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Amazing! 13+ Best Indoor Tanning Lotion Reviews {With Bronzer & Tingle}


Fed up of Sitting for long hours in sun?

Is it Worth to Damage your Skin for Tan?

What if i say, i have a better solution?

See what!

Everyone wants to look good specially when there is some special occasion like proms, weddings or spring events, but the major issue that worries us is the tanning sessions!

But hold on, stop worrying, here’s perfect solution:

if you wish to darken as if you have pale white skin then you don’t need to harsen your skin by those UV rays of the sun. what you just need is “Best Indoor Tanning Lotions Bronzer & Tingle”

Yes! using this you can erase this ill process and can tan your body anytime, anywhere!

Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

The ingredients found in indoor tanning lotion products are skin safe and does not harm your skin in any way. also, their application is quite easy.

Most Importantly, you must keep these points in your mind before purchasing any Top Picked Indoor Tanning Lotion:

1. Choose a Product according to your Skin Type: Never choose a Product just because of its brand name or its fascinating Ingredients. just opt the one which will go by your skin type as safety comes first, isn’t it?

2. Don’t use Products Containing Mineral oil: Always Remember, the quality Tanning Products never contain Mineral oils in it. The moisturizing products like baby oil contain mineral oils in it as a ingredient. so, do not use any of it Product if you want to protect the tanning beds in a salon. 

3. Don’t use hard Time Products: First check the ingredients of the product, if you are satisfied that they are real, then only check that for activation whether that lotion needs tanning bed or not. you should never go for a product that is hard time using.

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Hey! Do you know:

How to use Indoor Tanning Lotion?

To get the best results out of a lotion,it is mandatory to apply it properly first. Here are the tips that how you should use these lotions so that the results will be worth to use:

  1. Apply a Pre-tanning lotion in the morning: Applying the Best indoor tanning lotion to get dark will exfoliate, smooth, and moisturize the skin.  Try to apply this at least an hour before you are going to tan so it can soak into the skin properly.
  2. Before getting into the tanning bed, apply a Post-tanning lotion: Make certain you apply this evenly, using applicators to access harder-to-reach spots on your back.  Follow the instructions on the bottle in regards to how much to use and how long to wait before getting into the tanning bed or booth.
  3. Once done, use a Best Indoor after-tanning lotion Accelerator: This lotion is focused on hydrating the skin to both minimize peeling and flaking and also keep your tan healthy and even. Lotions containing aloe vera are good for drawing out the heat at the end of the session.

Now, you must be thinking about the products, sit back and relax we have made a list of Best Indoor Tanning Lotions Amazon straight from their site to ease your search!

Here’s The Best Part:

List Of Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

ProductLotion NamePriceRatings Check Out
Millennium New Paint It Black$17.774.1/5Check Out
Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses$11.994.3/5Check Out
Millennium Tanning New Solid Black$19.994.1/5Check Out
Designer Skin Luminary Bronzer$44.774.0/5 Check Out
Australian Gold Sinfully Black$18.404.2/5Check Out
Australian Gold Jwoww Mad Hot$37.004.0/5Check Out
Designer Skin New Adore$51.614.2/5 Check Out
Fiesta Sun Coconut Dream$15.974.0/5Check Out
Supre-Snooki Ultra Dark $32.744.1/5Check Out
Australian Gold Tanning Accelerator$21.504.3/5Check Out
Millenium Black Tanning Lotion$26.494.0/5Check Out
Designer Skin Bombshell$30.954.1/5Check Out
Brown Sugar BLACK CHOCOLATE Bronzer$24.624.0/5Check Out
Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Naked Ambition$38.654.1/5Check Out
Supre Cherry Accelerator Tanning Lotion$11.954.0/5Check Out
New Sunshine Designer Skin Spellbound Entranced$52.994.0/5Check Out

All Listed Products are MOSTLY SOLD & HIGH RATED on Amazon:

Amazon Product Ratings

1. Millennium Tanning new paint it black

Talking about its performance, with 50X formula and 13.5-ounce, you can expect auto darkening lotion which is desirable to all skin types delivering extreme dark bronze tanning results with this all new Millennium Tanning new paint it black product.

