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Block & See a Boom in Productivity: Tips for Putting on the Focus Blinders

Take back control of your time by blocking internet distractions!

The distraction experts have it down to a science. How many of the following headlines would at least possibly pique your interest?

5 Reasons Why People Who Can Answer This Question Make 50% More.”

10 Things You Should Know Before Learning Coding.”

LIVE Video: Bill Gates’ Marketing Guy Explains the Tricks of the Trade.”

This is Why Investors Are Excited About Asian Stocks.”

This is How Celebrities Pay Less in Taxes.”

 “Why You Should Buy Overseas Property Now!”

See Your Rankings Rise in Three Weeks with This Simple Solution!”

Amazing Products from Japan You Won’t Believe Are Real!”

Tech Guru Shares Top Tips for Marketing During Covid-19

This is How Companies Get Noticed Without Advertising!”

You Can Now Save Big on Auto Insurance and Get More Coverage.”

The Last Adult Toy You’ll Ever Need!”

You’re supposed to be working, but one of these time-tested lures pops up and…you just gotta check it out. It might be useful info! One or two might even be related to your industry! Usually, however, it’s nothing but a poorly written article with half-baked generic “tips.” And clickbait is only one of the myriad ways we throw away the fleeting moments of any given working day. Social media, silly games, “adult content” …the list goes on.

In “management speak,” they call it “organizational drag,” but us normal folk know it as wasting time. Irretrievable time – more precious than blood – netted by the addictive world wide web, where getting sidetracked is the rule rather than the exception. There are so many productivity killers, and they’ve become such a common part of our daily lives, we hardly think of them as negatives. Being able to catch up with friends or read the news seems harmless, even beneficial to your mental health. –Perhaps. But not when you’re trying to get stuff done.

They’ve been trending for a while now but 2021 may be the year when productivity apps go mainstream. Work these days is a fractured frenzy, as efficient as a fragmented hard drive. Productivity apps help you organize, improve your work habits, and lead to an all-round increase in tangible results. Whether you’re working remotely, a freelancer or still in an old-fashioned office, using these blocking tools can help you stay focused and meet goals. Then you’ll be able to actually enjoy your time on social media or reading the news or whatever else you enjoy in your digital world.

We jump from here to there, stopping along the way at pointless internet pitstops. We need a vision, and enough concentration to do a single thing – before moving on to the next task. How many people actually define a goal at the start of a workday and set up some sort of ‘day planner’ that clearly defines what the end goal is? Sure, we might jot down a to-do list…but how do we go about implementing the stuff on the list? Do we know how long we spend actually working on actual work as opposed to sitting in a chair and staring at a screen? Are we prioritizing the most important things? Using an app makes a lot of these aspirations as simple as, “click settings, select sites to block, select times, schedule tasks,” and begin work.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Great Plague has brought changes to the entire concept of work that are unlikely to go away, even if the world is one day 100% Covid-free. We’ve been Guinea pigs in a massive experiment: is working remotely possible? Turns out the answer is yes. It may not be good for the worker – in fact, many stats say working from home is more than harmful – but once a shift occurs, it’s hard to un-shift. Tens of millions have built “home studios” or offices. Some of these creations are fabulous, but many more are makeshift affairs, where distractions come from the window nearby, your kids fighting in the next room as your partner watches some dumb TV show with the volume up. Oh, and would someone feed the gosh darn cat so it stops meowing?!!?

Those old enough will remember the days when Microsoft’s Excel was pretty much the only tool any project manager could utilize – and it’s still effective, but basic. There are so many more incredible options now, many of which are extremely affordable or even free. Blocking apps are all about choice. What you see when you see it – it’s all up to you.

We don’t have super awesome news for you. This situation we’re in is probably not changing anytime soon, but you can get some great noise cancelling headphones, and download a productivity app. Block distractions, and BOOM – get stuff done. Then you can enjoy the perks of working from home – guilt free.

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