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Download VLC Media Player

VLC is the most commonly used cross-platform media player, available for free. This ingenious product is a brainchild of VideoLAN Project and has been catering to the colourful needs of its users since 2001. In fact the software is such a hit that the traffic cone on usual streets will tend to remind you more of the player itself.

VLC media player has been prepared as a universal player that supports almost any format and on any platform. The libavcodec and libavformat available with its default settings are fitted with numerous decoding and encoding libraries, that can crack any media file. This also averts the need for installing any additional plug-in or additional software, thus making the player free of any virus threats. As for beating other competitions, the hardwiring of VLC is so strong that it can even play video files that have not been fully downloaded. Howzat!!!

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The controls to this player are very intuitive and easy to use, with basic commands provided on main screen and other diverse features collectively available under different options. The quality of VLC being cross platform extends across Windows, Mac and even Ubuntu systems. As such, the brilliance of VLC can even be used on your mobile phones and tablets. With VLC, you can shrink any video on your system, to suit the mobile screen.

Download VLC media Player

But, do not limit the values of this universal player only to videos and mp3, as it is an all in one entertainment system that comes with loads of other goodies. Go to media option and select stream from popup menu to stream live music from internet radio. You can also play videos directly from YouTube on the player.

If you come across some great tracks and wish to keep them, then there is a record button available for you to create a collection of your own. Or, if you already have all that you need to play, then create a playlist on VLC for uninterrupted enjoyment.

Download VLC media Player

The player also comes with some great hacks, like you can extract the audio file directly from a fully fledged video and save it separately in mp3 format. The option is available under the Media option as Convert/Save. As for handling images, you can also view images on VLC, which is quite a rare option among other media players. Also, you take screenshots via VLC and even save them as your desktop background.

option Download VLC media Player

As for a very basic necessity of watching movie while using the in-built system speakers, VLC is always the first choice for many, as it can regulate volume to its uppermost tone. But be careful not to maximize the volume from both system and VLC, as prolonged use can put your speakers in distress.

Overall, you can enjoy all the lavishness of a media player with VLC without hassling yourself with additional maintenance of add-ons. The software upgrades automatically, whenever there is one available.

Here is how you can download VLC media player

The download procedure to the software is intuitive and will need you click on ‘I Agree’, followed by next and selecting the language option. You can also create a shortcut on desktop, during the download. VLC media player is available for free and can be downloaded from here.

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