15+ Best Garbage Truck Toys For Kids December 2018: {Top Amazon Sellers}

There is nothing messy about these garbage truck toys for kids.


Wondering How?

You might have noticed the children waiting for the man of their dreams to roll over in their yard with a big vehicle, truck like structure.

As soon as they hear the sound of the truck, they will immediately run to the outside of the house to see the heroic man coming down from the truck and picking up all the stinking, big, dirty sagbags and waving them hello with such a sweet gesture.

best garbage truck for kid

At that point of time, there is nothing more heroic act like this for your kids. So, why don’t you use it on this idea?

best garbage truck toy for kids could be proved a great tool to make the children understand about the importance of recycling and adverse effect of garbage in our surroundings.

Toys are the ones that always remains close to a kid’s heart and you could use this as your tool to make the kids understand about the importance of these “Garbage man or women” in the society.

There is a lot of choices available in the market to gift your toddlers the best cheap garbage trucks for kids.

These garbage trucks could be the best choice of these children where they can find the whole kit of their imagination, their creativity as well as their deeds of their dreams.

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You can gift these best rated garbage trucks for kids to your kids on Christmas, on new year, on their birthday and a number of occasions where you can make the feel special.

Now, you must be wondering about what are those top rated garbage truck toys for kids on which you can rely on.

Don’t think much, we are here to help you out.

15+ List Of Best Garbage Truck Toys For Kids

ProductProduct NamePriceRatingsCheck Out
WolVol Friction Powered Garbage Truck$13.944.0/5Check Out
Oversized Friction Powered Side Loading Garbage Truck$20.944.0/5Check Out
Tonka Mighty Motorized Garbage Truck$28.874.0/5Check Out
PLAYMOBIL Green Recycling Truck$19.994.3/5 Check Out
Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck Toy$12.144.5/5Check Out
Daron New York City Sanitation Garbage Truck$16.984.0/5Check Out
Green Toys Recycling Truck$21.214.7/5Check Out
Play-Doh Trash Tossin' Rowdy the Garbage Truck$34.994.0/5Check Out
Dickie Toys 21″ Air Pump Garbage Truck Vehicle$46.894.3/5Check Out
Vokodo Remote Control Garbage Truck Toy$14.854.0/5Check Out
Bruder Toys Man Side Loading Garbage Truck$52.194.5/5Check Out
Mattel Matchbox Stinky The Garbage Truck$60.994.1/5Check Out
Bruder Scania R-Series Garbage Truck$108.794.2/5Check Out
Bruder Toys Mack Granite Garbage Truck$69.694.4/5 Check Out
Battat Garbage Truck$57.594.7/5Check Out

Presenting the part of which you were waiting for, that is the list of best garbage truck toys kids, which we have made after a detailed searching process so that you can get the best out of those long never ending search results. Here you go:

Without wasting much time, let’s get started:

1. WolVol Friction Powered Garbage Truck

Talking about our first searched item for your special little one, this WolVol Friction Powered Garbage Truck is one of the best top rated garbage truck toys amazon.

Children could see it as a real garbage truck as it is rear loaded, friction powered, means it will run when rolled and also has a push button which lift the back loader of the truck as in real.

This garbage truck toy kids buy comes with batteries installed in it, you do not need to purchase or install it externally in it.easy isn’t it?

Need more interesting features?Let me tell you this rear-loading toy garbage truck toy is well equipped with bells, lights, real truck sounds and whistles. Toddlers love this six wheeled garbage truck toy as it has a big back to put it trash, anything there.

Features Advantages of WolVol Friction Powered Garbage Truck Toy are as follows:

  • Eye Catching Lights and sounds for the real feel
  • Already has installed batteries, so parents do not need to install the batteries externally when purchased
  • Real Loading Toy
  • Friction Powered, that is it will run when you will roll it
  • Push button is there to open the back and put trash in it

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2. Oversized Friction Powered Side Loading Garbage Truck

Straight out of the box, this Oversized Friction Powered Side Loading Garbage Truck is one of the coolest garbage truck toy which will be surely loved by your little munchkin.

What makes it more interesting is the garbage bin to fill and put in the truck later along with the push button so that only by pressing it, the back side of it gets opened up and kids can easily use it and could put the bin on the side hook as well.

Along with the loading, you could unload it though.how?

Well there is a button of it also. just press it, the container will get lifted up and things will be dumped back easily out of the container.

