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7 Tips And Tricks To Enhance Your Video Editing Work


Nowadays, the possibilities for video creating and editing are numerous. There are plenty of affordable, but high-quality cameras, as well as lots of software that meets the needs of even the most demanding users. Nowadays, it is even possible to download videos from social networks for further use! 

Nevertheless, some people (especially beginners) still face some difficulties when it comes to video editing. To make it easier for you, we have prepared some tips that will certainly help and make the video editing process easier than ever and much more enjoyable. So, let’s start!

Choose a suitable software solution

An extremely important step is choosing the right software. There are many programs available nowadays, but finding one with the best features can be a tedious task. To simplify the process, we’ve listed the best ones that can help you a lot.

If you need converting

In some cases, converting is needed. Converting is changing the format of a video file. Let’s say you have a file in MOV format, and for some purpose, you need this file in AVI, MP4, or WMV format. There is always a way out of this situation. You just need to convert it, that is, convert MOV to AVI, for example.

There are usually two reasons people convert files:

  • the need to resize the video file; 
  • to provide the ability to view videos on a particular device (such as a tablet) or website that does not support the original video file format.

Is it possible to convert videos at home? Indeed, it is. There are a lot of converter programs. 

Let’s take a look at the video converter that is considered one of the best. We are talking about the Movavi Video Converter. It is a powerful converter that works with most of the common formats of video. In addition to converting, you can also trim and merge video files, add subtitles, and more.

Video Editing Candle Bars Screen

If you need editing

When it comes to editing, the question of choosing the right software solution is no less important. The first editor we’d like to recommend to you is also by Movavi. 

Movavi Video Editor has a simple and understandable interface, and a lot of built-in effects, transitions, subtitles, stickers, and even stabilization – the functionality is quite extended, but at the same time understandable.

The features of the program are as follows:

  • Cutting.
  • Automatic creating videos from a video or photo with a specific theme.
  • Working with the soundtrack.
  • Uploading ready-made video to YouTube, Google Drive, and Vimeo.
  • Import and export files in most formats.


  • The main advantage is a simple and understandable interface. You don’t have to waste time figuring out how to use it. 
  • Everything is at hand: the tracks, all the effects, and transitions are depicted as they should, and there is no need to experiment and check how each of them works. 
  • There are lots of built-in tools and effects, and you don’t have to look for anything and add anything. 
  • Requirements for the hardware are not too high. 
  • Availability of trial version and cost of the license.

Let’s now have a look at some other editing solutions you may like.


This editor can help you crop videos and change their speed. It also allows you to split audio and video so you can edit them separately, which is pretty convenient. 


Shotcut is another video editor worth your attention. With this editor, you can enjoy plentiful features and easy editing. There are lots of filters, it is also possible to adjust the quality of video and audio sequences, change the volume, and select the desired sample rate.


Lightworks offers a whole set of functions you may need. The system runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. The developers also offer a control console designed for film editing and a dedicated keyboard with ergonomically positioned hotkeys. One of the biggest advantages of Lightworks is that there is a completely free version and its editing features are powerful enough.


FXhome also has plenty to offer for those interested in video editing. There are lots of high-quality products for video editing to choose from. Those are Ignite Pro, CamTrackAR, HitFilm Pro, HitFilm Express. The motto of FXhome is the following: all artists should have access to great software.

Think of the plot

Do you know the secret of creating memorable videos? That’s right – a good video tells us a good story. When editing your videos, make sure you tell your story in the best way possible.

Happy Faces After Video Editing

It’s also a good idea to have a rough storyboard before you start editing. This way you will get a better understanding of your story and get an idea of ​​how to proceed with the editing process.

Focus on pace

The pace is the speed of editing and the smoothness of the transition from one frame to the next. This can affect the quality of your video and how the video is perceived by your audience. When editing, your goal is to find the optimal pace and maintain it throughout the video.

To create a smooth, professional-looking video, try to make transitions as smooth as possible. Experiment with different effects to see which one works best. While smooth transitions are common, you may also need sharp transitions for certain scenes.

One of the most common mistakes amateur video editors make is adding side-by-side edits. They may look like gaps in your video, so keep it in mind.

Think about the reaction of the audience

When you include a funny or scary scene in your project, you can expect your audience to react in a certain way. When editing, make sure you have time for this reaction. If the transition to the next scene is too fast, they may skip it.

Keep it organized

To make the video editing process more organized, it is recommended that you organize all your files. You can create several subsections for videos, images, audio tracks, etc. This way, you always know where each file is and how you can get it.

To do this, you can use your computer’s hard drive or external storage. If you are using external storage, you need to check that it is connected to your computer every time before starting editing.

Perfect your audio

For any video, the audio track is just as important as the visual component in general. If you are using voiceover, make sure there is no distracting background noise. If there is, you can use special programs to remove it. If you use music, choose tracks that will help brighten your scenes.

Edit video in two sessions

The first stage of editing is a rough cut. At this stage, there is no need to worry about minor details. It is necessary to cut out inappropriate shots and outline your story. For the first step, you just need to focus on structuring the material and removing those frames that you are not using.

In the second session of video editing, you need to perfect it as much as possible. At this stage, you should work with frames and filters, edit audio, and other important aspects.

If you split the entire editing process into two parts, you can also focus and see your editing from a new perspective. You can also take a break to make your video editing process smoother. When you spend a lot of time on one project, you can lose your visual acuity. In this case, it is better to change the focus a little.

After a couple of days, you can return to the project and continue editing fresh and full of inspiration. This can help you choose the most impressive shots and make better decisions.


Lots of convenient software solutions and the availability of training material make working on videos an enjoyable process. Nowadays, even beginners can create masterpieces. All you need is the right software, some theoretical knowledge, and a little bit of inspiration. 

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