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Best Slow Cooker To Buy Online 2023 Amazon Best Sellers


Best Slow Cooker of 2023 to Buy Online Amazon Bestsellers

Cooking is an art, and as every artist needs a few sets of equipment in order to make a masterpiece, well, in quite a similar way a cook also does require the best of all the cooking utensils in order to prepare the best ever dish. A cooker is one such utensil which is used very often in the kitchen. Thus, here in this article to present the reviews of Best slow cookers for your kitchen.

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Here are Best Slow Cooker of 2023 to Buy Online:

5) Cuisinart MC 600 Slow Cooker

The Cuisinart MSC-600 is a 3-in-1 Cooker possessing 6 central quarts. This is a Multi-Cooker and is undoubtedly the best among all the slow cookers, though it is quite expensive but is completely value for money. You shall agree with this point of mine once you use it and see how easy to use it is and it comes with a number of features along with it.

  • The construction of the MSC-600 cooker is completely stainless steel from the outside.
  • It possesses a control panel having all the functions in it.
  • The cooking pot which is removable is made up of a non-stick aluminium material and has a blue coloured backlit LCD display in its front.
  • It is a Multi-Cooker has a stainless steel exterior with a control panel having all the functions and blue backlit LCD display at its front.


    • It possesses one touch switch mode for the combination cooking which is required by some different dishes having some different recipes.
    • An extra blue colored backlit LCD display is also available which makes it easy to read the time and the temperature settings as well.
    • It has a 6-quart non-stick cooking pot made up of aluminium and has a Teflon coating on it and is also removable.
    • The glass lid comes along with a cool handle which has the touch feature which makes it more clear and comfortable in handling.
    • It has different removable parts which are dishwasher safe and be cleaned effortlessly.
    • It has a steaming rack included with it.
    • It comes along with a 3 year warranty.

4) Hamilton Programmable Slow Cooker

The programmable slow cooker from the company of Hamilton is an amazingly designed slow cooker which provides you with three choices of cooking and that too automatic. It has temperature control feature which allows to control the temperature according to our desire.

  • It possesses a number of features which we shall discuss in the following section.
  • It offers a thermometer probe which updates us with the temperature.
  • This slow cooker cooks food which can serve a family of around 7 members at a single time.
  • The overview of the cooking time is somewhere around 30 minutes to 20 hours depending upon the dish being prepared.
  • This slow cooker has weight of around 13.9 pounds, and it also comes along with full-grip handles which are present at every side at each side assist greatly in picking up and carrying the cooker so easily.
  • It has a very powerful motor as well as a spacious design and hence, it is a great deal in this price.


    • It has about 3 choices for easy, as well as an automatic cooking, they are the probe, the program and the manual.
    • It has an additional thermometer probe which is present for efficient cooking of meat.
    • It has a Clip-on spoon.
    • It has a clip-tight gasket lid along with it.
    • It makes cooking Easy and automatic.

3) Crock-Pot Programmable Slow Cooker

This programmable cooker is known for its perfect size. It provides you the feature of easy and cooking. There a number of features that makes it the best slow cooker and makes it stand apart from all the other slow cookers.

  • It has a locking gasket lid which helps to keep the food safe for 6 hours. It has a 6 quart capacity which can cook for your entire family at a single go.
  • It makes cooking convenient with its 3 step feature of cooking the food.
  • The stoneware cook pot, digital timer and heating base makes it more convenient to cook the food.
  • It has a lot of technologies involved in it.
  • It has multiple functions and is easy to program as well.
  • It is an affordable cooker which comes along with a lot powerful features.


    • It has a locking lid gasket which is very easy to use and it also does provide an extra seal for a clean and tidy cooking.
    • It works on 240 Watts along with a 120V A.C. and 60Hz.
    • It has a digital countdown control which allows you to program the cooking the from 30 minutes to 20 hours.
    • It Shifts the cooking to a warm setting automatically when the cook-time is completed.
    • It has a removable work of stoneware which is very stylish and is oval in shape.
    • It comes along with a 6-quart capacity which is ideal for around 7 people.

2) Cuisinart Programmable Cooker PSC – 350

The PSC-350 Programmable Slow Cooker is ideal for all those people that have a small family and also a small budget as it is quite budget friendly. It has a number of good customer reviews and it is a small and compact cooker in a small budget.

  • Although, it is small but it works just a fine as some of the large slow cookers.
  • It has stainless steel exterior which provides efficient cooking due to proper heating of the cooking pot.
  • It possesses a keep warm feature which is activated automatically whenever the food is cooked in order to keep the food warm.
  • It provides you a cooking time longer than any other slow cooker which goes up to 24 hours.
  • It comes with easy to hold handles and comes along with a 3 year warranty and hence, is an ideal cooker for all the low budget customers.


    • It has an oval-shaped body.
    • It is programmable slow cooker possessing 3-1/2-quart pot made up of ceramic.
    • It has a touchpad control panel along with a 24-hour long LCD countdown timer
    • It comes along with a varied 4 cooking modes.
    • It has an automatic keep-warm technology which keeps the food farm after cooking it.
    • It comes with a glass lid and a nonslip rubber feet as well.
    • It is cool at its handles for the safety purposes.
    • Unlike most of the slow cookers it is completely dishwasher safe.
    • It has an instruction manual having a number of different recipes.