This elusive side-loading toy garbage trucks, 15 inches long is just like the first one, that is a friction powered truck toy with attractive external colors used.

Features Advantages of Oversized Friction Powered Side Loading Garbage Truck are as mentioned below:

  • Friction Powered that is it will run when you will roll it.
  • Carries compatible garbage bin
  • Dimensions measured of this truck toy:  14″ x 7″ x 5″
  • Has Side hook, that is garbage bin can be placed in side hook anad can be put into the back area when the push button is pressed.
  • Back Dumping feature provided
  • Attractive used colors to give a realistic look to the kids

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3. Tonka Mighty Motorized Garbage Truck

With this Best buy garbage truck toy, there is a surety of providing hours of fun to your little stars. We all have heard the name of Tonka at least once in our life as they are the  famous American Toy making company specially for making best toy trucks for kids.

It has proved to be the best deal to be made as it has really some cool features which will excite your kids for sure.

This cool featured garbage truck toy kids comes with a motorized front arm that can move in up as well as down directions.

Along with it, for the super realistic look, this green coloured garbage truck toy has a truck like horn also with the push button to open up the back side of the truck and put trash in it.

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Features Advantages of Tonka Mighty Motorized Garbage Truck are as follow:

  • Front Motorized Arm
  • Real Truck like horn effects
  • 21 inched long garbage truck toy
  • Provided Hyper Lighting Feature
  • Push button for back end
  • Garbage truck toy with Front loading feature

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4. PLAYMOBIL Green Recycling Truck

What if i say that you are not getting a garbage truck toy?Surprised huhh?

Hold oh, hold on! we have a surprise for you! you are not getting a best garbage truck toy here, but instead you are getting a whole garbage truck toy playkit for kids.

Yes, you heard me right. Mainly for the kids from age four to ten, PLAYMOBIL Green Recycling Truck kit comes with a total 27 sets of accessories, including a recycling bin blue in color, a big green colored truck, two workers toy figures and a number of other attractive features.

It all works like the real garbage truck. The garbage bin can be lifted up, can be emptied to the back area and the container is ready to be filled again.

Also, the two toy figures act like real garbage men, like them only, they can also sit, walk, work, and even drive.

Features Advantages of  PLAYMOBIL Green Recycling Truck are as follows:

  • The accessories are already assembled in it. so, you need not to take tension about the assembling it’s 27 components.
  • This affordable garbage truck toy kids Contains two toy figures
  • Contains a big truck with various accessories
  • It is a product of PLAYMOBIL, that is the largest toy manufacturing in Germany.
  • Contains push button to dumb the trash out in the back area of the truck.

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5. Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck Wooden Vehicle Toy

This is somewhat different from the other garbage truck toys discussed so far because this best quality garbage truck toy for kids from Melissa & Doug is entirely made from woods!

The truck is made from woods, the trash is of small wood flakes, and the green colored bin is also of wood, forming it a pack of 3 piece set.

The easy to use quality of this toy with the free wheeling feature makes it special though as the trash included can be used again and again by the little pumpkins.

They can easily dump the trash into the back, lift and does all the chores like a real garbage men.

Features Advantages of Melissa & Doug Garbage Truck Wooden Vehicle Toy are as follows:

  • Super sturdy
  • Hand operated
  • This classic garbage truck toy has a attractive feature of free wheeling
  • Dimensions included: 10″ x 5″ x 3.5″
  • Back arm lift feature

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6. Daron New York City Sanitation Department Garbage Truck

This awesome garbage truck toy let the kids to use their own imagination as this Daron New York City Sanitation Department Garbage Truck are the most realistic truck toy ever found.

Your kids will surely get the feel as like the real garbage men who is rolling over the streets of their place and picking up the trash as in real.

It has various levers attached to it for various purposes involved, such as one which dumps the trash, one for picking up the city trash.

Feature Advantages of  Daron New York City Sanitation Department Garbage Truck are as follows:

  • It is made from die-cast metal, absolutely 1:50 scale true replica
  • It is 7 inch long great garbage truck toy kid gift idea.
  • It has real rubber tires
  • Contains pull back feature, means it will move by it’s own once pulled backward by the kid.
  • Officially licenced garbage truck toy kid

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7. Green Toys Recycling Truck

Are you a conscientious parents?

