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20 Best Android Apps for 2023

Mobile phones are longer merely used for communication,. With the advent of latest and state-of-the-art technology, new and advanced features have been added and today, your mobile phone has much more to offer than just communication.

Android is a very common operating system to be used in mobile devices. This is an incredible operating system which comes with different kinds of utilities and features. Most importantly, it allows you to add more useful applications.

Android is constantly coming up with new utility tools and applications which can make life very easy for you. In the year, Android is about to launch few more of its utility applications. This article would give you an overview on the various Android applications which would be available in the year.

Best android Apps for 2015

20 Best Android Apps for This Year

  1. iOnRoad Augmented Driving: You need not worry any more while driving your car. Modern cars have the collision warning features, what if you don’t have one? In that case, this particular android application would serve the purpose. This amazing application would warn you every time your car drifts out from the lane; it is also capable of detecting road markings.
  2. Google Goggles: Google goggles are a searching application which can find anything you are looking for. It is capable of handling the barcodes and codes which makes shopping very easy.
  3. Field Trip: Planning for a camping or a hunting trip? This particular Android application would help you with all the information which you might require. It will give you a detailed idea about the place you are planning to visit, what are items you need to carry with you and others.
  4. Google Maps: Though this is an old application, in the year, Android is launching an advanced version of it. In the latest version, Google map would contain more comprehensive searching capabilities and would give you a more clear and vivid visual description of a particular area.
  5. Transit: Do you travel frequently? If you do, then keeping a track of transport can be a headache. With this application, you will get detailed account on the various transport options like, bus, train, flights etc.
  6. Google Translate: With this application, you can translate all the major languages of the world. It can even translate Hebrew and Latin for you
  7. Duolingo: This is a learning tool. If you are planning to learn any other language then this particular tool can be very useful. It supports Dutch, Italian, Danish, French, German and other languages.
  8. Shop Advisor: This application will come handy if you are planning to shop. It would help you to make decisions with regards to the products, brands and their prices.
  9. Groupon: This Android application is a deal locator. It has already been launched and has gained quite popularity among the business fraternity.
  10. Pinterest: It is a new social media application launched by Android.
  11. Amazon: There is no need to mention what this application is all about. Amazon is the biggest online market place. With this latest Android application, you will be able to purchase and browse through more easily. There is no need for you to log into the site of Amazon.
  12. Google Wallet: This is an incredible application launched by Android. With the help of this application you will be able to send money to anyone located in the United States. You can even use it to make payments.
  13. Comics: This particular application comes with a collection of comics. You can now spend your leisure hours reading comics.
  14. Google Play NewsStand: This is one important Google app. With this application you can enjoy reading news and browsing through the updates in a magazine style.
  15. Umano: Another very useful application. This application would give you updates on breaking news from worldwide
  16. Pocket: This is an online storage facility. Here you can save your documents, files, music, and movies. It also allows you to share them with others.
  17. ESPN Score Center: Get the latest update on sports with the help of this application. It gives you a real-time update.
  18. Calibre Companion: With the help of this application, you can store and manage your e-books with few mouse clicks.
  19. Over Drive: This is a library which gives you access to thousands of e books
  20. Swiftkey Keyboard: With the help of this application, typing has become much easier than before. It is swift and precise.

Do you want to share more best android apps of 2018 which are best for daily use, please share with us in comments below. 

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