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Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools

No matter what era it may be, time management is what acts as the crucial difference between success and failure. From a petty thing like collecting laundry to keeping track on upcoming meetings, they all require a discipline for a proper accomplishment of plans. Even if you ask your friend to remind you of something, but who is to remind them?

Bring peace of mind to your confusing days with meeting scheduler tools. These tools function on all ends by reminding you with alarm and even finalizing the optimum time for the meeting. Some of the online tools that I have included in the list work primarily on Google Chrome and or Gmail. But looking at the number of rising Chrome users, I led them in. Here are 10 best meeting scheduler apps and tools, to smoothen the all the management fuss.


Monday morning meeting or a date on coming Saturday night, has got it all covered for you. Mark these phenomenal engagements as events on Doodle calendar and scroll through the dates without oscillating between reloading pages.

Create a public poll and invite your contacts to confirm their participation in the event. You need not log in, simply for receiving reminder emails from The application has another advanced version to it other than just a reminder, called the MeetMe app.

It lets you share calendars with other people and notify them of the time when you are not available, thus acting as a great help with scheduling one-o-one. A paid version to goes by the term of Premium Doodle, with which you can set automatic reminders and share contact details with the ones whom you are supposed to attend.

doodle Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools

If you are one of those Google fans who use Gmail and mostly work on Google Chrome, then this might be the best thing that you ever reaped out of it for free. is a highly automated scheduler app that cuts out on all the middle part of the usual process.

Upon installation, you will find an widget hanging on the ‘Compose New Message’ option. Operate directly from the widget by choosing the meeting time and asking people to join in. The application will create rest of the format and forward emails to all the requested people, with options to fill in their status.

Currently, is a Gmail special thing, but speculations are being made about the extension of services to Outlook users as well. Also, the entire extension only runs on Chrome and no other browser or plug-in.

assistant Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools


Now this is an app with somewhat executive touch, as it not only reminds you but also prepares you for meetings. If you are one of those busy heads whose precious time is devoted to people or work, then you certainly can’t miss out on this one.

Prepare events on your account and push its URL to the people whom you wish to see. These schedules are pro-actively connected with Google calendar or Office 365, and keep you updated about the planned timings. Attach notes to the meeting box and reveal more on the agenda prior to actually talking on it.

With its Gmail exclusive sign up procedure, Calendly assures its users on the confidentiality that it maintains with all the sensitive data. Depending on the nature of your engagements, you can avail for its free services or buy a monthly $8 subscription.

calendly Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools

Need to meet

Manage multiple meeting timings with the This app best exhausts the public polling option and makes it easier on scheduling multiple meetings in a day. Once you have the poll results on the timings which other people find comfortable, you can finally have that well-measured blueprint of your days ahead.

By booking time slots and making it visible to everyone, people can smartly strategize among themselves and conclude with better time gaps to fit in more people. Moreover, is a cross-platform application which runs with you and can be operated on both iOS and Android systems.

needtomeet Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools


How will you have enough time to meet more people, when you are spending most of it on scheduling meetings? Simplify the use of Google Calendar with and make your schedules more accessible. Serving on both web browser and in mobile apps, Pick allows you to finalise timings straight with the person you are to deal with.

Analysing through the calendars of both parties, Pick suggests you with vacant spots to block the timing. This facility is available irrespective of the nature of your email’s domain and will utilize the current contact list for performing its tasks. It notifies the participants in advance via their email addresses, but it can also generate a URL of the meeting for you to share with others.

pick Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools


Its high-end compatibility with iCloud, Outlook and Google Calendar, serves as the USP for Sync TimeBridge with Google Calendar and step into the world of new generation scheduling, all with a single email. It lets you black out parts of your calendar when you are never available or your service period ends, and set some other default policies regarding the meetings.

However, you are bound to provide the other party with at least five suggested time slots if vacant. Other than twirling back to your account and revising the time of your next meeting, you can actually ask TimeBridge to notify you five minutes prior to the meeting, via message.

While opting for an email-based reminder, you can also make sure that the daily feedbacks come with advanced notes to brief you on upcoming events. Include maps in your message to provide with the location directions and even weather forecast of the day, for prep mode.

timebridge Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools

Boomerang Calendar

Built around the Google applications interface, Boomerang Calendar fixes meeting on your behalf with the help of its templates. Once installed, its widget appears on top right of the text box and provides with blanks to be filled, such as time and location.

Drag across the calendar to block timings, and the value will be automatically filled into the template, along with a link to Google Maps to help with directions. Other advanced options include reminding the attendees, via email sent at pre-set time. You can schedule the reminder email to reach everyone at the crack of the dawn or mid-noon, so that everyone is on the same page.

Press the Boomerang Calendar icon present on the left of your account button and select ‘plan a group event’ to invite people for submitting their availability time. A series of green will appear on the timings when both of you are free, hence proving to be a real-time decision-making application.

bommerang Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools

The freemium services of are available for all those who use Gmail accounts. This fruitful conglomeration allows the application to block the timings on Google calendar and send invites from among the integrated contact list.

Without holding a login account, the invitees can punch in their free time and revert back with their status on attending the meeting. This public poll can be carried out via email or by highlighting the hours on the shared calendar. As the participants begin to bid for timing, the slot turns red and green to display their occupancy.

vyte Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools


If you are a people’s man with too much on his plate, then meet-o-matic may be the thing for you. No matter how long the list of people may be, this app can adjust them all if you have enough time. It provides you with the URL of the meeting so that it can be accessed by others and acts as a board for people to leave their feedback. Although, it doesn’t synchronize itself with your system’s calendar, but you can expect better upgrades in its premium plans.

The meet-o-matic advanced edition is labelled at $19.99 per year, and can also be grabbed under a group discount package for $99 a year, for a group of 10. With the premium version, you can export essential details to Excel or CSV spreadsheets and circulate it among others.

meetomatic Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools

Designed with a greater inclination towards communicating than just scheduling times, cannot provide you with too much of options to set potential meeting hours. Instead, it lets you distribute study materials that hold relevance with the topic on your list and invite others to share their updates on it. in collaboration with Google Calendar sorts all the appointments on the timeline and provides with a minute by minute detail.

However, its app version can sync with almost kind of calendar running on your iOS or android, and begin to operate through your submitted accounts like Skype, teleconference and Hangouts. Its free trial version lasts for a month and is then followed with a $12 per month or a discounted rate of $129 a year.

meeting Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools

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