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7+ Best Math Learning Apps: Back To School Apps For Kids


Scientists find maths to be a very beautiful language of understanding physics, but to some of us it has never been anything more than an ugly grade in the test paper. If we have been taught history, just to stay reminded that we should learn from past mistakes, then the same also applies for maths.

Introduce them to the modern era of learning with the math apps and ensure that the younger members of your household don’t undergo the same nightmares of flunking. Utilize your phones and tablets for a reason better than socialising or executing business. Read on to find the best math apps – back to school versions, that can turn your handheld devices into something more beneficial ways.

Best Math Learning Apps 2023 – Back To School Apps For Kids.

Splash math game

Splash math game application is a compilation of school topics growing from BODMAS rules to fraction, mensuration, algebra, geometry and other important subtopics that form the very foundation. With over 12 million learners benefiting from the short and playful sessions on Splash Math app, the success that follows its reputation becomes very evident.

A series of Splash Math Worksheets compose the elaborate part of study plan prepared by the group of experts. Covering for over forty-one mathematical concepts in its curriculum, Splash app succeeds with the norms of common core state standards. This ultimately makes it the Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids.

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Since learning is a combined process of making mistakes and rectifying them, it is necessary to get known with the curves of progress. This helps determine the short-term goals through a self-paced math practise program. The availability of such nourishing assistance throughout the process of learning, with over 41 mathematical concepts sounds quite a great strategy to me.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids homepage

It’s ok if you didn’t get the answer right in the first attempt, happens to all of us. On choosing the incorrect option, Splash Math app explains the logic behind the correct one. Every time you win this game, virtual rewards will be added to the account and unlock new levels.

When you know that those fancy tablets, phones and computers are at work with the kids, and is making them practise over 20 free questions daily, then things turn more peaceful for each of you. However, it doesn’t unveil such vast syllabus all at once, instead the app has been divided in a series for covering every age group. They can be downloaded as KG to 5 apps, kindergarten math app, and each grade from 1 to 5 math app.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids k-5 splash app

No matter how joyful the app may be for the kids, it still sticks to the core standards with self-driven intuitive practise sessions. So you can stay rest assured that virtually the entire part of a fifth grader maths is taken care of. An ample amount of lessons integrated within games and quizzes are distributed in a calculated pattern. The performance is an unmatched quality that defies the conventional teaching methods while keeping up with the ease of operation among youngsters.

Let the clarity of mathematical concepts be as clear as an awakening splash for the young minds, with the 1st Grade Splash Math games for addition and subtraction learning. It may sound easier to the most of us, but the essence of addition and subtraction symbols relate from the daily grocery shopping to the foremost corners of science.

Although, it is an online platform for reasoning with maths, but that doesn’t deny the requirement of pen and paper to do the manual calculations. However, with this app you don’t need to put greenery in harm’s way, due to another used piece of paper or using pencils carved out of trees. Splash Math app produces a scratchpad on the screen for doing the rough practice and could even scribble through the wrongly done parts.

The app is a hit download across nations due to its designed orientation towards young kids and is called Splash Math Games for Addition and Subtraction games. You see, it doesn’t even calls itself an app, rather an interactive game for growing cheerfully. Afterall, fifth grade is the division bell of secondary education and form the necessities of upcoming years in education.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids full splash math

It takes up about 284MB of your device’s storage space and can be operated in any one of the 32 languages for a familiar ambience of learning.

Follow this link for being redirected to Splash Math app homepage and download it for your iOS 7 version device or later. It is also compatible with iPad and has been rated with some great thumbs up reviews. For downloading the app from iTunes page just follow this link.

Preschool math game for kids

Preschool math game for kids has been developed from scratch upwards, based on the researched learning behaviour of each age group. These calculated methods have been moulded to form a cheerful environment, thus maintaining a positive flow of learning.

Find the solution to commonly faced problems in math without having to browse through various pages, as Preschool Math Games for kids provides for all under the same roof. These math exercises comprise for 1st to 3rd-grade syllabus by introducing the idea of at hand practise with problems.

