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Top 5 Best Soundbar Speakers under $300 Worth For Money


Best Soundbar Speakers under $300 for 2017

Television has become the most prominent medium of entertainment. It has been gradually evolving over the years and today is in its prime peak. Flat screen televisions have become quite popular in the recent past. Noticing the old CRT television sets at present is impossible. Newer video versions are coming up every single day.

Hence old devices are being continuously replaced. The advancement in the video technology method has made plasma and LCD screens highly accessible. No doubt the flat screens include a tonne of HD technology into its fragile body.

Such television sets undoubtedly offer you the best viewing experience, but sometimes people are seen to complain about the sound quality.

Since with most flat screens, the video takes priority; the audio quality often tends to fall short of standards. If you want to get an excellent quality video and audio, than including these best soundbar speakers under $300 from the wide range, may be the ideal solution.

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Perfect Alternative to Home Theaters

Home theatres were pretty common even a few years ago. The loud sound and feel of a movie hall experience made it quite well-liked. Some people think of setting up an expansive and full home theatre to get the best quality audio-visual experience from their giant flat screens. Such systems often incorporate a receiver, several speakers and a DVD player. But, such equipment can be cumbersome in a small environment.

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Best Soundbars Under $300

The running wires of the speakers can be a pain. As a result, the joy of enjoying perfect audio and video quality might get dimmed. The best way to solve this problem is by buying and installing a good TV soundbar. You will get all the benefits of an expansive home theatre with a soundbar, without facing any problems.

Benefits offered form the best soundbar speakers under 300 dollars

These best sound bar speaker systems will provide you with a full range of clear, digital and crisp audio within just one box. When you are using a good sound box, there is no need to keep speakers scattered in the room. The Soundbar includes speakers within its attractive and sleek speaker box.

The best part about a sound box is, they can either be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall to avoid messing the environment of the room with numerous wires and speakers. Moreover, these best cheap sound bar speakers are not just the alternative to home theatres, they in fact act as the missing ingredient of a home theatre.

Add the missing piece

If you already have a home theatre but you think that the quality of sound is not up to standards, then adding a sound box to your setup will make the sound perfect. The simple addition of this component will add richness, quality and depth to the system you have.

If the audio playback quality is not satisfactory, add a soundbar to your TV to enhance the level. Sound bars come in a variety of prices. If you are looking for best soundbars speakers under $300, follow the reviews below. Five top soundbar speakers under $300 are listed below which comes within a reasonable budget.

Five Best Soundbar Speakers under $300

5.VIZIO SB3851-C0 5.1 Channel Sound Bar

VIZIO has numerous different set of speakers out of which SB3851-C0 tops the list. It is the final budget soundbar speaker designed by them as it comes for less than $300.

  • Along with offering a 5.1 surrounding experience, it includes a separate wireless subwoofer. The best part of this model is that the remote control has a LCD screen equipped.
  • It is the greatest advantage offered by this 5.1 channel sound bar as most of other models abstains you from viewing the volume or other audio properties you are setting.
  • This is the best soundbar with speakers in the market at present if you are looking for the best soundbar speakers under $300 then just go for it.
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  • This model comes with some amazing features. Firstly, this is a sound bar equipped with five speakers.
  • The system incorporates one wireless subwoofer. It is exclusively designed for 5.1 surround system and has a potency of 100db and it is a portable bluetooth speakers.

As said earlier, the remote with the LCD screen is an added advantage. Hence benefits offered by this sound box are many. It is no doubt a dynamic and powerful set with wireless subwoofers.

The LCD on the remote is the greatest addition to this device. So, finally, there is a high quality soundbar available in the market where you can see how high or low is the volume, treble, bass and so on. It comes in two sizes 40 inches and 38 inches.

4. Sony HT-XT1 2.1 Channel Sound Bar

Sony knows very well how to satisfy its consumers. The majority of their audio enhancer products offer the best quality sound in the most unusual ways.

  • The HT-XTI, an exclusive sound bar model is also not an exception. It is, in fact, one of the most refined models of soundbar under $300.
  • The only shortcoming of this sound bar is it comes with only 2.1 channels. However, this doesn’t let the customers complain about the product as the price is justified.
  • Moreover, the sound output offered by the subwoofers is also excellent as it has a good downward design.
  • An added advantage of this sound bar is it can connect to more than one device. It is made possible due to the presence of the Bluetooth feature.

If living in style is what you expect, then this best soundbar speakers under $300 from Sony is a must buy. It has a super sleek design which will complement your living room as well as the TV.

It is less than 3 inches tall which makes this a perfect sound bar for televisions ranging in size 32 to 55 inches. One amazing part is that it is capable of taking a load of up to 66 pounds.  Tempered glass adorns the top part of the device which makes this piece look beautiful. Such features make it durable and offer your TV a stable surface.

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 Benefits offered by this one of its kind sound boxes are unmatched. It is a flat, robust system with built-in subwoofers. It ensures quality sound and the ability to fit in a small space. You can include different sort of ports, and it is not limited to Bluetooth only. Such different ports include one analogue, one aux optical and 3 HDMI ports.

