How To Create your Own Handwriting Font


Practice what you are want to present. Firstly you need to create a sketch, and it does not seem easy at all. Figure out what style are you willing to create, should it be soft or more aggressive?

You want to use it in large style or letters would be small? It would be italic, with any sans? All of this should firstly appear on your paper, and only after that, you can start working with your computer.

Practice a lot, waste a lot of time, it’s important. Use a ruler, google how fonts are drawing, it’s important to show the higher point, understand which distance between letters would be used. Teach some other Handwriting Fonts to understand it better, pay attention to every letter.


Our soft today it’s site Download the template in PDF and PNG format. Print it, in the next step you will use them.

Start writing

Focus, now you need to write all of the letters and numbers on the template. You should admit that you will scan it when it’s ready, so you shouldn’t use a ballpoint, it would be much better to take a felt point pen. Pens those type can be a different weight, from 0.1-5. And, logically, you need the thinner one.

Use your scanner

The point of this stage is to make a high-quality copy, if your scanner makes it wrong – you better walk to some print-house.


Even using a good printer, the file must be edited. Open photoshop and work on it, make all of the lines straight, clean all of the broken pixels.

Back to the site

Open your browser and come back to, upload your high-quality copy on the site, and give a name to your future Font. Then the site would ask you which format you need, as a result, choose ttf. or otf.

TTF – if you are a new one in this area better choose ttf, it’s working on windows as and on macOS

OTF – this one includes more options and freedom for designers, but probably you wouldn’t need them.

Then you need to click “start” and download ready Font on your computer.

Upload it on your computer


It’s pretty simple on MacBook, and you need to open Font Book, then click on the File and Add Font. Open your file and click install. By the way, close all of the windows before installing


Open control panel and find “Appearance and Personalization” there. Next step it’s clicking on the “Fonts” and choose your file. And the final stage – install new Font.

Congratulations, you create your own Font in easy 8 steps, pretty cool, right? You can use it almost everywhere, from MS word till your Instagram or some other social media.

Of course, it’s not professional Font, and you can’t sell it (probably, but maybe you are a talent), but it’s not taking much time, and you really can create something useful. Something that will tell about your mood even regardless of what is written. Pretty cool, yeah.

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