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Convert your images to PDF and use them effectively


Doc2PDF is an awesome tool for converting your files to PDF. Whether it is a word doc format, an Excel or a PowerPoint, Doc2PDF will convert the files to your favorite format PDF easy and quickly. The best part is that it proves to be a great tool to convert images to PDF too.

convert image to pdf

Why convert image to PDF

Storing individual image may not provide you with the advantages that a PDF file of the same image can. There are many advantages of converting image to PDF and are mentioned as follows:

Need high-quality images? PDF is best for it

The image formats don’t have the appropriate compression properties. When you compress the image, then high compression scheme will provide you with a very low-quality image, and thus it turns out that if you need a high- quality image, then you have to bear a larger size. This is not the case with PDF files as they don’t interfere with the quality of the image and save the same quality of the image in a ten times smaller file size.

PDF gives better print options

If you will print an image file, then the quality of print depends majorly on the pixel dimensions. This may not be the same as you see on the screen. However, if you have a PDF file, then you are going to get the exact print as you see it on the screen. While, the print may differ in the case of an image file because print resolution differs from the pixel dimension on screen. Thus, considering the printing factor, PDF comes out to be a better choice.

Edited Images- PDF friendly

If you have edited the image several times, there will be a lot of changes in it like the compression loss and transparency issue; the introduced effects may require extra pixels and the textual data may not be represented in the image file properly. However, there is no such case while using a PDF.

Need quality? Get PDF

If you want to use images for professional purposes, then you require a versatile and integral format. You need to publish high- quality images and ads when working in a professional industry. Thus, using an image will not be a good option for transmitting advertisements and images, you need to use PDF for this purpose. A high- resolution PDF is going to give you a lot more advantages.

Doc2PDF- convert image to PDF

Doc2PDF tends to be a great tool to convert images to PDF. It is a free service that can be used online or you may download the desktop version and convert your images to PDF easily. All you need to do is visit the website and browse the file you want to convert to PDF. Convert your file, and you may download the converted PDF or email it. You can use the file as you want to.

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