1) Crock Pot NFL Slow Cooker

This Crock-Pot is a cook and carry type of slow cooker, it is designed especially for the travellers who need to travel from one place to another due to some or the other reason. This one particular feature makes it different from all the other slow cookers and hence is named NFL on the NFL teams.

  • This Crock-Pot is a cook and carry type of slow cooker, it is designed especially for the travellers who need to travel from one place to another due to some or the other reason.
  • This one particular feature makes it different from all the other slow cookers and hence is named NFL on the NFL teams.


    • It has a large capacity of 6 quarts which is ideal for a large number of people.
    • It comes along with a removable stoneware of oval shape which is also dishwasher safe.
    • It has dishwasher safe stoneware as well the lid.
    • It comes with a very limited warranty of 1 Year.

All About Best Slow Cookers

A good cooker can do wonders for your favourite dishes and at the same time, one wrong cooker can turn your favourite dishes in blunders. This is the reason why choosing a cooker that meets exactly with your requirements is extremely important.

Well, in this article we shall be discussing about the best slow cookers; all those cookers that are used for slow cooking. A number of dishes require slow cooking in order to get the perfect taste, aroma as well as the characteristic softness of hardness.

A normal cooker that cooks at its normal pace can ruin the whole dish and may disappoint you with the lack of the feature of slow cooking, and hence, slow cookers are used for the purpose of cooking such dishes.

Slow cookers are relatively newer as compared to other conventional cooking utensils such as the pressure cookers, or the rice cookers.

According to a research study that has been conducted by NPD Group about two years ago showed that about more than 83% of Americans use slow cookers in order to cook various dishes in their households which has increased the demand for the slow cookers that has even doubled since 2-3 decades ago.

Different combinations of features that are provided by different cookers that again come along with a varied range of price, this makes choosing one even more difficult.

Final Verdict on Best Slow Cooker 2023

Slow cookers have become an important tool for the kitchen these days, this article was all about the slow cookers and advantages it has over the normal cooking pots.

I hope this article helped you out and enlightened you about the use of the slow cookers. You can easily choose one out of the above mentioned five slow cookers some of which are programmable while other are not. So, this was all about the slow cookers, in a little detail.

Check these best slow cooker meals:

Things to keep in mind when buying a Best Slow Cooker:

The slow cooker is the modern solution for a number of problems faced in the kitchen, but it may create problems as well but outside the kitchen, and hence, the cookers should be chosen wisely, keeping a few things in matter which are mentioned below: –


All of the slow cookers that are available in the market are convenient as well as easy to operate, but their different types of slow cookers available with different levels of ease and convenience.

And therefore, if you are just a basic cook, and you love to be in the kitchen, then you will be better when you use the most basic slow cooker which has a number of manual controls in it.

And on the other hand, if you are less of a focused cook and you believe in automatic workings of equipment, and you allow the slow cooker to cook the food on its own without any need of regular supervision, then a programmable kind of slow cooker shall work ideally for you as it works automatically.

Quality of Food

Quality of the cooked food is the main or I should say the only factor which is important in cooking and it certainly depends upon the precision while cooking the food and the proper working of the cooker used. And more or less it also depends upon the cooker that you chose.

The quality of the food cooked is related directly to the way by which the food enters the slow cooker, which means that if the bottom of the cooker is heated then the only way of the heat to enter to cooker is through the pot and there are chances of the food present at the bottom to be overcooked and also it may take more time for the food to cook as well.

Although the cookers of this type do not possess these features in them but going for the Crock-pot models is a better option in this condition crock pots offer continuous cooking because it distributes the heat equally over all the sides of the cooker and hence provides a more efficient cooking.


Most people are attracted to the design and the body of the cooker from the outside rather than judging the construction of the slow cooker, but on the basis of what it can cook with that construction.

The material with which it is made up of is e important, the stainless steel body of. The slow cookers are ideal for the purpose of slow cooking. The stainless steel in the exterior makes the slow cooker more durable and long lasting. Also, the stainless steel is much easier to maintain comparison to some other type of material.

A slow cooker made of such material is an ideal slow cooker which provides best experience of slow cooking. And when it comes to the interiors of the cooker then the ceramic body is the best for such cookers as it provides better and efficient heating to the food.


There are a number of features to be kept in mind while buying a good slow cooker. This list of features includes cooking timers, Temperature controls, and ‘keep warm’ feature, these are some of the essentials in a slow cooker. Apart from this the range of temperature settings as well as the cooking time also does play a crucial role in efficient cooking of the food.

The slow cookers introduced these days have steaming as well as the browning options with them which is an additional feature. Also, there are a number of internal sensors present in them which is present in order to determine if the food is cooked properly or not and also it determines the warmth of the food.

So, if you wish to cook some steamed food and some brown crisp meat then you should choose the models having such features.

Warranty – the value for money:

Looks and features may impress you but the main and the only thing which is going to be with you for a longer time is the warranty of the product. People don’t buy such type of utensils on a daily basis and therefore a slow cooker which troubles you after every while is a complete no.

It’s better to invest in a better product at once than to take a cheaper one and get it repaired after every now and then. A slow cooker must have at least 3 years of brand warranty along with it.

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