How to Boost Your Best Content: Which Techniques to Use

In an era of information noise, you cannot afford to publish content and passively wait for success. Even if you regularly create cool articles and reviews, they may go unnoticed among other publications. To solve this problem, you need to promote SEO content.

Content marketing is the most actual trend in business development through Internet channels. Content marketing stats testify that this is one of the best strategies to increase sales. It starts with the promotion of the claimed original content in order to attract the target audience. Interesting and useful information encourages users to perform targeted actions.

In this article, you’ll find how to promote content while it’s fresh to get more readers, subscribers, and customers.

The Announcement in Social Media

Of course, search engines are a good tool. But we have to wait more than a week while they index the new article, and it is still unknown how long the article will go up in the issue. And only after that, you will begin to receive readers from the search.

Do not wait. Users are already available in social networks, and they are looking for good content. Go there and show them your article. If the reader understands the benefit because of the title, he will click on the link to read the text.

A post in the social network that you wrote a new article or published a useful video is just the first step. Keep in mind that you can pay to do uni assignments as well. After the publication, readers ask questions, thank you or vice versa, speak out negatively. Take part in this and communicate with the readers. Each of them can become a client.

In order to improve SEO, you should take the behavioral factor into account. Search engines see the behavior of users when they visit the site and understand how useful the article is.

SEO experts recommend publishing useful content on the site for users and tell about it in social networks so that readers come to the site, and search engines track their behavior and index the content.

Every business uses its social network. There is no universal platform for everyone. Therefore, first determine which platform your audience is used to looking for useful content. You probably already know this.

Some grateful readers will talk about you in a positive way on their website and bring other readers. This is really a working tactic.

Tell About Your Content to the Experts

Each expert who has the most important image on the Internet wants to give the audience useful content. Even if it was created by someone else.

Therefore, if you wrote a good article or shot a video that helps solve an important problem, tell the expert about the related topic. Ask for a share or a short announcement.

Use Other Tools in Addition to the Text

At the beginning of the century, the text was the only content marketing tool. Now there are dozens of other formats that are used to get more visitors and customers.

Almost every article can be turned into video or infographic. You can also break the text into separate mini-stories in the form of comics and make a series of publications in every social network. Always think about how to present the text visually. Try to make it interesting and different.

Transform Content into Different Formats

When you have a lot of articles on one topic, each of which solves a particular problem, collect from this mini-book that users will upload to their readers and learn. For them, it is convenient because the book is structured in the information.

Turn individual articles into PDF-documents in the form of check-lists and instructions for solving problems. And also create presentations and publish them on separate sites with SEO links to your site, other articles or conversion pages.

Link Fresh Content to Previous Ones

Look in the archive of your publications and see what you have already written on a similar topic. Link the topics together with links so that they complement each other and help users solve more problems or just at the end of the article make a selection of materials that would be useful to read.

This can also be relevant if you want to increase Facebook video views. In each of your next videos, mention the previous clips that were filmed in a similar theme so that users could receive additional information from you.

Make Guest Publications

Your site is a good tool. But you will get even more visitors and followers if you post content on third-party sites. To do this, you need to build relationships with other bloggers, companies, and partners who are engaged in content marketing.

But no one will post unauthorized content on their site if you have just asked for it. Everyone understands your benefit from this. Everyone wants to be competitive. Perhaps, sometimes you will have to pay or place on your site an external publication on barter. In any case, this is a good method of promotion, and you should definitely try.

However, remember that all of the above tips will work in practice only if your content is really useful and unique. If the information is not of use to the reader, at best you will get a few one-time feedback, but then they will stop visiting your site. If the text is not unique, then the search engines will not promote it ever.

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Sandra Hayward is a professional marketer. She specializes in the field of Internet marketing and helps companies across the world to develop content marketing strategies. Dozens of retail companies have already become successful in the web thanks to her efforts.

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