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DaoPush Review 2023: Is It Worth The Hype?? (READ TRUTH)


Every advertiser wants the traffic to come on their page and boost their product or service sales. There are some amazing advertising networks in the market, and all of them have a different reach with the audience but none of them will be considered good if there isn’t a fruitful conversion rate. Dao.Ad (Daopush) is a great network when it comes to having high-quality traffic and is an all-in-one platform for various ad formats. Daopush converted their network name to The platform works for Push, Native, and Pop-under advertisements. Apart from websites, it also lets a user post ads on SDK and APK Applications. It provides a great conversion rate to its advertisers and boosts their online business. Whenever an advertiser wants to go for an ad network, their first priority is looking at how is their traffic going to be, and apparently they fulfill all these criteria really well.

They also have some great benefits for publishers and provides them good payoffs with the number of clicks and impressions. The network doesn’t hamper their landing page’s security by insecure or bot traffic, which is pretty amazing. The publishers also enjoy these advertisements because of the revenue they’re able to generate.

DaoPush Review


Looking at their benefits, it seems to be an amazing experience for both publishers and advertisers. The ad network works in more than 174 countries and facilitates great advertisements for all of them. There are a lot many amazing features and things that they provide, check out more about it in our Dao.Ad Review.

What is Daopush all about?

Package details of Dao.Ad

Daopush Akka is an ad network that works for push notifications alongside native and pop-under ads as well. They began with just Push notifications and soon went on to expand their advertising sector. The bids for Push notification ads begin with as low as $0.001 per click. These notifying ads are a great way to get high-quality traffic and it’s really affordable as well! The mastermind behind this ad network is those who have created Terraleads, ZipMonster, InstallMonster, and many other projects.

One of the greatest things is that the network can optimize the advertisement’s performance from time to time based on the requirement. It can also work based on every country’s different language. Most of the time we place the creatives in English, but when it’ll be published where English is not a frequently used language, then the network will automatically change it only if we allow the ad copy settings to translate.

DaoPush Review: How does it Work?

The advertising network works differently for both advertisers and publishers, check out how it works below

DaoPush Review for Advertisers

Dao.Ad for Advertisers

There are certainly different things included in the advertising sector, these are:

  • Anti-fraud system:

The platform only accepts high-quality traffic and doesn’t allow any bot traffic land up on the page. With bot traffic, there won’t be any conversion rate, and that’s why, they only let the real-time users access the selling page. This makes it a great network since it boosts sales in a genuine way.

  • Higher CTR:

Click-Through Rate depends on various things such as an ad’s placement, website/application quality, creatives, etc, The reason behind the network providing high CTR is because they have good publishers by their side.

  • Any budget:

The best part is that it starts working with a deposit of $10 and can work anyway higher than that. Many people who are new to online business can’t afford expensive ads, therefore they can work by depositing a minimum of 10 dollars. It can accept payments through credit cards, PayPal, and various other formats and runs on a threshold basis as well, with different pricing based on Push, Native, and Pop-under.

  • Several Advertisement Formats:

Dao.Ad doesn’t only provide Push Advertisements but also works for pop-under and native advertisements. It is very affordable and cheap cost-wise. It costs just $0.001 per click for Push Notifications and $0.1 per 1000 clicks for pop-under ads. This is the only network that costs so less and provides some great outcomes.

  • Detailed Targeting:

It just doesn’t show advertisements to everyone but targets users who tend to buy it or visit such websites more. They select the audience who have the interest to buy such products or services and show these unique advertisements to them. This is the reason why advertisers receive high-quality traffic which can convert very well.

  • Large database of push subscribers:

There are a whole lot of push subscribers who trust Dao.Ad’s working. There is a large number of volume per impressions for both Push and Pop-under advertisements. The advertisement network fulfills all the desired targets related to these advertisements.

  • Various targeting options:

Audiences are available at various locations, and it is important to target them at every device. There are options to target from device type, location, operating system, screen resolution & carrier networks. An advertiser can choose anything from these options and target their desired audience.

  • Gentle Mode:

Users hate it when they receive messages recklessly throughout the day, and in the end, they unsubscribe to it. But with this ad network, the notifications are sent timely so that a person views it and clicks it, rather than avoiding it. It sends a few in a day, but not many as it may look a bit extra to view.

  • Detailed Statistics:

For every native, push, and pop-under campaign, the platform provides detailed Statistics on how well it is doing on the website. It’s simple graphs and charts guide the advertisers towards the best campaign options.

  • Language Translations:

If someone wants to target users from any other country where English isn’t a frequently spoken language, then this network automatically changes the language. Not every user can make a copy based on a specific language, and they take care of that.

  • Protection From Search Engine Sanctions:

It protects from any search engine frauds and provides only live high-quality traffic on the landing page. It blocks any bot interferences and only lets the original users visit the landing page.

