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Family Phone Tracker Complete Review: Main Features Along With Pros And Cons


Keeping an eye on your close ones is a quite tough job. But with Fameelee app you can stay connected with your family and friends and get every second in detail no matter where he/she is with the accurate location.

So at any point of time if your family member is in trouble or issue you can get there easily to help out. Fameelee comes with lots of features and is really very advanced and efficient for you to stay connected.

fameelee Review

Fameelee app provides you with the features of accurate real-time location tracking, which allows one to get the exact location; private and group chats allowing one to be in touch with individual family members; emergency alerts, which helps one to send and receive alerts at emergencies for getting any sort of help; high battery efficiency, cause the battery has been always a major issue for running an app for 24*7 and keeping this issue in mind developers have developed the app for consuming less battery power; critical places alerts, when some of your members leaves or enters the regions specified; and speed limit control, cause sometimes you may be worried about the dear and near ones, who are driving, so this solution can help you to adjust the speed limit to get notified in exceeding it.

Discussing the features of fameelee in more detail:

Fameelee is the perfect app, acting as a family phone tracker that allows you stay connected to your family 24*7 with all its awesome features.

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Accurate Real-Time Location Tracking

There are lots of apps in the market which promises you accurate location tracking but somewhere almost every app fails to do so due to the weak GPS tracking system.

But when you start using the Fameelee app you can feel the difference. Fameelee gives you the accurate location for every second with perfect coordinates on the map. This allows you to track the real-time location of your family or friends in your circle.

Get rid of all those GPS tracking systems when you can have the perfect location with this app along with other features.

Fameelee Features

Private & Group Chats

Unlike other apps in the market which provide you private and group chats, Fameelee also allows you to get in touch with your circle through chats for getting more information, but the point that makes it different is that it’s a location tracking application and none of the location tracking systems will give you the feature of chat.

You don’t need to install different apps for doing the same, you can check the location and chat with your members in a circle and know what’s going on.

Emergency Alerts

Another awesome feature of Fameelee is that it allows you to send and receive emergency alerts, so no matter where you are or how bad the situation is you can send an emergency alert to your circle asking for help and the other person will get the notification with every possible detail for reaching to you for help. Being the most advanced feature of nowadays Fameelee has also included the same in your fingertip. For making it easy.

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Battery Efficiency

Battery is always being a major issue for Android users as well as Apple. Having an app, which runs all day and keeps processing itself every second in the background becomes the reason for draining your battery out. When you want to install Fameelee all in one app you may be thinking about the battery power consumption of the app, relax, because Fameelee consumes very less battery power for its processing.

We mean that comparing to another similar app with all those fabulous features it consumes less battery, that’s why your battery drains out less and your phone remains awake for long, so that you can be in touch with your circle for a long time keeping an eye on them.


One more factor that every user faces dealing with the location tracking app is that the geographic location in some region can be inaccurate, which makes a barrier for tracking down the location. But solving this problem the developers have developed the app in such a way that geographic location will never be an issue for tracking down your family or friends.

Speed Limit Control

The driving speed limit is always an important factor for those, who care for their beloved ones. Fameelee app has an awesome feature that I personally think any other app doesn’t have. One can set a speed limit for the member and will be notified every time when the speed limit exceeds.

To keep an eye on your child who goes to school through school bus or one who uses bikes or cars to make sure they are riding safely you can set a speed limit so that whenever they exceed the limit you can notify them by telling them to slow down, before something bad will happen with them.

Fameelee comes for both Android and Apple, so you don’t need to worry about what phone you are using. Just take care for your family and friends with Fameelee and keep them safe.

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fameelee reviews

“You do care about your loved ones, don’t you?”

Fameelee is an all in one app and can be considered as both a new messaging app and an advanced real-time tracking app. With a brilliant look, great user interface and a wide range of features it becomes the perfect app for keeping an eye on your family for their safety.

After knowing all the extended features of the app, it’s your turn to use the app and show your care for your family. Experience the features and take the most from them. Fameelee cares for your family and loved ones. Taking care of your family will no longer be a routine for you. Getting details of every movement makes you tension free if you know the family is safe.

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