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11 Best Free Voice Calling Apps For Android Devices

Information technology is a boon for our society. Communication is required to be connected and for progress. And Phone plays a vital role in communication. It keeps us connected with our loved one. There was a time when the phone was alien to many people. And then there was a time of mobile phone, it was used as a luxury device can only be possessed by rich people.

In those days we used to pay thousands of paise for just one precious moment. But time has flown and now number of phones possessed by our country member is more than the population of the country. Now our scientists have given us the gift of sharing, talking or communicating our thoughts for free.

 Best Free Voice Calling Apps For Android Devices

Here are 11 best apps of android Voice Calling Apps which permit us to make us to call for zero charges. But one should have internet connection with them.

1) Line:

  • Line is the very new application has been introduced mainly for youth.
  • The call quality is good.
  • It offers both video as well as voice calls.
  • One can send icons, instant message, photos or stickers very easily.
  • It also allows you to make free international calls.
  • It is possessed by most of the population, so one can find line users very easily.
  • If you want to connect with non line users you need to pay a very small amount.

2)  Google Voice

  • This is a voice calling and text messaging app.
  • One can make international call at very cheaper rate with the google number you have.
  • In the new version you can get the message instantly.
  • As Guava is acquired by Google, so one can make international call for free.
  • It will allow you to send free text message.

3) Skype

  • It is the most popular app.
  • It is used both for personal communication as well as professional calls.
  • For work purposes one should have very high speed internet.
  • It permits us to make free calls.
  • Also, it allows calls on landlines at very low charges.
  • As it is used highly used for professional interviews, so it would be found most commonly.
  • Best part of Skype is that it would be found with Tvs, ios blackberry phones, androids and pcs.

4) Facebook Messanger

After the extinction of Orkut, Facebook is the other app which we use to stay connected. This is like another home of the people. So it is adviced to have facebook messanger to make calls.

  • Free calls are available .
  • As everyone is having facebook account, so it is easy to make free calls.
  • One can make local, national aswellas international calls.
  • You will get notifications, updates, and shares.

5) Tango

  • It have voice call features with it.
  • It is less popular, so you would be connected with people who are very close to you.
  • Apart from calls one can chat and send messages.
  • It is good with high quality voice.
  • It can be used both for 3G and 4G plans.
  • Apart from these one can record music, can have profile picture and share voice messages.

6) Kakao Talk

  • It is the fastest and funniest way of communication.
  • One can make free video calls.
  • It also allows to text, share music clips, and share videos.
  • It allows you to do multi tasks.

7) Viber

  • One of the famous and well marketed app.
  • It allows us to make voice calls of HD quality.
  • One can use it with wifi connection and 3G connection.
  • Can send funny stickers and messages also.

8) Nimbuz Messenger

  • One can make free calls.
  • Found long back.
  • Low rates call for other users.

9) Magic App

  • Free voice calls to US and Canada.
  • Can connect with family and friends worldwide.
  • Low charges to make a call to non-users.

10) Fring

  • Make free calls also on landline.
  • One can make group calls of 4 or 5 members.

11) Yahoo messanger

  • It is the oldest one and the most popular one.
  • To make a call here one need to open with yahoo messenger.

 I hope you like these 11 Best Free Voice Calling Apps For Android Devices. Do you want to share more  free voice  apps, do share in the comments below. 



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