Humans tend to learn by replicating action and that is what helps us to write things. Instead of doing it the hard way through pencil, let them learn the design first. The imprinted idea is then easier to replicate on page.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids add subtract

Beginning from the preschool stuff like learning via counting objects, the process continues with joining dots to form numbers, and choosing from MCQs to answer the problem. Once they are through with writing the letter or number, an audio is played afterwards to help with a natural pronunciation of the symbol.

The intuitive idea of tracing dots to draw patterns is an ultimate hit among kids. With the phonics technique, they can easily learn to draw numbers and letters without scribbling through pages. Moving further to addition and subtraction, the sums come with three options to choose from.

Contradictory to the common thinking, choosing an answer from options is actually more challenging. Especially for little geniuses, every option sounds more alluring unless one is sure of the final results. After outsmarting a set of such questions, kids are then assisted with the same dot joining technique to even solve the math problem. This way they are getting more known to the digits even while writing the question, just like a notebook.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids count object

Besides learning how to write, differentiating between the value of each number is another tough task. Which end of the sign means ‘greater than’, and also managing to distinguish between the value of two numbers is quite a tedious task, but 123 Preschool Math Games for Kids teaches it like a walk in the park.

The interactive designing in combination with a melodious background acts as a powerful combination to attract a kid’s attention and get lost with learning. As such it has been rated with 4.3 stars on Google Play Store, follow this link and see for yourself. By occupying only 7MB of the storage memory, 123 Preschool Math Games for Kids is a cool game that appeals to the mass with much more. If your device is supported by Android 2.3 or above, then it is eligible to run the app.


From the developers of the best-selling kid’s app Shape-O, comes another ultimate creation that teaches maths with Mr. Caterpillar as its mascot. Shape-O ABC’s involves feeding the caterpillar with aphid creatures that can only be moved by correctly answering each question. Every right answer fills up the creature more and more, thus keeping the kids motivated.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids shape-o homepage

The series of preschool activities for kids have literally been referred from real life board games to keep up with the expectations of a kid. These learning criteria extend from learning with puzzles, to identifying shapes, sounds and colours. The app is exclusively available on iOS platforms and has been serving the Apple community for quite some time now.

Inspired from the innocently realistic warmth that a kid is made of, a well-coordinated team of Ph.D. level educators have contributed to the findings of Shape-O. The app achieves its motto of ‘learning by doing’ with over a hundred interactive puzzles, which are directed towards sharpening the kid’s mind.

These interactive puzzles provide with a discreet knowledge of geometric shapes, recognizing important parts of a plant, transportation, animals, and food, without making it boring.

Since the major organs for perceiving anything for a kid is his eyes and ears, so special attention has been given upon custom graphics and rhythmic melodies. The graphic part keeps them amused while the rhythmic agenda helps kids to learn phonetically.

Starting from 1-100 count, the sessions become streamlined with skipping the alternate count. The curriculum based counting practise clears the tongue for an early age kid, thereby relieving him from spoken hesitations.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids 123

Once the level of difficulty becomes tough enough, Shape-O offers an overview on the randomly selected counting techniques for challenging the memory skills. Hence, the game is carried on by passing and unlocking each level.

The expertise of vocal work is clearly reflected in the combined use of various musical instruments, as it creates an awareness among the kids about new sounds. Upon completing each shape puzzle, children are congratulated with the victory presentation in audio/ video mode.

But, the vocal is not the only technique applied here, as the numbers are presented in various ways to get the job done perfectly. A number may be represented as a character, recited with clear sound, and even in the form of an actual segment belonging to Mr. Caterpillar. I found the game to be quite a fun thing to hang around and introduce young minds with new entities.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids caterpillar

The counting caterpillar game features a total of 45 levels to pass through, and rewards each achievement with new words and butterfly badges. These butterflies are added to the gallery of your account and can be accessed at all times.

