Top 3 Best Micro Linear Actuators Of This Year

The range of linear actuators is even wider than you may think. Those simple but powerful automation tools find their application in both factories and DIY projects.

Each distributor tries to cater to the specific needs, and the variety of actuators makes the choice even harder. Many aspects need to be considered if you want to make the right decision. Today, we would like to help you choose the best micro linear actuators.

But what are they? It is a common opinion that actuators deal with big loads. However, it is not always like that. Far more often smaller components of the mechanism are needed. In such cases, there is no better way to achieve the desired result than by using a micro linear actuator. Let‘s find out how to choose one!

Choosing the Best Micro Linear Actuator: 3 Things to Consider Beforehand

Linear actuator converts the energy obtained from electricity, air, or liquids into linear motion. This allows performing various actions like pushing and pulling, blocking, lifting, etc. The thorough comparison of your requirements and the actuator’s features will be one of your steps to the right decision. But before proceeding with technical specifics, answer the following questions.

  • Have You Defined the Precise Size of the Actuator?

Your small actuator must fit the available space. You need to know for sure how big this space is and how small your actuator should be.

  • How Much Force Do You Need It to Apply?

Small actuators cannot demonstrate extreme might. Besides, you must know for sure what surface you need to apply the force to. Remember that the point is to push it, not to damage it. So, its characteristics need to be taken into account as well.

  • What Is the Planned Motion Distance?

How far should the actuator move to reach the above-mentioned surface? Take into account the stroke length and calculate the precise distance. Most micro linear actuators’ motion distance is up to several dozens of millimeters.

3 Best Micro Linear Actuators for Your Needs

There is no standard catalogue of the linear actuators produced worldwide. Each manufacturer has its own catalogue with the detailed description of every actuator’s features. We prepared the brief information on the best micro linear actuators to make your choice simpler.

Micro Linear Actuator MLA-173 by IntelLiDrives

Low profile and high stability are the key features of this actuator. Micro design together with high-resolution features are its considerable advantages. The actuator’s functionality is extended with limit sensors which improve its performance.

Key features:

  • The actuator’s width is 30mm;
  • It is able to travel up to 50mm;
  • The actuator weighs 400 g and can operate with the loads up to 3 kg.

Micro Linear Actuator L12-S by Actuonix

This actuator finds its application in various industries including medicine, aviation and transport. It belongs to the L12 series developed by the company and demonstrates great reliability. The compact size of the actuator makes it easy to use. Also, the actuator has the limit switcher.

Key features:

  • The actuator weighs from 28 to 56 g;
  • The weight depends on the stroke length which can be from 10 to 100 mm;
  • It is featured with 3 different gearing options.

Micro Linear Actuator PA-07 by Progressive Automations

This actuator is a perfect choice for those who expect the long-term usage. Installing it is fast and simple. The actuator has 9 different stroke options. This is useful as the customer is able to pick the option that fits the size the best.

Key features:

  • The actuator’s length is 96.7 mm;
  • The stroke length can be chosen from the range from 12.7 to 300 mm;
  • The force exceeds 22 N.

Additionally, the PA-07 actuator has the CE and RoHS certificates. Progressive Automations company offers the 18-month warranty for this product.

The Bottom Line

The right choice of the micro linear actuator is what the whole mechanism’s seamless performance depends on. So, collaborate with the professionals to choose the brilliant element of your powerful device.

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