Along with a long lasting tan, its extreme silicone emulsion offers a soft feel and cotton fragrance touch to the skin.


Talking about Prons:

  • Offers Dark and long-lasting tan
  • it has Large 13.5-ounce container
  • it offers Smooth and silky emulsion silicone formula
  • highly Recommended for use on all skin types


  • Leaves Stains on clothes

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2. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses

Coconut Kisses enrich with softening and skin hydrating effect will let your skin to escape in the tropics, while on the other hand its intoxicating fragrance will make you to dream of heaven.

To accelerate the tanning process, this Best Indoor Tanning Lotion 2018 uses melanobronze and Quadtyrosine blend that not only stimulate but also increases melanin formation.

for darker and long lasting tan, it uses Nouritan and Melactiva, basically a melanin synthesizer that also act as intensifiers and hence delivers dark golden results even without the use of bronzing agents.

For the deep skin hydration its core ingredients are coconut milk, cocoa butter and coconut oil.


  • Basically uses Melactiva melanin synthesizer
  • it Increases skin firmness
  • helps in Reducing appearance of cellulite
  • helps in Increasing melanin formation
  • implements a smooth and luxurious formula


  • it has Overbearing /strong scent

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3.Millennium Tanning New Solid Black

This Advanced Indoor tanning darkening lotion contains Silicon that leaves skin soft and supple improvement and also improves appearance and texture of the skin.

Also it has bronzers, that results quick even after one use.

The product becomes more effective after acquiring a base tan using bronzers.  for the pleasant fragrance, it uses light Orchid Blush scent.

it is named Bronzer X 100 as because you get darker more quickly. This is the Best branded Indoor Tanning Lotions product with minimal cons and fast results.


  • Uses 100X silicone formula
  • Offers Soothing orchid blush fragrance
  •  Formula based on Silicone bronzer and tan enhancer
  • Contains Safe and fast-acting ingredients


  • It leaves Stains on fingers and clothes

Designer Skin luminary bronzer is a Best Indoor Tanning Bronzing lotion that works wonder using the magical silicone-base formula.

it uses fast-setting non-irritant ingredients which is relevant for all skin types and which blends smoothly with the easiest application feature on the skin.

It comes in a large 13.5-ounce bottle that obviously will last long and its features results in Tanning is 25 time darker that standard brands.


  • It is Very easy to apply
  • Comes in Large 13.5-ounce container
  • Uses 25X concentrated formula
  • Also takes into application of Magical silicone-based formula


  • It Clumps often

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5. Australian Gold Sinfully Black

Being a class of its own, Australian Gold Sinfully Black is 15 times more darker than some other tanning lotion products available in market.

it uses its own formula that is dark, deep and also the best part of it is that it is affordable too. what else you need?

Talking about the fragrance, this 8.5 ounce Best tanning lotion for Sensitive Skin has a tempting berry Scent that is enough to love it.

Also, the skin left after its use is smooth and supple because of its quality mosturization.  In addition, it offers an extraordinary bronzer too!


  • It is Cost effective
  • Comes in Large 8.5-ounce tanning lotion bottle
  • Offers Skin-soothing moisturizers
  • Highly Recommended for tanning and bronzing


  • Leaves Stains on clothes and towels

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6. Australian Gold Jwoww Mad Hot

Retailing in large 13.5 ounce bottle, Australian Gold Jwoww Mad Hot lotion stands as a celebrity grade tanning lotions that uses the formula which suits best for the person who has outrageously dark tans.

This Good Indoor Tanning Lotion Intensifiers results excellent with most skin types as this product contains natural bronzers and tyrosine melanin. It also leaves your skin smooth and young as it moisturizes and conditions deeply with the help of shea butter and Vitamin E.


  • It is Fortified with vitamin E and shea butter
  • Uses Natural bronzers and tyrosine melanin
  • Comes in Large 13.5-ounce container
  • It Delivers outrageously dark tans


  • It has No expiry date
  • Results Tingle, burning, and redness

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7. Designer Skin New Adore

You must have across some of the products that while tanning, stain between fingers or blotch the skin.