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Pros and Cons Review of DaoPush ( for Advertisers


  • Easy to use.
  • Great traffic quality.
  • It provides detailed statistics.
  • It has various targeting options.
  • Pretty affordable for advertisers.
  • High reach.


  • No free trial.

Pros in Detail

  • Easy to use:

Dao.Ad has nothing too techy or advertisement language-based involved and it’s pretty easy to use. Any newcomer can use it without any hassle or trouble and enjoy its great benefits.

  • High quality and non-fraudulent traffic:

The traffic isn’t just bot related or low qualitative, it makes sure that the conversion output should be good. Their first aim is to provide high-quality traffic and block all the bots and scandalous IP addresses from viewing the product.

  • Pretty affordable for advertisers:

The network starts working from as low as $0.001 per click for Push notifications and it is the most affordable option in the market. There is barely any network that’s so affordable and has all the required features.

  • High reach:

The network’s reach is pretty huge and can target people from around 180 countries. This makes it really amazing and anyone can target audience from the present countries without compromising the niche.

  • It has various targeting options:

The platform has various targeting options from the carrier, device type, screen resolution, operating system, browser version, browser type, whitelist/blacklist IP addresses & etc. An advertiser can target their audience in any way they want to.

  • Great rotation system:

Its advanced rotation system ensures that a person doesn’t have to see the same advertisement again and again to a stage they start avoiding it. They also make sure the advertisement reaches people who are related to it and the product or service can come of use to them.

  • It provides detailed statistics:

They provide detailed statistics on how well the ad is performing on the websites and lets a user have an idea of what’s going on exactly.

Cons in Detail

  • No free trial:

If someone just wants to try the network before going for advertising, then there is no option for that. No advertisement can go for free in the beginning so that the person can test the results, one has to invest in the same.

DaoPush Review for Publishers

Dao.Ad for Publishers

Publishers get various benefits for using this application, here’s are a few things it focusses on for publishers:

  • Worldwide Traffic Monetization:

The better the traffic is, so is the publisher’s income. With this ad network, anyone can convert good live traffic into a steady income and earn a good amount of profit with the same.

  • App Monetization:

One can earn by promoting ads on their SDK applications or can also use APK Android Applications to generate revenue. There are a lot of options present over here which makes it pretty great and comfortable for the users.

  • Smart Rotating System:

Their fresh advertisement format facilitates smart rotation with the help of the advanced system. It features top-level of CPM and performs an automatic split of landing page for the best subscription conversion rate.

  • Referral Profits:

Apart from earning by publishing advertisements, it also has a publisher referral program. It offers 5% of the commission from the final cost to the user who has recommended it. This is also a great way of earning alongside advertisements.

  • No website required:

It’s not necessary that a person needs a website to become a publisher with them & to monetize their web property. This entire process works well and a person doesn’t have to spend something extra on building a website, the SDK & APK application will also work.

  • Quick payouts:

As soon as the advertisement recurved clicks and impressions worth 10 dollars, they release payments based on a request sent to the email ID. It works really quickly and provides amazing payments for every advertisement.

  • Easy Integration:

Many ad networks have difficulty merging with the publisher’s website, but this network integrates with it very easily and works really well. This makes the working easy for publishers and they can operate simultaneous things at one page.

Pros and Cons Review of DaoPush for Publishers


  • Easy Integration.
  • Great profits for publishers.
  • No need for a website.
  • Great rotation system.


  • A threshold of a minimum of 10 dollars.

Pros in Detail

  • Easy Integration:

The network easily integrates with the publisher’s website whereas other platforms cause an issue in doing anything like this. It also works very smoothly along with the network.

  • Great profits for publishers:

It also produces a great number of profits for publishers and makes them happily enjoy the services. They send payment after clicks or impressions worth 10 dollars are completed, which doesn’t take much time. The best part is that there is no profit limit.

  • No need for a website:

The publisher doesn’t specifically need a website if they have an Application. Any SDK or APK Application can work in this case, without any hassle.

Cons in Detail

  • A threshold of a minimum of 10 dollars:

There is a minimum threshold of 10 dollars before a publisher gets paid for the advertisement. Also, there is a need to drop a mail for it and a waiting time of somewhere between 30 to 60 days.

Types of Advertisements DaoPush Facilitates

1. Push Notification

Push Notifications appear on a user’s PC screen, smartphone, and tablet. This is Dao.Ad’s prime working sector and it starts with as low as $0.001 per click. They have a massive reach of more than 174+ countries. Their push notifications are displayed on the top-preferred subscribers who people tend to buy stuff.

2. Native Advertisement

They have good publishers who are having good organic & social traffic. The ad units are present on the trusted publisher’s website with different ad placements, it can be on the top, sidebar, in-content, above the fold, bottom of content & etc. Also, the advertiser can select any ad placement on the targeted website if he/she wants. These ads are placed on websites that have content related to the advertisement’s niche. If user want to target a broad audience then there is an option to modify targeting as per requirement.