Stop thinking much, as Worrying about your child is our task now!

This Green Toys Recycling Truck is made specially for looking under the safety purpose of younger children so that they must not get harm in any ways.

This is one of the best garbage truck toy for pre-schoolers which is made up of PVS Phthalates or BPA, which depicts that it is completely 100 % safe because of including the recycled plastic milk jugs in it’s preparation.

It has bottle space, can space and paper space forming the three shoots that the sides of the truck contains.

It is super easy to use with the proper safety measures taken so that even your child could guide it with the hand gestures.

Feature Advantages of Green Toys Recycling Truck are as follow:

  • Packaging Includes cardboard cutouts
  • Made from 100% customer recycled plastic mugs
  • Dishwaser Safer
  • Rustproof feature included
  • Does not have meta axes
  • This safe garbage truck toy for toddlers also contains Recycling bed tilts back
  • Also includes Rear door that opens and shuts

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8. Play-Doh Trash Tossin’ Rowdy the Garbage Truck

This product from Play-Doh is the best choice to be made as brings out the most creative side of your child as it is the best creative garbage truck toy for kids.

It has Four cans included in it already to load the back area of the truck along with the trash can extruder, a book mold, a shovel, a bin, plunger and much cool stuffs included.

What makes it interesting? The weird garbage shapes such as bugs and the fish bones that is picked by our little stars who are acting as the specific garbage men.

Features Advantages of Play-Doh Trash Tossin’ Rowdy the Garbage Truck are as follow:

  • It is front-loading toy garbage truck
  • Includes four cans
  • It Make Play-Doh cans and bottles
  • This highly recommended garbage truck toy kids uses Vehicle tosses trash as he rolls along
  • Dump
  • Made from safe products which is appropriate for all the age group of children

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9. Dickie Toys 21″ Air Pump Action Garbage Truck Vehicle

Dickie Toys 21″ Air Pump Action Garbage Truck Vehicle guarantees to provide plenty of afternoons of fun to your kids.

It depicts creativity, it depicts your children imagination by showing them exactly how actually a industrial garbage truck works.

With its all cool features and flexibility, it is one of the most fair priced garbage truck toy kids that let your child to raise and lower the can to pick up the trash according to their choice.

Would you believe if i say that it do not need batteries? It’s hard to believe but it’s true.

This garbage toy is the first choice of the parents as they save a lot of money because it is powered by it’s own and the most important of all, their shining stars can enjoy playing with it without being disappointed that may it’s battery will go down.

Feature Advantages of Dickie Toys 21″ Air Pump Action Garbage Truck Vehicle are as follows:

  • This orange machine has own dumpster.
  • Has well featured air pump technology
  • Do not need batteries to work, hence saving your wallet as well as environment
  • It has a dustbin which can be filled with trash and makes this pretend play even more original.
  • This garbage truck toy bins motivates your munchkins to learn how a town works and inspire understanding in unique technology.
  • This larger toy garbage trucks is 21 inches long in size.

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10. Vokodo Remote Control Garbage Truck Toy

What attracts a kid more? Sparkling lights, cool horns and a dream remote controlled truck toy. This garbage truck toys in action, suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use fulfills all these mentioned features to get noticed.

Powered by three AA batteries, the attractive light effects implied on the front headlights of this toy truck can be observed specially by the sunset

It allows kids to dumb any kind of thrashes either it is a paper, rock or anything else with such a ease as it has a knob in it’s side part.

It make them feel so realistic with the movement freedom like a real garbage men.They can move the truck to whatever position they want, either forward, backward, left or either right

Feature Advantages of Vokodo Remote Control Garbage Truck Toy are as follows:

  • Attractive light and sound facilities on the headlight
  • Full range motion provided to the kids
  • Can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor use
  • 30 days valid 100% money back guaranteed.
  • Require three AA batteries for powering up the toy
  • Side Knob allows to pick the trash with ease.
  • This great purchase garbage truck toy for kids provided remote control facilities

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11. Bruder Toys Man Side Loading Garbage Truck

This lean, orange colored best garbage truck toy for young children is the cream of all the truck toys discussed yet.

It has two garbage bins which are unloaded by the motorized arm of it to the back end of the truck and again after unloading, it gets back to it’s original place to be used again.

This outdoor garbage truck toy for kids has an advanced lift gate that opens as well as locks in it’s place, a fold mirror and for the safety purpose, there is no screws or glues used at all during it’s construction.