Designer Skin New Adore is above of all, with its super clean appealing tan feature it suits the people of all age group.

whenever you use this Best Quality Indoor Tanning Lotion product along with its alluring vanilla musk scent , you could feel a dark and streak feel specially when you have a pale skin.

Also, along with its long lasting feature as it comes in 13.5 ounce container, its formula offers a variety of benefits as its skin activated moisturizing formula keeps your skin smooth and suple.


  • Offers Decently priced
  • Smells as Alluring vanilla musk scent
  • Uses Moisturizing technology (skin-activated)
  • Comes in 13.5-fluid ounce bottle
  • It has Dark and streak-free look


  • It sometimes Breaks out on sensitive skin

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8. Fiesta Sun Coconut Dream

To look great, Now you do not need to spend long hours in a tanning bed. Fiesta Sun Coconut Dream due to its longevity and suitability property which suits all skin types, grown a popularity over the years.

Along with various Tanning sessions, it is long lasting as well as cheap indoor tanning lotion because its retail in large eight ounce container. The most interesting part of its formula is even without bronzing agents, it delivers dark golden results.

Money Matters, isn’t it? it keeps your skin smooth with much intensifiers like coconut and monoi de Tahiti oil with such an affordable price!


  • Affordable for all.
  • It Smells great
  • Large eight-ounce container makes it Long lasting
  • It has a Deep golden brown look
  • Also Contains tanning intensifiers
  • Uses natural moisturizers
  • Takes in use Smooth and easy-to-apply formula


  • It is quite Thin and runny


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Watch It Now To Know More:

9. Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Accelerator Plus Bronzer

If you are looking for the products that offers the much quality results as the higher priced one and can be used indoor with tanning beds or outdoor in the sun, then this Best Featured Indoor Tanning Lotion product is for you.

when you will apply this lotion, it will be quickly absorbed with no oil residue and the results can be seen even only after two use.

With pleasant light cocoa vanilla scent, it also hydrates your skin as it contains Vitamin A and E and along with the Australian oils.

you can maximize your tanning experience with the Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion as it is regarded as the Best Budget topnotch Indoor dark tanning lotion containing bronze in it.


The Australian Gold Cheeky Brown Tanning Lotion is highly recommended as compared to other tanning lotions available as:

  • safe for your skin.
  • Strictly avoid mineral oils.
  • Offers absolutely excellent moisture retention, as It only contains very little amount of alcohol, special herbal DNA and fragrance
  •  Can be used for indoor and outdoor.


Free of cost delivery is only when your order exceeds more than $35 otherwise at a current selling price of $9.98.

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10. Supre-Snooki Ultra Dark 70X Black Bronzer with Skin Firm & Tone

The product is a bronzer, skin conditioner and firming lotion bushed one, the advanced skin firming mix provides the skin a toned look whereas up texture.

The skin conditioner is sustenance enriched giving skin a healthier glow and therefore the bronzer contains a mix of black walnut, henna and DHA for a deep dark tan with rich golden color.

The immoderate Dark Black Bronzer from Supre Snooki doesn’t have parabens, however this Best Quick Indoor Tanning Lotion will have DHA so your skin can still darken even when your tanning session is over.

It’s a dark bronzer, thus applying this lotion with black walnut and henna can cause you to look sun-kissed before your skin sees any rays.

It contains sweet almond oil and coconut to melt your skin, and vitamins to guard and nourish it. There’s additionally a tingler to dilate your blood vessels and stimulate melanin production.


  • Provides deepest,darkest tan.
  • Provides your skin deep, rich golden color.
  • Helps in getting more radiant and healthier looking glow.
  • More toned and tightened appearance.
  • It is Paraben Free


Test the patch before use, allergic people should avoid it.

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11. Millenium Tanning Insanely Black Ultra Dark Bronzer Tanning Lotion

It’s hot! Some folks love the tingles others are more sensitive and realize it unendurable. Some complained of red skin for hours after application. Others truly felt faint.