You can connect any device to this unique sound box either with the use of Bluetooth technology or via NFC. As said earlier this compact soundbar speaker is designed mainly for 2.1 surrounding. In other words, this is a two-channel sound bar with an in-built subwoofer. It means you no longer have to make expenses if buying a subwoofer.

3. LG Electronics LAS551H

LG also knows the trick of satisfying each and every need of their clients. They tend to hit their target by designing a multi-connectivity system exactly like that of the Sony model reviewed above.

  • If you wish to enjoy any audio playback with a separate subwoofer, this is the best model to purchase, because the subwoofer technology is absent in this sound box from LG.
  • The best part about this type is, you can keep it mounted to the wall which will allow you ample opportunity to save space.
  • The available space can fit in the subwoofers. Streaming music from your tablet or Smartphone is made easy by this exclusive soundbar from LG Electronics.
  • This model comes with a sound adaptive control which offers different sound profiles at various TV programs.
  • It means each time you watch dramas, action movies, watch sports and listen to music; you get a separate feeling. This technology helps the soundbar speakers to understand what type of audio is playing and it adjusts the mode accordingly.

It offers you the ideal and ultimate audio experience. Moreover, the wired subwoofer will provide a sonic depth to the bass. This is one of the best soundbar speakers under $300 which combines style and performance.

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This product from LG is also a two-channel sound bar similar to that of the previous model from Sony. The only difference is this LG sound bar is devoid of an inbuilt subwoofer. This model is perfect for a 2.1 surround system. You can connect any device with the bar taking advantage of the Bluetooth technology.

It has three types of ports which include 1 USB, 1 HDMI port with both in and out feature and one aux optical port. This device is different from the majority of the 2.1 as well as 5.1 models which are mountable on the wall. The fact that it offers some additional connectivity makes it a hot favourite of almost all new age music lovers.

2. Yamaha YAS-103 Sound Bar

 People who prefer to hear natural and easy-going sound can buy this Yamaha product easily. Regarding its features, a design of this unique model from Yamaha comes with two built-in subwoofers.

  • A single cable connection is there with this affordable soundbar speaker for your tv. Wireless technology is incorporated, thus streaming your favourite music from any device is easy and fun.
  • This product has dual subwoofers and is capable of offering a rich bass. It means that you will not have to buy a separate subwoofer box which will eat up space.
  • It is very easy to set up as it comes with a single cable connection.
  • A separate control app is available for Android as well as Apple devices. There is a learning feature which helps you to control volume by using your TV’s remote.
  • You can get an immersive surround sound as it comes with Air Surround Xtreme feature.
  • Voice produced by this sleek sound bar is clear which helps you to hear dialogues of your favourite movie clearly.

The volume level remains consistent with the presence of UniVolume technology. There is a built-in IR flasher which ensures remote control remains reliable even if the sound bar blocks IR receiver of your TV.

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The stylish design of soundbar is also another reason which attracts many customers. It has a slight curve and a piano black finish. This makes it easy to blend harmoniously with any home décor.

You can either place it on the TV stand or fit it on the wall with the help of commercial hardware available. The best part about the YAS-103 is it is compatible with almost all types of sound formats like DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital.

1. VIZIO SB3821-C6 2.1 Channel SoundBar

VIZIO is one among the top sellers of different 2.1 sound bars. This is a budget device coming with a powerful built-in subwoofer. Numerous individuals looking for a best soundbar speakers under $300 often choose this model as this is affordable.

  • Moreover, there is no need to purchase some external subwoofers which will save you money as well as space.
  • This means you can enhance the sound quality of your TV even if you don’t have a full home theatre.
  • This amazing sound bar with two channel speaker and a subwoofer can be mounted easily on the wall.
  • So, no messy wires are polluting the beauty of your living room with this sound bar in hand.
  • This model from VIZIO is perfect for 2.1 surround systems. Moreover, it comes with Bluetooth technology which makes music streaming easily.

he fact that it has a potency of 100db makes it one of the most favourite and best soundbar speakers under $300. Moreover, it is capable of offering crystal clear sound without even 1% harmonic distortion. You can also get an explosive movie watching experience as it provides a powerful and rich bass. Streamlined design is also another added advantage of this VIZIO model.

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Buy best soundbar speakers under $300 for 2017 and Feel the difference

People with a budget $300 must look for the amount of channels and potency of the sound bar. It is a well-known fact that 5.1 systems remain in the higher price category. So, it is ideal to get a good 2.1 sound bar within the limited budget.

The potency of these small budget systems is also high as they have the capacity to get over 95db. However, if you get a number that goes beyond 100db and is still within your budget, you must give it a try.

The huge list above will guide you through each step and help you to buy best soundbar speakers under $300. If you are looking for high standards and a bargain, these less expensive models are a perfect fit for you. So, determine your needs and choose the one that appears the most eye-catching as well as highly functional.

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