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Top 10 Best Media Players for Android Mobile Phones


One of the major reasons for buying a smartphone rather than a normal one is to easily watch your favourite videos and listening to your favourite music easily anywhere and at any time. You can easily log on to the net and watch anything you want. The problem arises when you are devoid of internet access. In such times what you need is a good media player and some videos you like on your phone.


So here are 10 Best Media Players for Android and Mobile Phones

1) BS Player

The media player has been in the market for quite some time and is one the best ones out there. You can get the free version which will come with some annoying ads. If you want it to be ad free then you can purchase it for $6.75.

It supports almost all video types and is compatible with most devices. You can watch both stored videos and stream content by searching it online. If you have a lower grade phone then be ready to notice some lags. Also the interface is not that great!

Video Credits: abteamdoo

2) Dice Player

This one has a very simple interface and is a bit low on the features but still a good option for your smartphone. It has enough features for you to give it a try. It supports most of the video codecs and allows online streaming. You can also get subtitle support with the videos. You may run into some performance bugs if you are using newer phones like the One Plus. It is available for free with in app purchases.

Video Credits: abteamdoo

3) Feather Media Player


You do not get many things for a dollar these days, do you? This new media player is gaining widespread popularity. It is simple and minimalistic with the sole focus being on playing your videos. It also plays music!

You can create playlists with ease. The user interface is quite good and minimal which gives you more control. On the negative side, it supports limited video codecs, is relatively new and may have some bugs and is not something you are looking for if you want a feature rich player.

4) G Player


Another free media player available on the app market, G player is definitely one of the best media players for android out there. The main attraction is the floating window support which allows you to watch videos in resizable windows instead of the default full screen view with other applications. Therefore, you can easily multi-task.

It is very customizable with multiple themes so that you can give it a personal feel. It supports most video codecs and video formats. It supports subtitles too if you are watching any unknown languages. You can indulge in online streaming if you want to.

The Group Play feature allows you to stream videos to other people’s devices if you wish. There are some crash issues with some devices though and there have also been some reports of heavy RAM usage. That being said, it is still worth a try.

5) Mobo Player


This one is another veteran when it comes to the best media players for android. You can use the free version which comes with most of the features but you can buy the full version for $4.99 for some added functionality.

It is one the steadiest and stable media players which support almost all formats along with subtitle support. You can stream videos online. Some negative points are the out-dated interface which needs updating and some bugs found on specific devices.

6) mVideo Player


It is one the most popular best media players for android which is majorly die to its robust design. It may not have a lot of features but does the work of playing videos quite well.

You can easily get subtitles and create playlists if you want to binge watch videos. You can also bookmark your favourite videos to watch at a later time. You can get the full version for $3.49 which is quite steep but still worth a shot.

Only negatives are that it supports the already-supported codecs in your phone and the search feature is filled with bugs.

7) MX Player


Another very popular media player among android users, this one is very handy when you are using uncommon setups like XMBC or set top boxes. The features are more or less the same like the other ones but its experienced and veteran status makes it very popular.

You can get it for $5.99 which is quite steep but still given by the total downloads it has, I believe it is worth a shot.

The Subtitle Gestures feature is a nice touch as it adds an extra punch while watching videos. It also has Kids lock feature to keep your privacy safe and sound. Some devices may develop bugs from time to time.

8) Rock Player

Rock Player is very popular and one the best media players for android out there. It supports almost all codecs and formats and there is even a x86 version for those using such systems. It comes free with in-app purchases.

It also lets you stream and play music. You can share files to other users on both android and iOs platforms. It supports online streaming and subtitles.  The design may get the better if you sometimes due to the gaudiness. There are also some reported bugs on some devices.

Video Credits: abteamdoo

9) VLC Player for Android

The most popular media player for desktops is now also available for android. The android version is almost exactly like the desktop one. The version is still under beta testing but it’s phenomenal results have propelled it to the list of best media players for android.

With VLC you get a reputed and trustworthy brand. As with the desktop version, the android version supports most video codecs and formats. Subtitles are easy to come by.

It will be awesome to see how the full android version does after the overwhelming positive response for the beta version which comes free of cost.

Video Credits: abteamdoo

10) Wondershare Player

Another ancient media player which is remembered for its desktop presence as a cool video converter, Wondershare is the last entrant on our list of best media players for android. Its media player is quite good too!

The search feature is good and helps you to easily find your favourite videos.  It supports most codecs and formats and also helps your subtitles and online streaming. It has some bug here and there but is still worth a try.

What media player do you watch your favorite videos on? Do mention in the comments

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