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eScan AntiVirus Review 2015: Download eScan antivirus Free


Antivirus software has become an inevitable part of a computer be it Mac or Windows. The black- hat programmers all around the world create more and more advanced malware to steal our data and damage our computers.

In such a scenario, you can’t skip using an antivirus especially if you are a regular internet, user. The internet is not as safe as you think. There is a great chance for your computer to get virus affected. Don’t worry folks. I am here to help you. You don’t have to rack your brain by searching for an effective security tool.

eScan Antivirus is here to kill every threat you will be facing.


  • A simple UI, has built- in firewall and file encryption facility.
  • Availability of affiliate program.
  • eScan Anti-Virus is one of the most effective malware protection products available.


  • It may slow down your computer by making use of maximum resources.
  • Support for this product is decent.

Introducing eScan Antivirus


eScan is one of the best antivirus tools available on the market. It was created by an Indian security firm called MicroWorld Technologies. The software first made its public appearance in 1993. So, you can assume its efficiency, having more than 20 years of service.

eScan antivirus is available for three platforms, Windows, Linux, and Android. Most of the computer users have an Android. Hence, it will be easy for you to use the single software for both of your devices. Find product details for eScan Anti-Virus for Windows antivirus software including security features, price, and reviews. eScan antivirus full version free download 2015. 

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This antivirus is a paid tool. But a trial version is available so that you can try and decide.

Read more about this on Wikipedia.

Now, it’s time to have a look at the features section.

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Features of eScan Antivirus

eScan Antivirus is a premium security solution as I already said. So, you should try the same to be sure that it fits your need. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

Anyway, this security tool is feature- rich. You will get many useful options with it. I am going to analyze some of the unique features of eScan antivirus. Hence, absence of any usual antivirus feature in this analysis doesn’t mean that it is not present in eScan.

#1. Clean and Elegant Design


Design decides the usability. That’s why companies hire UI designers to design their websites’ and apps’ user interface.

Here, eScan Antivirus features an elegant interface. The tasks are arranged in an organized way not to confuse you. I liked its interface. This simple, at the same time The English user interface show that their designers have taken extra effort.

Just below the title bar, you can see the date on which virus definition was updated and the day you performed last system scan. Underneath it, there are three main menus at the right, Protection, Scan and Update. To the right of it, the selected menu is shown.

Below is the main window where all the sub- tasks are displayed. See the image above. You get an overview of how eScan antivirus’s UI looks like.

Beneath the main window, there are four links to Options, Logs, Quarantined, and Scheduler. On the bottom of the homepage, the dropdown menu of languages can be seen. If you don’t like using the software in English language, you can select any one from the dropdown list simply by clicking on it.

#2. Unbeatable Protection


Protection is the fundamental function of an antivirus. There will be no use of a security tool that has a great design and seducing UI if it is unable to protect your computer.

Here, you don’t have to worry about the protection. Why because eScan Antivirus has got the best in class protection.

Click on scan to get scanning options. You will get four vivid options (My computer scan, Home directory scan, Custom scan and USB devices scan). The first one scans the whole of your computer. The second one is only available on Mac computer. The third option allows you to scan particular files or folder. The last one lets you analyze flash drives connected to the PC.


The custom scan options surprised me with the control options it offers. You can even scan the startup to optimize it if eScan antivirus finds any issue. Also, memory and registry can also be cleaned to skyrocket the performance of your system.


A firewall option is available. You may think that what’s so special about this regular feature, right? But this one means what the name is. eScan’s firewall doesn’t allow any malicious files intrude into your machine.

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#3. Efficient Anti- spam feature


Spam mails are something that steals a lot of our time. Some spammers are too intelligent to compel us to open their mails. On a first look, their email seems to be legitimate. But further reading makes us aware of the fact that we were wrong.

eScan Antivirus has an anti- spam feature. So, you can forget about this inconvenience. Spam mails will not bother you anymore. The settings of this feature give you more control. I think you are not from China or Korea. If so, checking the second option under Spam Filter Configuration will be very useful to you. It flags emails with Chinese/ Korean as spam.

Here is a video about using Escan’s various features by its YouTube Channel eScan AV

#4. Automatic Virus Scan


We love automation, right? From the childhood when we hoped for someone to automate our home works to this day, we love to make our jobs automatic.

If you want to make virus scan automatic, this feature will benefit you a lot. This has the same function of Scheduled scan in any other antivirus. But the level of regulation you get in eScan is not usual.

There are options to perform hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and startup scans. You can also execute a onetime scheduled scan after setting up the time.

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#5. Additional Tools


Keylogging is a longtime hacking technique to steal anyone’s credentials. So, it’s crucial to stay away from it. What a standard keylogger does is recording the keystrokes you make and make screenshots. Then, the final data will be sent to the host (that is the hacker).


eScan antivirus’s virtual keyboard lets you overcome the challenges and threats from any keylogger. Every stroke you make with it can’t be recorded by any means.

There are more to be said. Just visit here to download the trial version and decide whether to go with paid or not.

Pricing of eScan Antivirus

eScan is not an expensive tool. It completely fits your wallet. Multiple options are available based on Number of Users and Number of Years.

eScan  Small Office Antivirus Edition

eScan Small Office Antivirus Edition

eScan for Android

eScan for Android


eScan internet security suite


eScan internet security suite

eScan total security suite


eScan total security suite

eScan universal  security suite

eScan universal security suite

eScan for linux desktops

escan for linux desktops


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escan awards

eScan Antivirus is a complete security solution with a handful of extra features. I am euphoric to recommend this amazing tool to you. Follow eScan on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin & Pinterest.

If you are a worried parent who doesn’t know what your child do online, eScan antivirus’s parental feature will be a great relief for you.

I am looking forward to your feedback.

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