You will appreciate the great blackberry citrus scent. mistreatment tan enhancers, tingle, bronzer and skin firming silicone the merchandise delivers what it guarantees.

it’s prompt to use a distinct product on your face when using Insanely Black on the rest of your body.

However, if you select to use it on your face, apply gently. you may notice results from the primary use.

If you prefer a dark and golden tan and you’re ready to traumatize the initial discomfort then this Best Indoor Tanning Lotion With Tingle and Bronzer can tan darker and faster than most the other clouded tanning product.


  • It has a nice blackberry citrus scent.
  • Darker Tans.
  • Also Contains tanning intensifiers
  • Uses natural moisturizers


you may notice the burn before you ever approach the tanning bed.

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12. Designer Skin Bombshell, 100XX Bronzer, 13.5 Ounce Bottle

Bombshell is packed with “good for your skin” nutrients like white tea extract, CoQ10 and soy. The kiwi watermelon fragrance lingers once tanning.

Once tanners hit a tableland and can’t appear to tan any darker, Bombshell is usually the answer.

With a decent base tan, you’ll break that tableland with only 1 tanning session and after all a lot of session mean a darker tan.

Honest skinned tanners just beginning out can want to get a decent base tan before using Bombshell.

It is not watery or sticky thick, it has a decent consistency. you’re not waiting around before using the tanning bed as It drys quickly after application .

This Best Voted Indoor Tanning Lotion will certainly shorten the time it takes to urge your darkest tan attainable.


  • It has kiwi watermelon fragrance
  • not watery or sticky thick consistency


heat too much to bear,stayed red for long period of time.

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13.12. Brown Sugar BLACK CHOCOLATE COCONUT CREAM 200X Bronzer

 You’ll appreciate the Black Chocolate Coconut Cream Bronzer from Brown Sugar if you love the smell of coconut.

To moisturize your skin, this Best Rated Indoor Tanning Lotion contains anti-aging antioxidants from dark chocolate and Argan extracts plus coconut oil and silicone.

you won’t see streaks or orange color on them, if you remember to wipe or wash your hands after applying it.

Even if it’s only for a few minutes each session this indoor tanning lotion with bronzer will deepen your skin tone as you tan instead.


  • Does not Contain Parabens
  • Does not Contain DHA.
  • Contains anti-aging antioxidents
  • for your darkest tan yet 200X Black Bronzers are artisan crafted
  • To nourish your tan with potent antioxidants Double Dark Chocolate & Argan extracts are used
  •  for an astonishing softness and glow, Triple Coconut Cocktail & Max Silicones melt into skin.


Test the patch before applying to whole body.

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14. Designer Skin Body Bronzer, Naked Ambition

To moisturize and darken your skin naturally This Best Indoor Tanning Lotion for your Skin avoids DHA, erythrulose, and parabens in favor of amino acids and shea butter.

It tans slowly but effectively as The Naked Ambition lotion from Designer Skin is a bronzer as well.

Having a light tropical scent, Users with sensitive skin have had success in using Naked Ambition much.


  • It is DHA, erythrulose, hemp, aloe, paraben and gluten free
  • also, to provide naturally dark, even color without DHA and erythrulose, Bare it all natural bronzers infused with melanink technology and copper 
  • Its Formula promotes skin cell regeneration and instantly cleanses, creating the trifecta of healthy skin


  • It Tans Slowly
  • try it on a small area of skin to test it for a day.

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15. Supre Cherry Bomb Red Hot Dark Accelerator Tanning Lotion

Do the tingle lotions interest you, however you are concerned regarding them being too much?

This tingle lotion is intended to be a delicate introduction. it’ll speed up your tan however the warmth of the tingle won’t burn.

The cherry vanilla smell is fun, however additionally sturdy, so once again, you might need to own a shower before going out.

The redness created by the lotion tends to last for about an hour. If you’re disturbed regarding the strength of the tingle or redness created, you’ll combine it half and half with a non-tingle lotion.