Features Advantages of Bruder Toys Man Side Loading Garbage Truck are as follow:

  • High Quality ABS Plastic is used in it’s construction.
  • Fade-resistant quality observed
  • Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use
  • Made in Germany
  • Realistic look

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12. Mattel Matchbox Stinky The Garbage Truck

Did I told you about a garbage truck toddler toy that talk, sings, slings and even dumbs?

what? You think i am kidding?

Well absolutely not! Playing with this Mattel Matchbox Stinky The Garbage Truck is so fun that even parents can not resist to be far away from it.

It tells that when it is hungry for trash, it sings as it has more than 90 songs, that are so weird as well as fun loving.

It not ends here, this favorite garbage truck toy in the market has also a Matchbox Big Rig Buddies DVD that converts this truck toy into a character that learn friendship, team work and even much more.

Feature Advantages of Mattel Matchbox Stinky The Garbage Truck are as follow:

  • It sings more than 90 phrases and songs
  • Matchbox Big Rig Buddies DVD included in it
  • Very friendly and entertaining toy for kids
  • Perfect to gift to a adventurous kid

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13. Bruder Scania R-Series Garbage Truck

Don’t ignore this product after seeing the price.

Because this well made garbage truck toy kids is worth the price.

From manufacturing from the best quality plastics, it guarantees 100% safety assurance for your kids.

It contains two bins in the side knob of the device that in real opens up and closes so that the kids could load the trash and dumb it in the truck where it meant to be, hence due to which it actually feel like the real garbage truck.

Feature Advantages of Bruder Scania R-Series Garbage Truck is mentioned below:

  • Contains an intricately detailed engine
  • Contains mirror that folds
  • Included Front doors too
  • It is made from high quality plastic
  • Can be indoor as well as outdoor purpose
  • It is made in Germany

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14. Bruder Toys Mack Granite Garbage Truck

With the six tires, this most popular garbage truck toy for kid has a fantastic interior that gives your child the look as they were actually had when they got fascinated by the real garbage trucks.

Provided with two bins, one in yellow and the other one in blue, this Bruder Toys Mack Granite Garbage Truck allows your child to actually fill up the bin and unload in the back area of the truck as same like the garbage man that they admire.

This Durable garbage truck toy lasts more and even more is always ready to roll over your yards as well as home.

Trusted Features of Bruder Toys Mack Granite Garbage Truck are as follows:

  • Back doors and the interior gives the realistic look
  • It has six tires with real tread
  • Mirror can be actually folded
  • It has extremely detailed engine replica
  • Real working press

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15. Battat Garbage Truck

Battat Garbage Truck is one of the most searched garbage truck toy, that is a product from the 40 years experienced high quality toy manufactures, that is Battat’s.

It has a lever that is used to open or close the front end gate. additionally, it has also two steel bins provided for the garbage loading and unloading by our little champs.

Quality Features Of Battat Garbage Truck are as follow:

  • It has soft rubber wheels that are safe for floors.
  • Also contains rear door and back cab
  • It has two steel cans and a removable driver
  • Manufactured from safe plastic like ABS.

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Now your mind must be crossing a various number of questions about the related topic of the day. Sit back and relax, we have the list of questions with it’s exact answer right away.

Q 1. Is the toy durable?

Ans: Yes, It Is.

Q 2. Is the Toy acts as Multi Sensory?

Ans: Check the toy whether it has lights, sounds, movement or scents. I have mentioned a number of toys having these features.

Q 3. Is the Toy Safe?

Ans: We have mentioned all the suggestions in the article while keeping an eye to the safety measures only.

So you do not need to be tensed about it.

Q 4. Will the toy help in enhancing my child’s personality?

Ans:  The toys that you pick for your kid should always represent some lesson, the lesson that could make your child better understand the causes and various topics and their important in the society.

Q 5. Is the toy Adjustable?

Ans: The toy should be adjustable to the changing and growing nature of your child. so pick that one that suits your child behaviour.

Wrap Up: List Of Best Garbage Truck Toys 2018

This handy guide helps your child in the overall personality development along with letting your child know that exactly what are the causes of environment degradation and let them understand that The garbage trucks play an important role in making our earth green.

Pick the best one from above mentioned best top picked garbage truck toys with various cool features that suits your child’s appeal and choice.

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