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5 Best µtorrent alternatives for Windows PC

For millions of users around the globe µtorrent is the premium choice when it comes to downloading stuff. From movies, TV serials and other entertainment to documents, software and applications, µtorrent has answers for them all in the form of high quality free downloads. There are millions of downloads which occur every day through µtorrent.

But sometimes there can be problems as µtorrent also invites a lot of spammed websites as affiliates. When users open these websites they can be the victim of phishing and other malware and virus problems. Thus nurtured from this genuine concern comes the demand for suitable µtorrent alternatives.

µtorrent alternatives

I came across a few while looking and searching the internet. After testing them and availing there features I have complied a list of the best µtorrent alternatives for Windows PC.

Here are the 5 best µtorrent alternatives for your Windows PC

1) qBittorrent


It is and open source client based on libtorrent. The interface is quite good and its prime function is to provide free software alternative to µtorrent. It provides the same basic features as µtorrent and is available for Windows and as well as Linux, MAC OS etc.

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2) Transmission-Qt Win


It does not officially support windows but you can still run it by pasting the crack file for windows in the installation folder. You can get the crack files on other torrent sites. That’s a bit of hack but then, what isn’t. Plus, you also have a Transmission-Qt Win project for Windows (it is unofficial). It has various re-designed features which work better on Windows.

The interface on your desktop can easily be used to manage all downloads and activity. But the interface is not alike other torrent clients and is very minimalistic. So, it will take a day or to adjust to it. It looks very simple but has inherent features which make its application powerful.

3) Vuze V4.7.12


One of the best µtorrent alternatives is undoubtedly Vuze. Being Java-based, it focuses on the width of supported devices rather than size and speed which are main drivers for µtorrent. It has a lot of enhancements in its plugin systems and thus gives more independence to the user than any other clients on this list. There is one downside though.

As it is Java-based, it becomes a heavy consumer of system resources. This is bad news for heavy downloaders as it will take its toll on the hardware.

4)  Deluge V1.3.5


I will have to give top marks to the clean and simple interface deluge provides its users with. It is a very simple torrent client with nothing extra.  The negative point about it is only that the settings are too simple and disallow you to take more complex actions.

The client is excellent when comes to restraining traffic-shaping. Thus, you are protected from some extent of spam without increased effort. That is a relief.

5) Bitlord V2.1.1


It is the oldest competitor to µtorrent and by far the most sought of the best µtorrent alternatives out there. Its newer versions are based on the Deluge framework. You have a tedious installation though. It comes with a conduit bar and if you do not use ad blocking then things could turn annoying for you. In the end its simple design makes it an ideal choice as a µtorrent alternative.

What is your favorite utorrent alternatives for Windows PC , please share in comments below. 

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