  • It has a Deep golden brown look
  • Also Contains tanning intensifiers
  • Uses natural moisturizers


  •  Burns at first use
  • Smells strong

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16. New Sunshine Designer Skin Spellbound Entranced

This majestic dark tanning potion has been conjured to perfection from the Black Label Private Reserve.

Darkest Delight Color Elixir amplifies the natural beauty of your tan While Designer Skin exclusive DS ProBronze Extend imparts the skin with alluring color.

To create this Mesmerizing 24X Bronzer, The enchanting power of DS ProBronze Extend blends with potent tanning Peptides, Tyrosine and Black Walnut.

For the Proper use, always go through the indoor tanning lotion reviews first!


  •  It highlight the darkest tones in your skin to enrich the beauty of your tan as it contains Wild Indigo and Black Tea
  • It blurs fine lines and promotes prolonged color
  • helps you maintain a captivating allure after tanning as it has Sheer Blossom Fragrance with notes of Pear Nectar, Fresh Petals and Amber


Not good for Sensitive Skin.

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This is crazy:

What if You Can’t Tan?

if you really need to own a tanner complexion, you can use self-tanners, conjointly referred to as fake-bakes.

There are choices will do reception otherwise you can head to a salon for a spray-on tan in a very booth Also, there are a number of things to keep in mind when you tan.

First, you can use an Indoor tanning lotion with a inferior SPF to assist forestall burning.

Most tanning salons won’t sell this to you as a result of it causes buildup on the beds, however you can invariably pass away elsewhere and convey it with you.

This could build your tanning method a small amount slower, however it’s higher to tan slowly than burn quickly.

When you 1st start with tanning, take it simple. Your salon can advocate a schedule for you, and your 1st sessions solely have to be compelled to be concerning 2-5 minutes long.

As you go, you increase your sessions by concerning 1-2 minutes, permitting your skin to adapt to the exposure to ultraviolet illumination rays.

you also should not go more than 2-3 days per week for tanning sessions.

Still Have Doubts? This will wash out all all confusions right away!

Q 1. Why Tan?

Ans: People actually require light exposure to function effectively. It causes the brain to suppress the release of the hormone melatonin that acts as a depressant in the body.

Q 2. Why should I use indoor tanning lotions?

Ans: Indoor tanning lotions also called as “accelerators” contain vitamin A, C, E, and botanicals that moisturize and increase blood flow, thus increasing oxygenation of melanin cells to help speed up the tanning process.

Q 3. How much time should I let pass between tanning sessions?
Ans: The FDA requires 24 hours between tanning sessions

Q 4. Is it okay to shower right away after tanning?

Ans: Absolutely! Tanning is a process that can take up to 24 hours to develop. You cannot “wash” away your tan, unless you are using a self tanner, shaving right away, or exfoliating.

Q 5. How long will it take to see results?

Ans: Normally, you will have a good base tan in 6-10 sessions. Then one or two sessions a week thereafter will maintain your tan year round.

Q 6. What is an Amplifier?

Ans: An amplifier is a  product that creates a moist barrier on your skin, which traps the tanning rays  that may have otherwise been reflected away

Concluding Up: Top Indoor Tanning Lotion

we love looking at a healthy tan, Just like lots of people around the world. Also Do a test patch for color, You may have to try several products before you find the Best Indoor Tanning Lotion For Golden Tan that gives you the tanning shade that you prefer.

Bronzers and Tinglers may or may not be liked by you.  tanning lotions can be used or misused, Like any product. So always Read the label. Always Use natural indoor tanning lotion.

Trust the manufacturer to know the best way to use the product by following all of the directions. If the label specifies certain safety precautions believe there is a valid reason and use the product accordingly.

Products that claim to be effective for both indoor and outdoor tanning are more potent outside in direct sunlight.

Use them outdoors with caution and limit your time in the sun when using them. Remember, there is no protection from the Suns UV rays in any of these products.

If you apply tanning lotions meant for use for ten to 20 minutes and spend hours in the sun, you will likely get sun burn.

Sun burn means cell damage and every time you do that you increase your risk of skin cancer.

Hence, Armed with good information and quality products you will be flaunting your gorgeous tan and turning heads wherever you go.

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