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7 Best Secret Gmail Tricks and Hacks

Gmail is a popular email solution to most people today. It’s synchronization with Google offers diverse tools and mechanisms to manage a lot of your stuff which takes place online.

Your Gmail id also gives you universal access to all Google products. Thus it comes in very handy when you know some secret Gmail tricks and hacks to increase your productivity and efficiency.

secret gmail tricks and hacks

Here are 7 best secret Gmail tricks and hacks to make your life easier

1. Prioritize your emails

 prioritizing emails

I think most of you will know this one as it one the oldest Gmail hacks. You can use the star rating system to prioritize your emails. If you go to settings you will see that there are 12 different starts and symbols which you can use to mark your emails.

2. Create Response Templates

canned responses

These are called responses. These come in handy when you have to send the same email to many people but separately.

  • Turn on the canned response feature in Gmail labs
  • Write your email
  • Left click in the vacant section of your message
  • A drop down menu appears
  • Go to Canned responses and click on New Canned Response
  • Name and save that response

Use can use it immediately to send email to multiple people.

3. Don’t see bulk emails

 personal indicators

Just want to see emails addressed personally to you and are not bulk. Activate the Personal Level Indicators in the settings.

  • In your inbox mails with >> symbol are mailed only to you
  • Mails with > symbol are mailed to other people too!

4. Use Gmail Offline

 gmail offline

This is very helpful feature which you can use. Now never forget to send important mails and also read mails when offline. Download the Gmail Offline Chrome app. It syncs messages and queues actions which you take offline and they are implemented later when you have internet access.

5. Mute Conversations

mute conversation

Now there is a group conversation you have lost interest in. What do you do?

  • Open the conversation
  • Go to More
  • Select Mute

It’s done. Simple, isn’t it?

6. Desktop Notifications

 desktop notifications

Desktop notifications allow instant access to your email updates. Now you never have to miss urgent messages from important people and clients. This feature is compatible with multiple internet browsers and can be activated by going to their settings and finding desktop notifications. Just activate them then and you are done.

7. Keyboard Shortcuts

 keyboard shortcuts

This one is for those who love using their keyboards to their fullest potential. There are numerous shortcuts which you can use to make working on Gmail easier.

  • Press Ctrl + b to make your text
  • Press Ctrl + I to make your text
  • Press Ctrl + u to make your text
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + 7 to create a numbered list.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + 8 to create a bulleted list.
  • Press Ctrl + k to insert a hyperlink for highlighted text.
  • Press c to compose a new message.
  • Press Shift + c to compose a message in a new window.
  • Press d to compose a message in a new tab
  • Press f to forward a message
  • Press e to archive a message
  • Press # to delete a message
  • Press / to do a Gmail email search
  • Press Shift + i to mark as read
  • Press Shift + u to mark as unread
  • Press Ctrl + s to save draft


Check out more shortcuts here

Know any trick not on the list. Be sure to mention it in the comments

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