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Dr.Fone Best iOS Screen Recorder You Must Know

Do you wish to record the screen of your mobile device or PC? You might be a professional; you would probably need to capture the screen to make a presentation for your work. OR you could be developer or software trainer who would use the secret recording to showcase the working of certain applications. Even if you aren’t any of the above, you could be just a normal person like me who would like to record your screen to share something interesting from your phone or PC.

Dr.Fone - iOS Screen Recorder

Unfortunately, Andriod, Windows, and Android do not have inbuilt tools to do the same, but there are several other tools available in the market that make this task possible for you.

Screen Recorders prove to be very useful if you wish to record what’s happening not the screen of your phone or PC in the form of a video. If you are trying your luck in YouTube, and making tutorials or gaming videos, then screen recording app is one of the basic necessity.

If you are using the Android-based phone, then from the Play Store, you will find many Screen Recorders and you are sorted! But, for the iPhone users, the story is completely different.

Recording on iPad or iPhone is a tedious task as neither does Apple allow capturing of the screen through inbuilt tools nor the apps from App Store. Yes, many of you would say that “jailbreaking” is the option then. Yes, it is but Jailbreak your phone unnecessary, but there are other options available.

This can be achieved with the installation of a mirror program, not the PC and then initiate the AirPlay feature of your Apple device to display the screen of your device on the PC. After, you can simply use the Screen Capture Tool to do the intended task.

Although it is not easy to look for an ideal Screen Recorder for Apple yet, I am going to explain in detail a good screen recorder available in the market:

Dr.Fone Toolkit – iOS Screen is one of the amazing tools that help you record your screen of the iPhone or iPad easily.  Also, with this tool, you can do the recording without any wired connection with the PC.

Excited to know how? Let me explain in detail how this is achieved:


Well, as discussed above Apple doesn’t allow any such software that allows you to record your screen of the phone. This is because of the fact these kinds of software can easily dig out your sensitive data from the phone without you even knowing it. And as you all know, how particular is Apple in when it concerns the security.

Here, while talking about Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder, I would like to mention that it is the most secure way to record the screen.

The reason why I can call it so is:

Dr.Fone is downloaded from Wondershare’s official website. So, there is no spam involved.

Once, the software is installed on your PC; you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Please Note here: Your Apple Device and PC should be connected to the same Wireless Network.

1. Browse the bar on your left and click on “More Tools.”

2. From “More Tools” simply select ’iOS Screen Recorder.’

3. In the next step, you are required to mirror your device to your PC.

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How to do that? Let’s find out below:

A). If your phone has iOS 9 or below versions of the operating system, then you are required to slide from the bottom to open the control center. Select the option for “AirPlay” from there. After that, select “Dr. Fone” and turn on the “Mirroring” option.  Simple, isn’t?

B). Well, if you are using iOS 10, then your work has become a lot easier. You are only required to slide from the bottom and select ” AirPlay Mirroring” & thereby choose “Dr.Fone.”

4. After you device is successfully mirrored to your PC, you see a small rectangular shaped box on the screen of your iPhone. That has two buttons.

To start the recording, use the “circular button” and to see what is recorded use “Square button.”

Once, you click the Square Button; the Full screen will be displayed and to exit the full screen, tap it again.

Once, you are done with the recording, tap the “circular button” once again and there you go!

Successfully you have recorded the screen of your phone with Dr.Fone – iOS Screen Recorder.

Once, you stop the recording, automatically, Dr.Phone shows you the folder where the recording is saved.

It was easy, isn’t?

The only disadvantage of using this software is that it is not entirely free. To enjoy all the features of the application, you need to pay a bit more. But who said, good things come for free!

But, to your surprise, Reocridnlf and Saving are free, so don’t wait any longer!

Get started with your tutorial video or any gaming video and use this amazing software to record the screen of you iOS device.

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