3. POP Ads

This is a separate advertisement that doesn’t feature in the content and has its own kind of work. With clicking this, a separate tab loads with all the details. At times users find these advertisements really irritating, but with a good copy, the network can easily divert users to the selling page.

4. SDK & APK

They let the publishers present the advertisement on their own SDK and APK Applications. It is not compulsory to have a website, the SDK & Android Application can also be used in this case.

Features Review of DaoPush

1. Amazing Traffic Quality

No other thing matters to the advertiser before advertising anything on an ad network except the traffic quality. If the traffic quality won’t be good, the advertiser won’t go for it no matter how fancy are its stats. This platform provides only genuine traffic that will lead to sales. There is absolutely no bot interference present which means only real traffic will appear.

1. Works with various Geographical Locations

Dao.Ad Reach

The network works in more than 174 countries and can target audiences almost everywhere across the globe. It covers a major share of Tier 1 and 2 countries, and also some Tier 3 countries. It is not also limited to just specific niches per country but provides all options to every one of these places. DaoPush resolves ad limitations on these countries and lets a person enjoy the benefits.

2. Easy to Import Campaigns From Other Ad Networks

If any data is present on any other advertisement network, then anyone can transfer it on this platform without any issue by adding them up along with the website. There is no limitation for advertising data transfer for any user, which makes it manageable and an all-inclusive network.

3. High revenue share

Publishers can generate a good amount of revenue with this network as it’s pretty smart in presenting advertisements and show that to the visitors on the landing page. It is not too tough to generate a good number of impressions with its smart algorithm which brings great benefits to the publishers.

4. Familiar with Http and Https domains

Many platforms find it tough to analyze various domains, but that’s not the case here. This network can easily recognize every domain and present their ads over there. So if someone has a specific requirement of having the advertisement on a particular website, then there’s no limitation to choose that. But, the price may slightly vary based on the niche.

5. Works with numerous Publisher and Advertisers

There are more than a hundred thousand advertisers and publishers using the network and trust its instincts. For any such network, it is compulsory to have a good clientele, and that comes with providing good services. This ad network has pretty amazing services and every user is satisfied with it.

6. 24/7 Customer Support

The network has 24/7 customer support that helps out each of its users throughout the day. This option is available for both advertisers and publishers. Anyone can just send them a mail on their official ID and they’ll revert back in a really small span. Many networks promise to support and are often absent in times of need, but here they understand the problem and give their level best to solve it.

7. No profit limit

There is absolutely no limit for publishers in terms of profits. A publisher isn’t specified to a number of clicks or impressions, any amount can happen and they’ll be paid for it. This excites them to work even harder for more money-making. Various networks are limited to a few clicks basis, but they have opened every such limitation.

8. Competitive when it comes to CPM

When it comes to working on a CPM basis, they are ahead of most of the ones present in the market. Their outcomes are the best and have the best results, hence as a reason, many users prefer investing their money in this network.

Final Verdict- It’s a great Advertising Network!

Many people across the globe are wanting to have high-quality traffic and good sales, but not all platforms are able to fulfill that. The DaoPush Ad Network fulfills all these expectations of a user in a cost-effective manner. It usually costs a lot of money for advertisements, and if it doesn’t provide good sales, then it makes absolutely no sense. Dao Ad makes sure that every ad brings out the best possible rate and makes sure that there is no chance for any bot traffic, this another great thing along with that is that not all networks have all the things, but this one does.

Alongside some great outcomes, it also provides all the statistics in a neat pie chart and graph format. Publishers also benefit from its payoffs as the amount provided is good for them and in addition to that, they get a high payout as per their traffic & ad placements but make sure everything is properly optimized. At the end of DaoPush review Either case, it is a win-win situation for both publishers and advertisers. It’s a total value for money and a YES from our side!


✅ What advertising genres does DaoPush facilitate?

DaoPush facilitates push, native, and pop-under advertisements. It works on publishing or advertising ads related to this specific genre.

✅ Does DaoPush have a good reach?

It has an amazing reach and can target users in more than 174 countries. Anyone can promote their business in any country.

✅ How to contact Dao.Ad in times of any trouble?

It's really simple. Just drop a mail on their official website and they'll contact you back in a very short span of time.

✅ What if a bot visits the advertisement landing page?

The software can analyze bots very easily and as soon as they spot them, they block their entrance. With Dao.Ad, an advertisement can only receive high-quality traffic.

✅ Is there any free trial for advertisers?

Apparently, no, it doesn't have any free trial of publishing an advertisement on the platform. One has to make an initial investment to try it out. But, the first investment is very cheap and costs very little.

✅ Dao.Ad & DaoPush is Same?

Yes, they changed their name from DaoPush to

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