google

You can borrow your friend’s phone or log on to your system and then open the Google app. Then you can instruct Google to ring your phone which can be very helpful if you have misplaced it. You can also locate your smartphone on Google map.

This is a very good feature launched by Google. Today, smartphones have become an integral part of life. They help us with a lot of important things like connecting to important people, storing important files and media, communicating and surfing the internet.

Therefore, we can all agree that chaos knows no bounds when we lose our phones. But thanks to Google now finding missing smartphones will be a lot easier.

Just go to Google and type ‘Find my Phone’. The following window will open.

 google find my phone

You have to then allow the Google app access to your phone’s location. It may require a sign-in again to ensure that you are not hacked by someone.

Then Google will begin to contact your phone as it started finding mine in this image below.

 contacting your phone

It will give the location of your phone to the nearest. That’s it, you can now find your missing smartphone.

You can also request Google to ring your phone in case you think you have misplaced it nearby. Just click on the ring button. The following popup will appear.

ring your phone from google

Click on RING

You will see the following message and soon enough your phone will start ringing. Mine did!!

ring requested from google

The phone will ring for 5 full minutes. That is good enough for you to find it in case you have misplaced it nearby.

Well! Now You can easily find your missing smartphone

What do you think about this new Google feature?

Do ensure that GPS is active on your phone. If Google can’t access your phone’s GPS it will be unable to locate it. It can get tough if you lose your phone in areas where the GPS signal is weak!

Google’s Android Device Manager already allows users to find Google via the voice-command feature on Google Now. In order to ensure that the Device manager can locate the device, you need to register the device with the feature as well.

Albeit, I find that the feature is really helpful! Don’t you think

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