For the language part, jumbled letters are used for recognizing words. The subconscious awareness among kids about the right sound of the word keeps rising with such clever practises. Further, a friendly voice to demonstrate the pronunciation is a big plus for early ages. Each group is handled with a tender care, without stressing them with tough words or sums. However, you can still feel free to regulate the level of difficulty to suit the unique ability of the kid.

There may be a variety of shades to each color type, but they all have one thing in common; they are all sons to the light spectrum. The phenomenon is well demonstrated in the curves of a rainbow, which is what helps the kids to learn here.

An attractive color palette of the rainbow is like the best friend to a kid, as it teaches him the difference between these primary and secondary colors. Moreover, a simplistic design on the screen creates an experience similar to that of paper and crayons.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids animals

Being an apple exclusive app, Shape-O ABC’s are sandboxed to run on iOs  4.3 or later devices. With a minimum requirement on the operation system, it becomes more seamless to run the app on iPhone or iPad. The currently available version 1.3 can be purchased for $1.99, and demands a free storage space of 88.3 MB.

Follow this link to download the Shape-O app from its homepage, and also get to know of the various awards and reviews that it has attracted. Or, you can also get it done from the iTunes store and have things more paced up.


An expedition to the outer space is something that almost every kid dreams about. Tapping into this limitless imagination of blooming age, Mathmateer lets you prepare a space shuttle of your own. Once it has been launched to the zero gravity destination, the actual fun-filled mission begins.

A total of 56 missions have been coordinated to inculcate kids with the basic technicalities of math. The syllabus can be viewed as a floating mass in space, which unveils itself with the touch. It includes topics like stars, coins, 3D shapes, understanding a clock and much more.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids mathmateer

Upon browsing through the maths section, you will also find missions that cover from even/ odd numbers to square roots. So, both parents and kids need to stay alert while tackling the displayed problem. I am sure that with a more practise over the basics, the kid could beat their seniors.

Continue challenging and clashing your brains to indulge in hours of fun math sessions. Every stage cleared successfully is rewarded with bronze, silver or gold medal, and is also reflected in rising top scores.

A creative provision of 90 colourful parts further adds to the interest of building spaceships. This way even the revision part seems less boring and sharpens the creative edge of young minds. Moreover, a mission-oriented pattern introduces a sense of punctuality among kids towards the 56 different math topics covered.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids score mathmateer

These tutorials expand vastly through the Number system, BODMAS, Monetary system, viewing time, geometrical shapes (both 2D & 3D), square root and much more to talk about.

Mathmateer game missions are divided into three levels of difficulty, for a close measure of the kid’s performance. However, for a soothing experience throughout the learning process, the path is evened with jingling tunes. These aspects of the game are as controllable as any other game in the world. The soundbar can be turned to a higher/ lower volume under the settings option, to suit the level of concentration.

Up to five profiles can participate in the game in the multiplayer mode, which further heats up the learning part into a competitive brainstorming session. As a creative app maker, Mathmateer provides you with 15 avatars to choose for your space themed appearance.

Best Math Apps – Back To School Apps For Kids build rocket score mathmateer

Learning for any kid is supposed to be more of a group activity, than just playing with the touch screen. So, Mathmateer has been designed to make it an amusing experience for all age groups and let elders provide their part of warmth. Since, it is an open platform for children so the entire session has abstained from advertisements of any sort.

Most importantly, Mathmateer is not integrated with any social platform and avoids promoting networking sites among children. It even avoids using data collection/ analytics tool, since no data is needed for the ad here. Another great news is that the full version of the app is free for download and can be installed from here i.e., no in-app-purchases are there to be made.

This educative app is free and has been built with a greater concern towards the age group of 9-11. The currently available version 2.2 requires a minimum of iOS 4.3 or later version, due to which it runs seamlessly on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. However, you will find a link included on the homepage of the app which relates to other kid’s learning apps by Dan Russell-Pinson.

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