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DVD Copy Review: Best Software For DVD Copying, Burning & Cloning

Even though in this all time changing era USB drives and Cloud storage services are becoming main source of data storage, but still DVDs have their own importance. Due to the secure behavior of the DVDs,  many people prefer using it instead of USBs. They have minimum chances of damage and corrupt data though they are not unbreakable. If one is working with a DVD then there are certain softwares he/she uses and one such software is DVDFab.


DVDFab is a software development company which develops Audio and Video softwares. DVDFab version still supports Windows XP. It is the world’s top ranking DVD backup tools.

It has four important features:

1) DVD copy: It’s DVD copy is the best copying or cloning solution All standards like DVD discs/ISO files/folders can be the supported as input  formats and you can copy the source to a  blank DVD as well.
2)DVD ripper: The  extraction of all or parts of digital contents from a DVD is known as DVD ripper and it is one of the important feature of DVDFab.
3) DVD converter: It converts videos of any video format to a DVD format and burns them to a DVD disk which again makes it an important feature of DVDFab
4) DVD creator: It is a professional DVD movie maker that can read all kinds of video sources, and burn them to a standard DVD disc/ISO/folder with astonishing quality output, and various playback menu templates to personalize the video experience.

DVD COPY Software:

DVDFab DVD Copy Software helps you to quickly Copy, clone and burn DVD. It can read any DVD disc. It can write to any DVD disc including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-R DL, DVD+R DL. It can copy any DVD to your hard drive as an iso file or folder. You can also create blue ray disc from DVD. It is a well-received and up-to-date DVD copier , DVD cloner and DVD burner with over 13 years of development.

DVD Copy Review

It can read and backup  any DVD disc ,ISO file or folder to any blank disc including DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL and DVD-R DL, or copy DVD to ISO file/folder to your hard drive or media server, with flash speed and lossless quality output. It clones a DVD with very high quality.It is an excellent DVD copy Its a very easy program to navigate, giving customers great option to choose from when customizing their DVD. Once you become familiar with the program’s various option and functions you will have no problem in backing up.

It has 6 different modes of copying:

These modes are

  • Full Disc : It is a type which  copies  entire  content of the DVD which also include ISO file and other content as well.
  • Main Movie :It is a type which copies only the main movie and not all the folders.
  • Customize : It is a type in which we can customize about the content which we need to copy instead of copying the entire content of the disc.
  • Split can split one DVD 9 into two DVD 5. It will also copy DVD 9 with compression to DVD 5.
  • Merge : In this type we can merge two DVDs into one single DVD.  We can also merge two or more BDs into a single BD we can not merge BDs and DVDs
  • Clone : This will exactly clone a DVD with a 1:1 ratio which means that there will be 0% loss of data.


It’s User Interface is simple yet it is very effective. While using the DVDFab software ,minimum clicks will easily lead you to your destination. It is very easy to learn about the software . All the guidelines are also explained a proper manner.


  • It supports Windows Vista/7 or higher OS. You can not use it on Windows XP.
  • It needs minimum 512 MB of RAM.
  • 20 GB free hard disk space.
  • Pentium II 500 MHz


The price as compared  is expensive. One can get this software for $49. The plus point of using it is that it gives its lifetime license with life time unlimited updates and 30 days free trial version.

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Since everything has its pros and cons . Same goes with DVDFab:

1) Amazing user interface.

2) Interesting features.

3)Quality output.


  • Premium software.
  • It is expensive.

It is the simple but effective software for those who wants to copy DVDs and Blu-Ray discs because of its speed, interface and features,  one does not need to worry about buying DVDFab DVD copy software.

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